• Trip introduction

    The Kaas Plateau trip is an enriching journey that takes you to Maharashtra’s ‘Valley of Flowers’ as you visit several beautiful destinations such as the Kaas Lake, Koyana backwaters and the beautiful Vajrai Waterfall.

    Conducted over a single day – you’ll begin by stopping by the Kaas Plateau which is known to harbour over 175 species of gorgeous flowers. From there, you’ll then travel to the peaceful Kaas Lake. Towards the end of your journey, you’ll then stop by the Koyana Backwaters to witness its rich vegetation and then move on to the last destination of this sightseeing tour - the Vajrai Waterfall!

    A simple yet spectacular journey – at every stage of this trip you’ll bear witness to some magnificent sights. Moreover, due to its non-strenuous nature – it is also ideal for all kinds of adventure seekers, be it nature lovers, amateur trekkers or just anyone looking for a quick escape.


    Situated within the Sahyadris, the Kaas Plateau lies just 25 km from the Satara District of Maharashtra. In 2012, this destination has been declared as part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, this region is known to house a wide variety of rare and native flowering species.

    For this trip, you’ll first travel to the Kaas Plateau from Pune in a non-ac bus. From the Kaas Plateau, you’ll then make your way down first to the Kaas Lake and then to the Koyana Backwaters. The last stop of your journey will be at the Vajrai Waterfall before finally making your way back to Pune.

    Destination highlights

    Witness the hidden gems of Maharashtra's mountains through the Kaas Plateau trip. | Explore the natural habitat at the Koyana Backwaters. | Spend a whole day in nature exploring around.

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