• Trip introduction

    Paddle your kayaks over the calm Andaman Sea to views of a dark night sky, peppered full of stars. A magical and relaxing experience, you'll spend two hours paddling and navigating the Andaman Sea, accompanied by an experienced guide. Before beginning the trip, you'll have a short session to learn how to paddle and turn the kayak. Setting out from the Havelock Jetty, you'll explore the peaceful sea, with the city lights behind you. As the sun sets over the horizon and after the sky turns dark, you'll paddle your way back to Havelock Jetty.

    A minimum of 2 travellers are required to book the Havelock Island night kayaking trip.


    The Andaman Sea, near Havelock Island, is one of the best places to go kayaking. The natural delights and scenery of the islands appear even more stunning during the night. Less crowded than Port Blair, the island of Havelock disseminates less light pollution, giving a great view of the night sky and the island.

    Destination highlights

    Head out for a thrilling night kayaking trip in Havelock Island. | Star-gaze the night sky from your kayak. | Paddle the calm Andaman Sea for two hours.

    Activity Details

    Sea kayaki


    2 hrs

    80 kgs


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