• Trip introduction

    The Phang Nga Bay and James Bond Island tour is a wonderful adventure that exposes you to Phuket's coastal beauty and cultural heritage. In just a day, you'll enjoy kayaking along the Phang Nga Bay as you pass through stunning landscapes. From limestone cliffs, you’ll kayak your way through thick patches of vegetation and more.

    You'll also stop at numerous destinations to catch a glimpse into the local way of life, including the Muslim village of Panyee famous for its traditional houses built on pillars above the water.

    Eventually, you'll sail to the James Bond Island and see the famous Khao Ping Gan rock, made famous by the movie 'The Man with the Golden Gun.'


    A popular destination for divers and snorkelling enthusiasts, Phang Nga bay has several limestone cliffs and houses many smaller islands, the most popular being the James Bond Island. For this kayaking and sightseeing trip, you’ll begin with a ride from the Royal Phuket Marina to the Phang Nga Bay, where you’ll first visit the Hong Island to enjoy a session of kayaking. After kayaking, you’ll proceed to Panak Island for some sightseeing before settling at the Muslim village of Panyee Island for lunch.

    For this adventure you’ll be travellingg by a non-ac speed boat that can accommodate up to 45 passengers. However, to offer each passenger better comfort, the boat does not carry more than 25 passengers. Besides this, the speedboat is also equipped with washrooms. While your meals will be on the beach, you’ll be provided drinking water, soft drinks, juice and seasonal fruits on board.

    Destination highlights

    Spend a day along Phuket's islands through this Phang Nga and James Bond Island sightseeing and kayaking tour. | Enjoy the thrill of kayaking along the Hong island and see the limestone cliffs. | Catch a glimpse into the local way of life. | Stop at the famous James Bond Island. | Enjoy sunbathing and relaxing on the beach.

    Activity Details

    Sea kayaking


    1 hr

    5 km

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