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  • Kheerganga Trek Overview

    Kheerganga is located in the iconic Parvati Valley in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. The Kheerganga trek is perfect for beginners as it, not an arduous trek and the region is achingly beautiful with pristine views of the Parvati and Tosh Rivers, the glacier of Lahaul Spiti and lofty mountains for company.

    About the Kheerganga trek:

    There are plenty of trekking trails in this region and travellers flock here for its hot sulphur springs and relaxed vibe. The Kheerganga trek starts from Barsheni village which is where the Parvati and Tosh rivers meet. On this Kheerganga trek, you will be walking along the top of a ridge and you can expect to spend some time negotiating tricky descents, crossing a gorge, and walking beside the gushing Beas river. The trek has lots of interesting sights en route such as a Shiv Temple, Rudra Naag waterfall which is a waterfall that looks like a snake and an interesting variety of flora and fauna.

    The Kheerganga Malana trek will take you past ancient shrines, rocky outcrops and quaint tribal villages with traditional wooden homes. Kheerganga is infamous for cannabis production and on the Kheerganga Malana trek, you will be sure to see lots of marijuana fields. At night, you'll camp out in tents, amidst terraced green fields and picturesque meadows. The beauty of nature here will leave you in a stupor as you advance on your Kheerganga Malana trek.

    About Malana:

    The highlight of this trek however, is the Himachali village of Malana. If you're curious about this legendary village, where the locals run their own democracy, speak a language known only to themselves (and believed to be the devil's language), and fiercely guard their culture against outsiders, this Kheerganga trek will gives you a glimpse into their lives.

    Malana is the oldest village in the state of Himachal and is surrounded by the peaks of Chandrakhani and Deo Tibba. Apart from the cannabis-related taboo surrounding the village, there are ancient temples and structures to admire, and plenty to learn on your Kheerganga Malana trek. The village itself lies in the midst of beautiful forests at a height of 9500 feet, so you'll have gorgeous views all along your Kheerganga trek.

    You'll get to see a lifestyle and a belief system that is different from anything you've seen before and you will cross Manikaran which lies in Punjab. Located in the Parvati Valley, Manikaran is as beautiful as it is holy and you will get a chance to swim in the Manikaran Sahib (Gurudwara) hot sulphur springs.

    Best season for Kheerganga Malana treks:

    The summer months are beautiful on the Kheerganga Malana route. The skies are clear, the streams and rivers sparkle in the sunlight, and wildflowers dot the slopes. The weather is pleasant during the day, and can get chilly at night. These things come together to make this one of the best summer treks in Himachal Pradesh.

    Reaching Kasol:

    Kasol is a resort village which is well connected to neighbouring cities and towns. Reaching Kasol is hassle-free and you can get there either by road, rail or air.

    If you prefer flying, then you need to book your flight to Kullu Manali airport, which is Kasol's closest airport. There are daily flights from Delhi and frequent ones from most major cities of India to Kullu Manali Airport. From there, you can take a cab or local bus to reach Kasol.

    If you're coming by train, then book your train to Joginder Nagar Railway Station. From there, you can take a bus towards Manikaran and get down at Kasol. If there are no trains from your city to Joginder Nagar, then you can take a train to Chandigarh and then a taxi or bus to Kasol.

    If you live in Northern India, then you can even take a bus to Kasol. There are both state as well as privately run buses plying to Kasol. You may even drive your own car to Kasol as the road is well marked and scenic.

    If you're a beginner, you might like our list of Top Short Treks in India. Heading to Manali? Check out our list of the best adventures in Kullu.

    Kheerganga Trek Summary

    • State: Himachal Pradesh
    • Nearest city: Kullu
    • Total days: 2-4 days
    • Grade: Easy
    • Max altitude: 9700 feet
    • Total trekking distance: 24-34 km
    • Season: Summer
    • Avg temperature: 10 to 30 degree Celsius
  • Barshaini to Kheerganga Trek

    Sketch Itinerary:

    Day 1: Trek from Barshaini to Kheerganga

    • Trekking distance: 12 km
    • Trekking time: 7 hours
    • Altitude: 9711 feet
    • Visit the natural hot water springs at Kheerganga
    • Overnight stay: Tents

    Day 2: Trek from Kheerganga to Barshaini

    • Trekking distance: 12 km
    • Trekking time: 5 hours
    • Follow the same route back to Barshaini
    • Arrive at Barshaini by late afternoon
    Detailed itinerary:

    Day 1: Trek from Barshaini to Kheerganga

    Arrive at Barshaini where you'll meet your trek leader and begin your trek to Kheerganga. En route, you'll come across the famous Rudra Nag, and cross the twin villages of Kalga and Pulga before arriving at the gorgeous meadows of Kheerganga. You'll also visit the natural hot water springs there.

    Day 2: Trek from Kheerganga to Barshaini

    Today, you'll begin your return trek to Barshaini. It is a descend trek and you'll reach the village by late afternoon. Your trip ends here.


    This trip includes 1 night stay in dome tents on twin/triple sharing basis, with all the camping equipment you might need: dome tents, sleeping bags, and mattresses. You'll have access to a kitchen and dining tent, as well as a toilet tent. On Day 1 you'll be served dinner and on Day 2, you'll be served breakfast. You'll be accompanied by an experienced trek leader and campsite staff for this trek. The package also covers all applicable taxes.


    There is a forest entry charge of INR 50 per person that you will have to pay on the spot. Apart from this, the package does not include transport between your home city and Barshani, the start point of this trek. You'll be paying for your own lunch on both days, and any personal expenses for extra snacks, beverages, tips to staff, etc are not covered. Any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, road blocks, etc. are not covered. Please assume that anything not mentioned in inclusions is not covered by this package.

    3-Day Chalal Kheerganga Trek

    4-Day Tosh Kheerganga Trek

  • Best time to go/Weather

    The best time for the Kasol to Kheerganga trek is the summer season. During these months, the skies are clear, the landscape flourishing with various wildflowers, along with rivers and streams cutting through the region. The weather is also quite pleasant during the day, with a cool breeze, and the nights can get chilly, providing perfect conditions for a cozy camping experience.

  • Kheerganga Trek - Route Map / Altitude Map

    • Check the trekking route map for the Kheerganga trek in Himachal Pradesh.

    • Check maximum and minimum altitudes for every day of the Kasol-Kheerganga trek in Himachal Pradesh.

  • Kheerganga Trek - Frequently Asked Questions

    Can beginners do the Kheerganga trek?

    Yes, the Kasol to Kheerganga trek is an easy to moderate one and is perfect for beginners. However, just like any other trek, you need to be physically fit for the trek. The trek requires you to trek for multiple hours on a single day, hence it is recommended that you start doing some form of exercise if you don't work-out already. You can start training by doing one of the following exercises: running, cardio, yoga, cycling, etc.

    What is the best time for the Kheerganga trek?

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    How long is the Kheerganga trek? What is the distance of the Kheerganga trek? 

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    At what altitude is Kheerganga?

    Are other treks around Kheerganga possible? 

    How can I reach the trek start point? 

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  • Getting There

    Reaching Kasol is hassle-free as the village is connected to neighboring states through various means of transport. If you're flying in from your home-city, then the closest airport to Kasol is Kullu Manali Airport. There are daily flights from Delhi to Manali and regular flights from other major cities of the country. From there, you can hail a cab or local bus to reach Kasol.

    The nearest railway station to Kasol is Joginder Nagar railway station. From there, you can either take a taxi or board a bus towards Manikaran and get down at Kosal. If you can't find a train from your home-city to Kasol, then you can take a train to Chandigarh and reach Kosal by bus or taxi from there.

    You can even take a bus from Delhi to Kasol which will cost you about INR 1000 - 1500 per seat. If you wish, you can even bring your own car as the road to Kasol is well marked and busy with many buses, cars, trucks, etc. plying the road 24/7.

    What To Wear

    For the Kasol to Kheerganga trek, you need to wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict your movement in any way. For your head, you should wear a hat/cap along with sunglasses. For your body, wear full-sleeve t-shirts/shirts along with trek pants. Avoid wearing denim jeans. And for your feet, special attention needs to be paid to the shoes you wear; make sure they are sturdy trekking shoes with a good grip, and are broken in before you embark on the trek. During the Kheerganga trek, the nights can get a bit chilly, so you can carry an extra jacket or a hoodie for the night.

    What To Carry

    Your Kasol to Kheerganga trek operator will provide all the camping and technical equipment required for the trek. However, you need to carry all the personal gear like sturdy trekking boots, strong backpack, etc. The operator will also give you a proper packing list once you book this trek which includes all the things you need to carry, do make sure you do not skip out on any of the items from the said list.


    The Kasol to Kheerganga trek is an easy trek suitable for beginners. To prepare for this trek, you need to start training your body a few weeks prior to the trek by doing some exercises like cycling, running, cardio, etc. This is to improve your endurance levels so you can trek for a few hours without needing a break.