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Adventure things to do in Kolad, Maharashtra, India TripsDone

Weekend Group Rafting with Dorm Stay
days 2
Weekday Rafting + Log Cabin Stay
days 2
Weekday rafting with suite stay (8 pax)
days 2
New Year Kolad Rafting+Cottage stay
days 2
Weekend Rafting with Lunch+Shower
days 1
Weekend Rafting with Lunch+Shower Mumbai ,Maharashtra
Rafting+lunch+activities in Kolad (weekday)
days 1
Kundalika Rafting Picnic-Weekend
days 1
Kolad Rafting Trip with AC Villa Stay (Weekend)
days 2
Rafting in Kolad + Safari cottage stay (weekend)
days 2
Kolad River Rafting Trip (Ex Mumbai)
days 1
Rafting+Cottage for 4 (Weekday)
days 2
Rafting+Cottage for 4 (Weekday) Kolad ,Maharashtra
Rafting + lunch day trip in Kolad (weekend)
days 1
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Adventure things to do in Kolad, Maharashtra, India

Prepare for thrills all around if you want to try Kolad river rafting. Across Maharashtra, this is known as one of the best spots for Kundalika river rafting. Kolad river rafting is the ideal destination. About a couple of decades ago, it was discovered that this sleepy fishing village had some of the fiercest white water rapids in Maharashtra. Ever since then, Kolad rafting is one of the favourite adventure weekend getaways for people from Mumbai and Pune.

Kolad river rafting: What to expect

Kolad is located in the midst of the Western Ghats, surrounded by paddy fields, lush forests, and rolling hills. Every day of the year, water is released from the Bhira dam, turning the relatively serene river into a body of churning water. You’ll head out at this time, battling the rapids for a long stretch of 13 kms. A typical package for Kolad river rafting also includes activities like kayaking, ziplining, and other fun outdoor activities.

Kolad river rafting: Weekend packages for Kundalika river rafting

With Kundalika river rafting, other adventure activities like ziplining, rappelling, jet-ski rides and river kayaking, as well as comfortable options to stay overnight in green, natural surroundings, this is a hotspot for city-dwellers on the weekend. The weekend packages for Kolad river rafting packages are generally a little bit more expensive, due to popular demand.

Kolad river rafting: Overnight stays with Kundalika river rafting

Kolad has a few picturesque campsites; some spread over 50 acres of land, located in the midst of hills or alongside the river, and some closer to the village. You can choose to book day trips for only Kolad rafting and meals, or you can book overnight packages to stay in delightful cottages or dorms or Swiss tents. Snug in the lush greenery and fresh beauty of Kolad, you’ll want to never return to the chaos of the city.

What to carry for Kolad river rafting

Carry sunscreen, a change of clothes, a light towel, and sunglasses and a cap for the day of Kundalika river rafting. If you’re staying overnight, do make sure you carry light, long-sleeved clothing for the evenings, and insect repellent.

Best time for Kolad river rafting

The monsoon is one of the best times to come down to try Kundalika river rafting, with people heading out to enjoy the rainy weather and the cloudy skies. The river is wild and any rafting trip is a complete thrill. However, many travellers visit in the summers, for a much-needed break from the heat and a chance to take a dip in the river. Winters are fun here, because the days are warm enough for river fun, and at night you can relax around a bonfire.

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    one of the best experience

  • Rated : 5


    This is ajay here. An adrenaline junkie. Recently I was looking for my fix. Dhanraj from the great next helped me out greatly. I decided to go to kollard for river rafting. Since it was my first time goin there and that too a solo trip on bike i had a ton of questions but he was very sincere and patient in answering( I kept harrasing him for hours and even postponed the trip once). As with anywhere else in India the prices on the spot are always jacked up but to my surprise I got a great package customized to my requirements for a modest price? after goin there I realized I was actually paying the least among all other guests (Especially those who sighed up with the player who's name begins with thrill?). The ride to kollard to pune is about 120km. While goin I went through devkund and tamini ghat. The roads dissolved in some sections . But overall the experience was totally worth it the Rollin hills, greenery, lazy waterfalls, the gentle turns on the ghat roads. On the way back I came through lonavala route. Again a thrill in its own way. We stayed in wilderwest in kollard. This was an amazing location. The best part? I had a huge some dorm reserved for myself?. Made good friends. The best part of solotrip is you go outta your comfort zone and turn all lotta stranger friends into Friends. The staff there were very polite and accommodating. If possible id Recomend to book the cottage overlooking the river. You won't regret it. One word of advice i got from dhanraj that really saved me was to be aware of mosquitos. I used odomers and man was that satisfying. Imma buy stocks of that now ?. Food was good and really felt homemade. Both veg and non veg available. Now the main part-rafting. the instructor amit was experienced. Himself an adrenaline junkie form uttarakhand. He told us (all newbies) the basics and a few neat tricks. Was a really fun dude. We managed to have fun and even rescue a few overboard fellows for other rafts. As for the kudakali river it was beautiful with an amazing lush green surroundings and clean waters. Though it didn't have much visibility. Temp was very cool with slight rains. My suggestion is if you want the proper rafting experience go in peak monsoon by an suv car to this place as it will be very comfortable and the waters currents will have the perfect speed for rafting. My experience was a lil lukewarm as I came after the season got over, fun nonetheless. Next was bungee jumping. A good starting point for beginners as the height Is moderate. I guess I'll just finish it here. Reached back pune via lonavala route. One word of advice to other roadtrippers- the trip will take 5-6 hours one way anyday so plan accordingly. And for a hassle free experience go with the great next. Ps: I'm planning my next scuba dive with these guys

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    It's just a great compnay for advancer activities I trip to kolad for rafting and it's really warth with very pocket friendly cost. Thank you so much.

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