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    This easy Korigad trek takes you along a short trail, up to a sprawling fort with plenty to see. There are about 500 rock-cut steps leading up to the top to the fort, and in the monsoon, the trek is gorgeous, with rain-drenched greenery all around, and views of Aamby Valley below. At the top, there are the ruins of the fort to explore, stone archways, crumbling ramparts, and a few pretty water bodies too. It's about 2 kms to walk around the fort perimeter at the top, and you'll see cliffs jutting out, with waterfalls cascading over the side.


    Located within Aamby Valley and about 20 kms away from Lonavala, the Korigad Fort stands at an impressive altitude of 3028 feet. Because of its easy accessibility and its non-strenuous trail, this trek can comfortably be finished as a morning trek.

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    Do an easy monsoon trek in Maharashtra. | Visit the ancient ruins at the top of the fort. | Explore fort structures like cannons, fresh water ponds, and stone archways.

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    10 km

    2 hrs

    10 km

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