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    Trek across green mountains carpeted with grasslands, coffee plantations and vast meadows on this 3-day trek to Kudremukh peak. En route, you'll stop at various vantage points to rest and grab views of astounding beauty and dazzling landscapes in the Kudremukh valley. Along your way to the peak, you'll pass through patches of changing sceneries from open farmlands to dense forests. Another highlight of the trek to Kudremukh, you'll visit the Elniru waterfalls, rumoured to flow down mountain cliffs with sweet, coconut-flavoured water.


    The second highest mountain peak in Karnataka at an altitude of over 6,200 feet, the Kudremukh mountain is covered with an ecosystem of shola forests, complete with monsoon-fed river streams and waterfalls. The name Kudremukh translates to 'a horse's face', referring to views of the peak from a certain angle that depict the summit to be shaped like a horse's face.

    The peak is located inside the protected forests of the Kudremukh National Park, dedicated to limiting the environmental impact of visitors over the mountain.

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    Trek to Kudremukh, the second highest peak of Karnataka. | Trek to the Elniru waterfalls. | Trek through shola forests and grasslands. | Explore the Kudremukh National Park.

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    22 kms

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