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    Rejoice in witnessing the birth of Olive Ridley sea turtles at the unique turtle festival held in Velas village. Luckily, you'll get three opportunities to watch the tiny turtles hatch and crawl their way to the sea during this 3-day trip to the Velas turtle festival. You'll also take a sightseeing tour to spot the cannon relics at Bankot Fort and hop onto a ferry to visit the venerated Harihareshwar temple. Drool over the delicious Konkani cuisines and return with memorable experiences of this unique festival.


    Velas is a small coastal village in the Ratnagiri district, about 6-hr drive away from Mumbai. The village is well-known for holding the namesake turtle festival, organized to sustain and conserve the endangered species of Olive Ridley sea turtles. Apart from the turtle festival, the village is famous for the historic Bankot fort alongside the Savitri River, and renowned Harihareshwar temple.

    You'll spend an evening strolling on the gorgeous Velas beach and sleep in a comfortable Konkani house in the village.

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    Visit the Velas beach three times to spot the turtles. | Visit the historic Bankot Fort. | Go on a ferry ride to Harihareshwar temple. | Savour delicious Konkani cuisines.

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