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    If trekking, rock climbing, rappelling and mountaineering is what excites you, then this 10-day basic mountaineering course is the perfect experience for you. The course is designed to teach you a range of skills that are required to complete difficult expeditions and summit high-altitude peaks. The course takes you to the mountains near Manali, where you'll spend days learning how to navigate a glacier, how to set up a campsite, how to use a climbing ropes, how to climb over thick ice and several other basic mountaineering skills.

    You'll be accompanied by experienced mountaineering instructors who will train you in every activity. Under their guidance, you'll learn and practice techniques in basic mountaineering until you're confident and comfortable with your newly learnt skills.


    This basic mountaineering course takes place in the mountains of Bakarthach, located close to Manali. These mountains offers a differing variety of terrain, ranging from barren mountains to snow-covered inclines. This difference of topography makes it a perfect destination to gradually learn, practice and perfect different mountaineering skills. At the end of the course, you'll test your skills by ascending and descending to a high-altitude vantage point near Bakarthach.

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    Learn techniques of basic mountaineering. | Spend a week climbing mountain slopes near Manali. | Train under the guidance of the country's most experienced instructors. | Prepare for difficult expeditions and high-altitude treks.

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