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Monsoon treks in Maharashtra, India TripsDone

Dhodap Monsoon Trek
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Dhodap Monsoon Trek Mumbai ,Maharashtra

Monsoon treks in Maharashtra, India

Monsoon treks in Maharashtra are every adventure-lover’s delight. It only takes a short drive to enter the rolling green Sahyadris, a hotspot for nature-lovers, bird-watchers, and trekkers. Monsoon treks in Maharashtra take you to into the Sahyadris, a region abundant with forts, hills, rock-climbing areas, rough terrain to challenge experienced trekkers and gentle slopes for beginners. The whole region lights up with the beauty of nature during the monsoon, turning green and misty within the first few rains.

Here are some popular monsoon treks in Maharashtra:

1. Kalsubai trek trek

Monsoon trekking in Maharashtra: Kalsubai TrekKalsubai Peak, with an elevation of 5400 feet, is the highest peak in the Sahyadris, and can be thrilling monsoon trek in Maharashtra. During the rains, this ‘Everest of Maharashtra’ is dotted with beautiful streams, and spectacular sights. En route to the peak, you’ll find beautiful streams and pools that invite you to take a break and enjoy your surroundings. There are long vistas of green landscape on all sides, but you’ll be navigating are some rocky sections that are wet and mossy in the rains, and the winds are strong, so do tread carefully.

2. Bhimashankar trek

The Bhimashankar trek is another popular spot for monsoon trekking in Maharashtra. You can choose between two different routes: The Ganesh Ghat route (easier route, takes about 5 hours) or the Shidi Ghat route (tougher route, involves some basic rock- and ladder-climbing, takes about 4 hours). This trek really comes to life in the monsoon. There are waterfalls raging down the sides of the rocks, water gushing under your feet, and strong winds blowing around you.

3. Harishchandragad trek

Bump up the level of difficulty with this Maharashtra trek. If you’re looking for a challenging climb, the Harishchandragadh trek will not disappoint. Known to be one of the toughest trails in Maharashtra, doing a monsoon trek here is even more challenging. The trail goes over rocky patches, steep inclines, and some scary drops. There are boulders of all sizes along your route, and you'll be clambering over them all the way up. You'll also find spectacular views of Konkankada, which you can admire on your many breaks. This spot attracts many adventure lovers looking for monsoon trekking in Maharashtra.

4. Rajmachi fort trek

Rajmachi treks can be scheduled to be one-day trips, overnight trips and weekend trips. The overnight trek is a challenging one, suitable for those with some experience, or for fit beginners who can manage long stretches of walking. A total of 36 km to and fro, the Rajmachi trek is a long one, but is one of the best monsoon treks in Maharashtra. Nature lovers will revel in the streams, waterfalls, and lush green paddy fields that surround this trek. You can even spot crabs and fireflies along the way, and if you're lucky, you may even spot nightjars, sambhars and palm civets on this exciting monsoon trek in Maharashtra.

5. Sandhan Valley trek

Sandhan Valley is one of the top monsoon treks in Maharashtra, because it takes you through a 200-feet deep valley in the Sahyadris. The immense walls of the valley restrict the amount of sunlight that reaches the inside, so it is also nicknamed the Valley of Shadows. If you attempt the full descent trek, you’ll get to rappel down from craggy rock faces, take dips in clear natural ponds, and camp in the valley at night, making this a spectacular experience and one of the top monsoon treks in Maharashtra.

6. Prabalgad and Kalavantin trek

The twin forts of Prabalgad and Kalavantin stand next to each other, offering adventurers some very tempting monsoon trekking in Maharashtra. Kalavantin has the added thrill of a steep rock pinnacle at the top. The trek up to Kalavantin is moderate, but the pinnacle is a tricky climb. The steep trail goes around the pinnacle, offering some spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. During the monsoon months, the trek to the base of the pinnacle is pretty and green, but from the pinnacle, it becomes a challenge. You’ll be exposed to the winds and the rain, and the rock-cut steps are often slippery.

7. Andharban trek

This is an unusual trek because it descends into an evergreen forest instead of going up, and has a rock-hewn path most of the way. Rainwater drains into the valley below, and the rocks have been chiselled into mesmerizing formations by the flow of water over centuries. This is a great option for monsoon trekking in Maharashtra, when the forest turns into a rainy wilderness and the vegetation turns beautifully lush and dewy, showing you all shades of green. There are waterfalls and pools everywhere, and you’ll be able to take a dip here.

8. Lohagad trek

Another popular location for monsoon trekking in Maharashtra is the Lohagad Fort, situated near Lonavala. The experience is magical with rain clouds descending on the mountains and enveloping them in the mist. One of the numerous reasons why Lohagad is a popular choice is also because of the main attraction of Vinchu Kata, which resembles the tail of a scorpion. This trek offers some of the most spectacular views from here.

9. Korigad trek

Korigad fort is a beautiful fort located on top of a hill around 20kms from Lonavala near Aamby Valley, Maharashtra. It is a great monsoon trek in Maharashtra for beginners or those looking to get their muscles in working order for the trekking season. It is an easy 6 km trek, with stone-cut steps leading up for the most part. The top of the fort has a large, flat plateau, with the ramparts completely intact. That means you can explore the edges of the fort summit, take great pictures from vantage points all around, and get a closer look at the sturdy construction of the walls. You'll also find 6 ancient cannons, the largest of which is the Lakshmi Top near the Koraidevi temple, and a couple of large water bodies where enthusiastic trekkers enjoy a quick dip. This is a top monsoon trek in Maharashtra because of how easy it is, and how much there is to see at the top.

10. Alang Madan Kulang trek

This is one of the tougher monsoon treks in Maharashtra, because it takes you to three different forts across a span of 2 or 3 days. You’ll walk through a densely forested trail, scrambling over rocks and boulders, and sleep in caves at night. There are some steep sections on this trail, and long hours of trekking. But you’ll find the ruins of ancient forts, natural water bodies, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, and mysterious caves, making this one of the top monsoon treks in Maharashtra.

11. Torna fort trek

Torna Fort is close to Pune, and is one of the highest forts in the region. It becomes a challenging monsoon trek in Maharashtra during the rainy months. Adventure-seekers from around Maharashtra come to Torna not just for the trekking but for waterfall rappelling too. There is a 100-foot waterfall that offers a thrilling rappelling session in the monsoon. During the monsoon, wild flowers cover the ground, and rainwater fills the streams and waterfalls around. The area is often misty and overcast, providing the perfect cover for one of the top monsoon treks in Maharashtra.

12. Sinhagad trek

Also known as the ‘Lion’s Fort’, this monsoon trek in Maharashtra takes you to a lone fort that stands proud on top of a cliff in the Sahyadris. From the top, you’ll get views of the rolling hills around, as well as the other forts in the region, such as Rajgad, Purandar and Torna. At the top, you’ll have plenty to explore, from ancient gateways to temples, caves and water bodies. This is one of the easier monsoon treks in Maharashtra, but it gets slippery in the rain, so do watch your footing.

13. Gorakhgad fort trek

Although this is one of the lesser-known monsoon treks in Maharashtra, it’s a fun one and is often picked by trekkers for its craggy structure and quiet trekking trail. This is not a difficult trek, but you’ll need to do some rock-climbing at the pinnacle, which is not technical, but might be tough. The three-hour monsoon trek in Maharashtra to the pinnacle takes you through green-covered trails, past waterfalls, and gives you a chance to explore the caves at the top. From the pinnacles of this fort, you can see cloudy horizons and views of Ahupe Ghat, as well as the forts of Siddhagad and Machchindragad.

14. Harihar fort trek

On the route connecting Maharashtra and Gujarat, you’ll find the Harihar Fort. The massive 500-foot drop down the fort is the main challenge and the thrill of this monsoon trek in Maharashtra. You’ll navigate slippery trails and tough routes to get to the top of the fort built on a triangular rock surface. You will be negotiating rough rocky steps just 200 feet before the summit. The ground under your feet is covered with moss, and strong winds blowing, making this monsoon trek in Maharashtra a real thriller.

15. Karnala fort trek

This is one of the more popular monsoon treks in Maharashtra because it is close to the city, and is not too hard. The fort lies in the middle of a bird sanctuary, and offers a beautiful green trail to trek through. You’ll have to negotiate a fairly steep ascent, but there are stunning views of the green valley as you walk along a ridge to get to the fort. The Karnala fort itself is a beautiful monument, with a tiered structure, a rock pinnacle and ramparts that twist around the top of the hill. On weekends, you’ll find a lot of people here as it is a popular monsoon trek in Maharashtra.

16. Sudhagad fort trek

This monsoon trek in Maharashtra offers you a moderately tough climb on steep slopes and over iron ladders to the large flat-topped fort of Sudhagad. The trail takes you up rough rock-hewn steps, through tiny openings in the fort ramparts, along tall corridors made of stone, and under ancient doorways that are still standing. At the top, you’ll find numerous lakes, small ponds and clearwater pools, making this a nature lover's delight. From the top, you can see other landmarks like Tail Baila, Sarasgad and Korigad. It's a great monsoon trek in Maharashtra for those looking for a scenic weekend getaway with some adventure.

17. Kohoj fort trek

Once you’ve familiarized yourself a bit with monsoon treks around Maharashtra, you can attempt the Kohoj Fort. It takes about two hours to reach the plateau, and is a relatively challenging trek. You’ll find multiple cisterns, temples, and a bastion once you reach the top. Take photographs of the reflection of the fort in the clear waters of the lake. Although not well maintained, the ruins of this fort have many legends to dig into. With several rulers, the most prominent being the Mughals and the Marathas, the architectural remnants are exquisite. You will also get spectacular views of other forts like Takmak, Tandulwadi, and Asherigad from the top, making this monsoon trek in Maharashtra great for photographers.

18. Peb-Vikatgad fort trek

This monsoon trek in Maharashtra is a very scenic trek that draws adventurers and nature-lovers alike. It has plenty of interesting land features - rotund hills, steep slopes, rock faces that need to be clambered over, and pools to dip your feet in. Vikatgad has some dramatically sloping sides that are covered in grass during the monsoon season. Charming little trails lead up these slopes, into the misty summit, offering views of the rainclouds coming in from all sides. From the top, you can see far into the distance on a clear day.


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