Monsoon treks in Uttarakhand, India

While it’s beautiful all year round, during the monsoon months of June to September, Uttarakhand is absolutely magical. The rains bring all the wildflowers out, the rivers are full and fast, and there’s lush greenery all around. Monsoon treks in Uttarakhand during this time are spectacular.

Here are some popular Monsoon treks in Uttarakhand:

1. Valley of Flowers trek

We’re starting with this one because it’s the most gorgeous monsoon trek in Uttarakhand. The peak blooming season in the Valley of Flowers is from July to August. The valley is covered in snow for most of the year, but it melts during the summer, soaking into the ground and sending shoots up through the thawing ground. With the monsoon starting, the humidity in the valley rises, and the wildflowers begin blooming. This monsoon trek in Uttarakhand takes you through the Valley of Flowers, with bright flowers filling the views around, cascading waterfalls all around, streams in full spate, and clouds of mist everywhere.

2. Nag Tibba trek

The Nag Tibba is an easy trek that starts from Dehradun, and lets you spend one night camping in the mountains. It's great for beginners who want to experience trekking and camping in the Himalayas for the first time. It's also great for anyone looking for a quick escape from city life.