Motorbiking in Goa

Biking in Goa is one of the most liberating outdoor activities you can do there. There is just something about the salty sea breeze in your hair, the roads lined with paddy fields and palm trees, and the views of the ocean always around you. With the winding coastline, green tropical forests, rocky cliffs and raging rivers, there’s plenty to see on a motorbiking trip to Goa.

Why you should do a motorbiking trip in Goa

Driving along the coastline with magnificent views of the sandy beaches and the glimmering Arabian Sea gives you a chance to see the land in a more personal way than any other mode of transport. These motorbiking trips in Goa take you along different routes, depending on the theme you’ve chosen. You can choose to go biking in Goa to see the different beaches, or to see the forests around. You can also do motorbiking tours in Goa to do some sightseeing.

Biking in Goa and around

Avid motorbikers like to ride down from Mumbai or Pune to Goa. It’s a gorgeous ride, winding throught the hills, and down to the sea. As you get closer to Goa, you can smell the salt in the breeze. Thundering into Goa on your trusty motorbikes is a wonderful feeling, and you’ll have the freedom of your own bike while you’re there.

Motorbiking in Goa: From Bombay

The Bombay-Goa route is an iconic motorbiking route. If you've always dreamed of thundering down a coastal road, with the sea breeze whistling past, and a horde of bikers riding with you, this route is perfect for you! You can plan a 5-day itinerary, stopping along the Konkan coast for the night, or for lunch. The landscape begins to change as you head past Kashid. Soon, you'll be riding along the coast, passing Harihareshwar, Anjarle Beach, and Dapoli. You'll see iconic beaches like Ganpatipule, and will ride through Malvan and Vengurla regions. En route, you’ll get delicious meals and plenty of seafood, and you’ll end this motorbiking trip in Goa. Here, there’s sunny beaches, warm oceans, and cold beers waiting for you. Once you reach Goa, you'll have enough time to visit the famous landmarks and spend some time on the beaches and in the shacks.

What to carry on a motorbiking trip in Goa

If you book a trip with a motorbiking trip operator, you’ll usually be accompanied by a team of experienced support staff, and logistics like accommodation will be arranged for you. Apart from that, you should carry all your essentials: your personal medicines, changes of clothes, sunscreen, insect repellent, warm clothing layers, and all your required electronics.

Best time to go on a motorbiking trip in Goa

The best season for motorbiking trips in Goa is in the winter. This is when the roads are dry and the weather is pleasant, and you’ll be able to enjoy the ride without your engines or tires getting overheated.

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