• Trip introduction

    Here's the perfect quick fix for all you hard-core adrenaline junkies. The acro tandem paragliding session isn't like a regular paragliding trip: you'll have specialized acro pilots who take you through acrobatic maneuvers mid-flight. Your pilots will take you through several acrobatic maneuvers mid-flight. The flight duration will be approximately 20 minutes. You'll feel the rush in this high-thrill ride in mid-air, but be warned: this isn't for the faint-hearted!

    NOTE: The ideal body weight limit for the flight is 95kgs. For those weighing more than 95kgs, flight will be decided on the site itself depending on wind conditions.

    The flight is open for children above 6 years of age, and additional safety measures are put in place. The price for the flight remains the same as the adult booking price.

    Bring your own micro-SD card and pay an additional cost of INR 500 per person, to take home a GoPro video of your flight.


    Kamshet is located about 2 hours from Mumbai and Pune, and about 20 kms from Lonavala. Surrounded by the Sahyadri ghats, this is the perfect spot for paragliding. There are many beautiful lakes in Kamshet and depending on the season and the weather, you'll be taken to one of the many take-off sites in and around Kamshet.

    Destination highlights

    Experience the thrill of mid-air acrobatic manuevers with our seasoned pilots | Enjoy a bird's-eye view of the mountains | Photograph the gorgeous landscape below

    Activity Details


    20 minutes

    2000 feet


    120 kgs

    Trip details
  • Acro tandem paragliding in Kamshet

    You'll need to report to Rangoli restaurant by 08:00 hrs in the morning. You'll be picked up from here by the operator and transported to the take-off site. You'll receive a briefing here, and will be weighed and kitted up for flight. There may be some waiting time, depending on the queue of fliers waiting. When it's your turn, you'll step into harness and your instructor will tell you what to do. After that, you soar off into the sky, and enjoy a session of tandem paragliding. You'll turn around and land when it's over. After everyone is done, you'll be dropped off at the restaurant. Trip ends here.

    Day 1 Milestone

    Rangoli Restaurant, Kamshet

    Rangoli Restaurant, Kamshet

    08:00 AM


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  • Cancellation policy

    If the trip is cancelled due to weather or other natural reasons, then it is fully refundable.

    Group booking cancellation is non-refundable.

    Rules on trip

    Please avoid alcohol and drugs before the tandem paragliding trip. If the instructor considers it unsafe for you to fly, you will be denied. No refunds will be given in this case.

    Additional instructions, booking policies, terms and conditions

    Arrangements for paragliding flights are dependent on the weather conditions. Please call one day ahead to confirm your booking and flight, and report by the instructed time to avoid delays and missing your tandem ride.

    The operator reserves the right to postpone or cancel tandem rides if they deem the weather or wind conditions unsafe.
    • Paragliding Kamshet Tandem Adventure
    • Paragliding Kamshet Tandem Adventure
    • Paragliding Kamshet Tandem Adventure
    • Paragliding Kamshet Tandem Adventure
    • Paragliding Kamshet Tandem Adventure
    • Paragliding Kamshet Tandem Adventure
  • Includes / Excludes


    • One acro tandem paragliding session with a trained instructor

    • All required paragliding equipment: helmet, harness, etc.
    • Basic briefing
    • All applicable taxes


    • Travel arrangements between home city-Rangoli Restaurant

    • Mandatory additional cost for transport from Rangoli Restaurant-take off/landing site (INR 1,200 per vehicle, shared by 5-6 travellers)
    • Bring your own micro-SD card for video of your flight: INR 500. Video will be shot by your instructor, subject to weather conditions
    • Any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, natural calamities etc.
    • Personal expenses such as apparel or gear, meals or beverages etc.
    • Adventure travel or health insurance
    • Anything not mentioned in inclusions

    What to Wear

    What to Wear

    • T-shirt
    • Full-length pants
    • Good quality shoes
    • Cap
    • Not to wear - Saree
    • Skirts
    • Chappals/Slippers

    What not to Wear

    • Loose clothing that will tangle around you while swimming
    • Restrictive clothing
    • Flip-flops

    Equipment / Gear

    We Provide

    • All required paragliding equipment including the glider, helmet, and harness.

    You need to get

    • Sunglasses
    • Sunscreen
    • Camera
    • Snacks
    • Water bottle

    Medical Kit

    • Please carry all specific personal or prescribed medicine.