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  • Paragliding in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

    Do you sometimes feel like escaping everything and flying far away like a bird? Paragliding in Kullu is one way to experience just that. India provides many wonderful destinations for paragliding, but the most recommended of all is Kullu paragliding. Soaring through the clear blue skies witnessing fantastic snow-clad peaks below you, and feeling the wind on your face, you’re in for a magical treat. Kullu paragliding also allows you a longer flight, thanks to the high take-offs and good winds.

    Paragliding in Kullu: Solo paragliding in Bir Billing

    Bir Billing has quickly become known as the best spot for Kullu paragliding. Known for the fabulous landscape, the splendid views, and the convenient launch and landing spots, Bir Billing paragliding in Kullu is a must-try. If you’ve tried Kullu paragliding before and enjoyed it, you should do the course. This will certify you to do your own flying.

    Paragliding in Kullu: Tandem Kullu paragliding

    Tandem paragliding is when an instructor handles the craft and the passenger is strapped into a separate harness in front. All you need to do is enjoy the spectacular views while paragliding in Kullu, such as the snow-covered mountains of the Himalayas, and the lush green valley beneath.

    Paragliding in Kullu: Trek and Kullu paragliding

    There are some itineraries that combine trekking plus paragliding in Kullu, to give you double the fun! You'll trek through the green hills of Himachal Pradesh, spend the night in tents, and go for a thrilling tandem paragliding in Bir Billing. The take-off point lies at the highest elevation of over 9000 feet, so you’ll get a bird-eye’s view of Himachal’s prettiest region on this Kullu paragliding trip!

    Paragliding in Kullu: Paragliding in Solang

    Another favourite spot for Kullu paragliding is Solang Valley. Situated between Beaskund and the village of Solang is Solang Valley, also a famous skiing spot. Along with parachuting, skiing, zorbing, and skating, paragliding in Kullu is one of the chosen adventure sports amongst enthusiasts.

    Best time to go paragliding in Kullu

    Paragliding in Kullu is active almost all year round, except during the monsoon months, and during peak winter months.

    What to carry for paragliding in Kullu

    Even if it’s sunny on the ground, it might get cold while paragliding in Kullu. Wear a thick shirt or a sweatshirt. Avoid wearing shoes that might slip off, and remember to empty your pockets.

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