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  • Paragliding in Manali

    Paragliding in Manali

    Paragliding is a sport that gives you a huge burst of adventure and thrill in a short span of time. And with this rush of adrenaline, it rewards you with a bird’s eye view of the place. And due to these very reasons, paragliding has found its haven in Manali, making it the best paragliding destinations in India.

    While paragliding in Manali, not only do you get to feel the rush of flying at an altitude of over 8,000 feet, but you are also treated to the stunning views of the Himalayan landscape. You get to see the lush valleys flanked by the mighty Himalayan peaks, and many hamlets and lakes dotting the sprawling landscape. Manali has few paragliding spots, but the best are at Bir-Billing and the Solang Valley, with both offering different experiences

    Paragliding in Bir Billing

    Bir Billing is arguably one of the best paragliding destinations not only in India but also around the world. This destination has the perfect wind conditions almost throughout the year, offering great paragliding opportunities. The views are fabulous, with the lush landscape under you as you fly, and the distant snow-capped peaks rising like waves, one after the other, towards the horizon

    Bir Billing paragliding site is located 158 km from Manali, but the long drive is totally worth it. For these flights, you have to arrive at Bir where you are picked up by the operator and taken to Billing. You take off at Billing and land in Bir.

    Paragliding in Solang

    And if you don’t wish to travel a long distance, then the Solang Valley at 15 km from Manali is another great destination for paragliding. Here, you get to fly amidst the Himalayan amphitheatres of snow-capped peaks and verdant valleys. Solang is also a great destination for various other adventure sports like skiing, zorbing, etc. which you can pair your paragliding session with.

    Paragliding in Manali price and packages

    For Manali paragliding, we have various packages listed on our website that vary with flight time and budget. You can choose the right paragliding flight session for you depending on your preferences and what you want to experience. Here are some of the package types listed:

    Short tandem flights: These flights are perfect for absolute beginners who want to experience the thrill of flying through the skies without devoting much time to it. These trips last for around 15 min and take you flying at relatively lower altitudes, involving a smooth flight with few twists and turns. These packages cost around INR 2,500 to 3,000 per person.

    Long tandem flights: If you wish to fly longer and higher, then the long tandem flights are for you. These flights last for around 40-50 min, taking you to higher altitudes and letting you experience the rush of flying with few exciting manoeuvres. The cost of these flights ranges from INR 3,000 to 5,000 per person.

    Cross country flights: And if you have paraglided before and want to explore the skies of the Kullu Valley thoroughly, then the cross country flights are for you. These sessions last for over 90-100 min, taking you winding to even higher altitudes. Do note that these trips are usually recommended for those who have prior paragliding experience. The cost for these cross country paragliding in Manali sessions cost around INR 10,000 per person for one tandem flight.

    Paragliding in Manali Summary

    • State: Himachal Pradesh
    • Nearest city: Manali
    • Total days: 1 day
    • Grade: Easy to moderate
    • Max altitude: 8,000 to 12,000 feet
    • Total flight time: 15 - 90 min
    • Season: Throughout the year except during monsoon and peak winter
  • Paragliding in Bir Billing

    Sketch Itinerary:

    Day 1: Go paragliding in Bir Billing

    • Reporting time: 05:30 hrs
    • Flight time: 15/40/90 min
    • Flight altitude: 8000-12,000 feet
    • Enjoy stunning views of the Himalayan peaks and lush valleys
    Detailed itinerary:

    Today, you have to report to the Tibetan Colony in Bir at the given time and meet the operator there. They will then drive you to the take-off point in Billing. There, you’ll receive a thorough briefing session about the activity and safety guidelines. You’ll then strap into the paraglider and prepare for take-off.

    Once you are ready, harnesses and straps checked, you and the pilot will run with the paraglider gradually rising behind you. And once it has enough lift, you’ll feel one tug and see the ground drop away beneath you. You’ll enjoy breathtaking views while soaring through the sky, you’ll see the verdant valleys, quaint villages and the surrounding Himalayan peaks.

    The pilot will then guide the paraglider to the landing site and you’ll watch as the ground comes closer and closer. And then, you’ll touch down. You’ll then strap-out of the paraglider. The trip ends here.


    The Bir Billing paragliding tour package includes one tandem paragliding ride from Billing to Bir along with all the paragliding equipment and safety gear like a helmet. Additionally, the package also includes travel arrangements from Bir to Billing. The services of an experienced pilot and support crew are also included. Lastly, all applicable taxes are also included in the Bir Billing paragliding cost.


    The Bir Billing paragliding price does not include any kind of transport from your home-city to Bir. Nor does it include any kind of personal expenses such as meals, beverages, etc. or any kind of expenses arising out of unforeseen circumstances like bad weather, strikes, etc. The package also does not consist of any kind of adventure or travel insurance. Lastly, anything that is not mentioned in the inclusions will be charged on an additional basis, as used.

    Paragliding in Solang Valley

  • Best time to go/Weather

    Paragliding in Manali can be done almost throughout the year, except during monsoons and peak winters. The ideal time for paragliding is from April to June, and from October to December. During these months, the winds are stable and the temperatures are not too harsh, making it a fun and relaxing paragliding session. These conditions enable you to fly higher and for a longer duration.

  • Paragliding in Manali - Route Map / Altitude Map

  • Paragliding in Manali - Frequently Asked Questions

    Is paragliding in Manali safe?

    Like any other adventure sport, paragliding has some risks involved with it as well. But with proper safety measures, these risks can be minimized to a great extent, making the activity quite safe. And to ensure that it is safe in Manali, the operators follow utmost safety guidelines.

    First, the operators use good quality paragliding gear that are well maintained and regularly checked for wear and tear. If they deem the equipment unsafe, they will decommission it. On top of that, the pilots are highly trained and experienced. These pilots make sure you are strapped in well, and they will double-check each harness before taking off.

    Lastly, if the operator deems the wind conditions to be unfavourable, then they will cancel the flight. Under no circumstances will the operator risk taking off with unfavourable wind conditions. With such stringent safety guidelines, paragliding is safe in Manali.

    What kind of shoes should I wear for paragliding?

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    How long does a paragliding session last ?

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  • Paragliding in Manali Reviews

  • There are two major paragliding sites in Manali: the Solang Valley and Bir-Billing. You can reach either of these places by local transport like a bus or taxi. If you are going for paragliding in Bir Billing, then you have to arrive at Bir, from where the operator will take you to the take-off site at Billing. But for Solang Valley paragliding, you need to arrive at take-off site directly.

    For paragliding in Manali, there’s no need to wear any specialized clothing, so you only have to wear basic clothes like a t-shirt and pants. But do make sure your clothes are comfortable and non-restrictive. It is recommended that you wear a thick t-shirt or a sweatshirt as it can get a bit cold when you’re flying at higher altitudes. And lastly, remember to wear sturdy shoes that provide ankle support as sometimes the landing can be a bit rough.

    For paragliding in Manali, the operator will provide you with all the paragliding equipment including a safety helmet. So you don’t have to carry any technical equipment. What you should carry, however, is a daypack containing all your personal essentials. And it is recommended that you also carry sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.

    Paragliding is an easy sport, especially if you are going for a tandem flight where the pilot controls the paraglider throughout the flight. All you have to do during these flights is hang back and enjoy the stunning views. So for paragliding in Manali, you do not need any kind of prior experience or fitness levels. Anyone with basic fitness levels can go for Manali paragliding trips.