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  • Pin Parvati Pass Trek

    About Pin Parvati Pass

    The Pin Parvati Pass is a high altitude mountain pass in Himachal Pradesh, India and it is the shortest route connecting the lush Parvati valley in Kullu with the Pin valley in Spiti. The trek is a popular one because once across the Pin-Parvati Pass (5319m), there is a complete change in landscape and the mountain slopes immediately turn barren and rugged.

    The prevalent culture of the inhabitants also changes from Hinduism on the Kullu side to Buddhism in Spiti. Often referred to as the most challenging trek in the Indian Himalayas, it’s more than worth the effort.

    About Pin Parvati Trek

    The Pin Parvati Pass trek is one of the most enthralling and challenging trekking trails in India and is recommended for trekkers with previous experience. Although it is not for the faint-hearted, don’t be deterred. You’re good to go if you’re over 15 years of age, with reasonable fitness and stamina, and with prior high altitude trekking experience.

    The Pin Parvati Trek is a spectacular adventure that takes you to an elevation of 17,000 feet. The journey begins from Bhuntar, 50 km before Manali on the Delhi-Manali Highway. You start from the green environs of Kullu Valley, with its flowering fruit trees and apple orchards. Then the trail rises into the starker landscapes of the upper reaches of the Himalayas.

    You will be required to cross a moderately difficult pass, do a few river crossings and walk long stretches on certain days. The heavy snowfall gives an alpine feeling and experience to remember for a lifetime. This 100 km trans Himalayan trail is rife with adventure - from trekking through hidden trails, crossing the Parvati river and traversing deceptive crevasses of the high altitude Pin Parvati Pass.

    Although challenging, the valley rewards trekkers with its sheer beauty - from barren valleys to thick forests, high waterfalls and moraines, the Pin Parvati trek is sure to delight and challenge even the most seasoned trekkers. Expect to see towering mountain ranges, craggy peaks, glaciers, ice walls, and more.

    Towards the end of Pin Parvati pass trek, you will get a chance to take a dip in the hot springs at Parvati Kund at Kheerganga. After a long hard trek, you will be blown away by how good the natural hot springs feel, and it is a five-star experience in the midst of the Himalayas

    Best season for Pin Parvati Pass trek

    This valley is closed for most of the year as the high passes around it are often blocked by snow. The Pin Parvati trek is usually undertaken during the months of July to September.

    Pin Parvat Trek Summary

    • State: Himachal Pradesh
    • Nearest city: Manali
    • Total days: 9 to 12 days
    • Grade: Challenging
    • Max altitude: 17,500
    • Total trekking distance: 53-76 km
    • Season: July to September
    • Avg temperature: 12°C to -5°C
  • Trek to Pin Parvati - 9 days

    Sketch itinerary:

    Day 1 of Pin Parvati trek: Drive from Manali and trek to Kheerganga

    • Pick-up point: Manali
    • Pick-up time: 08:00 am
    • Distance: 8 km
    • Time: 4 hours
    • Overnight stay: Tents at Kheerganga

    Day 2 of Pin Parvati trek: Trek from Kheerganga to Thakur Kuwan

    • Start point: Kheerganga
    • Endpoint: Thakur Kuwan
    • Start time: 06:00 am
    • Trekking distance: 14 km
    • Trekking time: 7 hours
    • Overnight stay: Tents at Thakur Kuwan

    Day 3 of Pin Parvati trek: Fun trek from Thakur Kuwan to Ody Thach

    • Start point: Thakur Kuwan
    • Endpoint: Ody Thach
    • Start time: 06:00 am
    • Trekking distance: 8 km
    • Trekking time: 4 hrs
    • Overnight stay: Tents at Ody Thach

    Day 4 of Pin Parvati trek: Easy trek day from Ody Thach to Mantalai Lake

    • Start point: Ody Thach
    • Endpoint: Mantalai
    • Start time: 06:00 am
    • Trekking distance: 10 km
    • Trekking time: 5 hours
    • Overnight stay: Tents at Mantalai

    Day 5 of Pin Parvati trek: Rest and refresh day at Mantalai

    • Start point: Mantalai
    • Endpoint: Mantalai
    • Start time: 06:00 am
    • Overnight stay: Tents at Mantalai

    Day 6 of Pin Parvati trek: Challenging Ascent from Mantalai to Pin Parvati base camp

    • Start point: Mantalai
    • Endpoint: Pin Parvati base camp
    • Day start time: 06:00 AM
    • Trekking distance: 6 km
    • Trekking time: 3 hours
    • Final altitude: 14,000 ft
    • Overnight stay: Tents at Pin Parvati base camp

    Day 7 of Pin Parvati trek: Summit climb to Pin Parvati Pass and descent to Base camp

    • Start point: Pin Parvati base camp
    • Endpoint: Pin Parvati base camp
    • Start time: 02:00 am to 05:00 am
    • Trekking distance: 15 km
    • Trekking time: 9 hours
    • Overnight stay: Tents at Pin Parvati base camp

    Day 8 of Pin Parvati trek: Final trek to Mudh and drive to Tiya-Kaza

    • Start point: Pin Parvati base camp
    • Endpoint: Kaza
    • Day start time: 06:00 AM
    • Trekking distance: 15 km
    • Trekking time: 8 hrs
    • Overnight stay: Hotel at Kaza

    Day 9 of Pin Parvati trek: Drive to Manali via Kunzum pass and Rohtang pass

    • Start point: Kaza
    • Endpoint: Manali
    • Start time: 06:00 am
    • Pin Parvati Trek ends here
    Detailed itinerary:

    Day 1: Drive from Manali and trek to Kheerganga

    Start your day in Manali with a scenic drive to Barsheni to begin your trek towards Pin Parvati Pass. Day 1 is a relatively easy walk from Barsheni through the woods for a few hours to reach the scenic meadows of Khirganga. This will be your first campsite where you will stay in tents surrounded by quaint dhabas and sulphur springs! Rest well for the real deal begins tomorrow.

    Day 2: Trek from Kheerganga to Thakur Kuwan

    Day 2 takes you through more forested trails and greens challenging you with a terrain of ascents and descents. Once you manage to navigate these trails you will reach the vast meadows at Tunda Bhuj nestled amongst towering granite cliffs. An unforgettable river crossing over the mighty Parvati River via a pulley bridge locally known as Jhula Pull will be etched in your memories. You will end the night at Thakur Kuwan campsite in tents.

    Day 3: Fun trek from Thakur Kuwan to Ody Thach

    Today marks a fun day of river crossings over steps carved into giant boulders with a bit of help from your guides and ropes to navigate upwards. The majestic Kullu Eiger peak awaits you overlooking the Ody Thach meadows. You could meet some local shepherds on their way from the Pin Parvati Pass and get advice on the condition of the trails. You will be camping at Ody Thach in tents overnight.

    Day 4: Easy trek day from Ody Thach to Mantalai Lake

    Day 4 will begin with an easy walk beside the river leading to a trek up across a lateral moraine and work yourself up for a good dinner! You can find some respite at a small temple on reaching the top and then head downwards towards your campsite crossing several rivulets on your way. You will be camping in tents overnight.

    Day 5: Rest and refresh day at Mantalai

    You will be relieved to know today is a rest and recharge day. Post the hard work you have been doing the last few days to get here, spend your time in tranquillity and peace! Take in the majestic views of the silent snowy mountains surrounding you for tomorrow you begin the steep ascent towards the summit. Enjoy your freshly prepared hot meals and you will be camping in tents overnight

    Day 6: Challenging Ascent from Mantalai to Pin Parvati base camp

    Today you begin the most awaited part of the journey, your first ascent towards the summit and reach an altitude of 14,000 ft. The terrain today will vary from crossing several rivulets to climbing steep terrain and then eventually opening up to a snow-covered field as you go over ancient moraines.

    This beautiful location in the midst of moraines and glaciers and snowy mountains will be your campsite for tonight. The reverberations of distant avalanches across the mountain ranges will be an experience to sleep in. If the weather is right, your campsite may be right on top of snow! While you are busy setting up camp, your guides will continue further to survey the pass crossing and the feasibility there.

    Tonight will be an early sleep at night as you will need to begin your final climb towards the pass in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow. Enjoy your snowy campsite in warm tents.

    Day 7: Summit climb to Pin Parvati Pass and descent to Base camp

    Depending on the weather and trail conditions, today is an exciting day that starts somewhere between 2:00 am to 5:00 am. You will be starting your day with a steep ascent towards a col all the way up in the snow. Right across the col lies vast snowy fields with the Pass an hour’s climb away.

    Once you have made your way through this difficult final climb, you will be rewarded with views that will make all the effort worth it. Catch your breath and congratulate yourself for successfully reaching the Pin Parvati Pass that few in the world achieve each year. Once you have relished the panoramic views you will begin your descent towards the Spiti Valley.

    Crossing moraines and rocky terrain you will reach the Pin river and your next campsite where you will be thankful to find warming cups of hot tea waiting for you. Relive the summit stories with your fellow trekkers and stay overnight in camps.

    Day 8: Final trek to Mudh and drive to Tiya-Kaza

    Today you will begin your descent further towards Kaza as the terrain gets easier and greener right along the Pin river. The day includes views of colourful mountains and large grasslands, few streams, guided by the Pin river which are the signature views of the Spiti landscapes.

    Enjoy some insightful conversations with passing shepherds with their huge flocks of herd. Vehicles will be waiting for you at Mudh to zip you up to your hotel rooms at Kaza. Hot showers, fresh rooms and celebratory summit success parties await you. If you manage to stay through the exhaustion and the party, you will find your warm and soft beds welcoming you for an early night in.

    Day 9: Drive to Manali via Kunzum pass and Rohtang pass

    Finally, after a hearty breakfast, vehicles will take you across the magnificent Kunzum and Rohtang passes towards Manali. After a long drive, you will end your journey of the Pin Parvati Trek at Manali by evening. It is time to head home with the surreal memories of this majestic trek experience.


    Transport will be provided Manali to start point and back from the endpoint as per the itinerary. Accommodation arrangements will be in hotels at Kaza. There will be 2 guides for the group of maximum 15 trekkers provided. Camping arrangements will be of high quality. All meals as specified in the itinerary.

    The porter/mule charges for carrying camping equipment and rations are included. Forest entry charges, permits and camping fee (if any) are also a part of the package charges paid. First aid and medical kit will be available in case of emergencies.


    There will be additional porter/mule charges in case you want them to carry your personal bags (can be arranged at an extra cost of Rs.4000) Accommodation and meals in Manali are not included and will be at your personal expense. Any meals/services not mentioned in the itinerary will not be included in the costs paid.

    Any charges for video cameras, still camera photography, etc. to be paid will not be included. Alcohol, soft drinks, beverages, etc. are not included. Personal expenses like tips, telephone calls, laundry, etc. are to be borne by individuals. Any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances like landslides, roadblocks, bad weather, etc. will be additional. Insurance is not included.

    Pin Parvati Pass Trek 11 days

  • Best time to go/Weather

    This valley is inaccessible for the majority of the year due to snow blocked trails. The best time to do the Pin Parvati Pass Trek is between July to September when you get to enjoy both lush green meadows with colourful flowers and several river crossings as well as snow-covered trails and camping in the snow. You will experience thick wooded pine forests, lakes, meadows, grasslands, rivers, waterfalls, ancient glaciers and snow-covered peaks.

  • Pin Parvati Pass Trek - Route Map / Altitude Map

    • Check the trekking route map for the Pin Parvati Pass trek.

    • Check maximum and minimum altitudes for every day of the Pin Parvati Pass trek.

  • Pin Parvati Pass Trek - Frequently Asked Questions

    How difficult is the Pin Parvati Trek?

    The trek to Pin Parvati Pass is a relatively challenging trek and requires some prior experience of undertaking high altitude treks. The trek covers some difficult terrains through river crossings, precarious bridge crossings, rocky ascents towards snowy peaks in freezing temperatures, long arduous trails sometimes for 8 hours a day. Therefore, a certain level of fitness and prior experience is required.

    How should I prepare for the Pin Parvati Trek?

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  • Manali can be reached via flights (closest airport is at Bhuntar, a 50-minute drive away). It can also be reached by road via bus or car, from New Delhi, Chandigarh, Shimla or other hubs.

    During the Pin Parvati Trek, you will be in terrains up in high altitudes with freezing temperatures. Ensure you pack fleece jackets, balaclava and buff, thermal tops and bottoms, day wear shirts/t-shirts, warm inners and warm socks, water and windproof jacket, water and windproof trousers and dry-fit shirts and trousers as you will be crossing rivers along the trek.

    All the camping and cooking gear during the trek will be provided by the trek operator such as tents, cooking equipment etc. From your end do ensure you carry day pack (25 ltrs), gloves, toilet paper, two 1 ltr water bottles (preferably thermos flasks), lip care, torch with extra batteries.

    Water purification solution/tablets, body moisturizer, down booties, body powder/antifungal (feet and body), boots, camp shoes/sport sandals, sun cap, sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, head torch with extra batteries, toiletries, small light towel and napkin, personal medicines, carry rain cover for your bags.

    Keep a few poly bags or waterproof bags in your bag to store your belongings in case of heavy rains and don’t forget your camera with extra batteries.

    The Pin Parvati Pass trek is a difficult and challenging trek and suitable for those who have done at least one high altitude trek before as you will be trekking at an altitude of over 17,000 ft. There will be steep climbs at low oxygen levels and tricky river crossings and some days will include uphill climbs and steep ascents and walking for up to 8 hours at high altitude dry and freezing temperatures. You can expect some steep stretches along the trek.