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  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Multi adventure trip
  • Rafting
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Rafting in Himachal Pradesh TripsDone

Himalayan Cottage Camping in Kasol (1n2d)
days 2
Rafting+camping in Kullu
days 2
Rafting+camping in Kullu Manali ,Himachal Pradesh
Rafting trip in Kullu
days 1
Rafting trip in Kullu Manali ,Himachal Pradesh
Tirthan Valley adventure (ex-Delhi)
days 5
Tirthan Valley adventure (ex-Delhi) Mandi ,Himachal Pradesh

Rafting in Himachal Pradesh

Rafting in Himachal Pradesh

When the summer months roll around, pack up everything and head onwards to Himachal Pradesh. The Himalayan rivers are some of the best when it comes to river rafting. Just strap yourselves in and get ready to battle the raging rapids. As you navigate through the mountains, you will witness some of the most glorious scenic views amidst the rapids. Be sure to check out rafting in Shimla, and various trips for rafting Tattapani and rafting in Manali.

Rafting in Himachal Pradesh: Rafting in Shimla

Tattapani is about a 60 km stretch through Shimla and is known for rafting as well as its hot springs. Some of the stretches of rafting Tattapani include Sunni, Chabba, and Pandowa. Sunni is a small village along the banks of Sutlej, and the stretch here is named after it. This happens to be the easiest stretch of rafting Tattapani.

The 12 km Chabba stretch is slightly more difficult and it takes about an hour and a half to reach Tattapani. The two most difficult stretches rafting in Shimla are Luhri to Pandowa and Pandowa to Tattapani, each being 20 km, and 25 km respectively. You’re going to be battling some rapids as high as Grade IV here.

Rafting in Himachal Pradesh: Rafting in Chenab, Lahaul

Ditch the beginner’s stretch if you’re an expert and head to the Chenab in Lahaul. Koskar, the gateway to Lahaul,-Spiti leads up to a 90 km-stretch to Tandi. There is also the 70 km stretch from Darcha to Udaipur.

Rafting in Himachal Pradesh: Rafting in Manali

Rafting in Manali begins as early as April onwards, and extends all the way till June, once the monsoons start. The base point begins at Pirdi. You’re going to be fighting against Grade II and Grade III rapids through the 14 km stretch up to Jhiri. The Beas River is well known for the kayaking, and has fast become an option for rafting in Manali.

What to carry for rafting in Shimla or rafting Tattapani

For day rafting in Shimla, rafting in Manali, or rafting Tattapani, you don’t need to carry much. Apply sunscreen before you start, and keep all your valuables behind. If you’re wearing sunglasses, make sure they have a strap to keep them around your neck. You’ll be provided with all the required equipment and safety gear.

Best season for rafting in Shimla, rafting in Manali, or rafting Tattapani

The best rafting in Shimla begins in April, and goes on through the summer. During the rainy season, from July onwards, you should avoid rafting here. In the winter, it’s too cold for rafting in Shimla, rafting in Manali, or rafting Tattapani.