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  • Kolad Rafting

    Kolad was once a peaceful fishing village along the Kundalika river. It is surrounded by paddy fields and lush forests, and remains cool and pleasant for most months of the year. However, with the growing popularity of camping and rafting in Kolad, it is now becoming one of the adventure hubs of Maharashtra. Travellers from Mumbai and Pune visit every weekend to enjoy the weather and the activities here.

    Adventurous rafting on the Kundalika River

    The river is usually serene and feeds the fields and greenery around. However, every morning, excess water from Bhira dam is released into the river, turning the river into a seething, churning beast for a couple of hours. This is when you'll be river rafting in Kolad, enjoying a 12 km stretch with rapids of Grade II and III. When you're safely past the rapids, your guide will allow you to jump in the water for a swim (with life jackets on).

    Types of rapids on Kundalika River

    The flow of the Kundalika River is controlled by a dam, hence the rafting sessions are conducted when the dam releases the water every morning and afternoon. This thrilling experience takes you through different levels of rapids, from Grade II to Grade III rapids. Grade II rapids are moderate, with slightly stronger waves and are a great way to perfect your manoeuvring skills. Grade II rapids are more challenging, with strong eddies, high waves and sudden falls. You need to be alert while entering these rapids and follow the instructor's instructions.

    Things to do in Kolad – a short adventure weekend getaway near Mumbai or Pune

    Kolad is located in the midst of the Western Ghats, surrounded by greenery. You'll do your rafting in the morning, and will have the rest of the day to enjoy. Most campsites and resorts offer a Kolad river rafting package with rafting as well as activities like kayaking, ziplining, and other fun outdoor activities. Meals are usually Maharashtrian cuisine, served at campsites, although you'll have to pre-book. In the evening, a campfire and BBQ are the best way to enjoy the starry skies and the fresh air at your riverside campsite.

    If you're looking for weekend getaways near you, here's a complete List of Adventure Activities near Mumbai or Pune for your next trip

    One day Kolad rafting package

    A day picnic is one way to enjoy river rafting in Kolad. Leave early in the morning to make sure you arrive in Kolad by 8:30 or 9:00 a.m, so you'll be in time for your rafting. The most economical Kolad river rafting package offers only rafting, but you can also book packages that include breakfast and lunch at a campsite nearby. This is a better option because you'll be very hungry after your rafting session in Kolad, and there are not too many restaurants around. For those who want to stuff a lot of fun into one day, there are rafting packages that include adventure activities at the campsites.

    Kolad rafting package with overnight stay

    Kolad has a few picturesque campsites, some as large as 50 acres, located in the middle of hills or alongside the river. You can choose from Swiss tents, cabins, caravans, rooms, cottages or dorms, depending on your group size. You'll eat lavish buffet meals, go rafting in Kolad, try your hand at all kinds of adventure activity, and spend time in nature.

    Best time to go

    River rafting packages in Kolad are available throughout the year, but the best time to go is during the monsoons. During this season, the Kundalika river is wild and rafting on it is an exhilarating experience. The surrounding landscape too is flourishing and turns into a green paradise. Winter is also a great season for rafting as the mornings are misty and the nights cool.

    How to reach Kolad

    Kolad is located at a distance of 120 km from Mumbai and 145 km from Pune and is well connected to the two cities by road and rail. You can reach Kolad by train as there are daily trains connecting to Kolad from Mumbai and Pune. You can also catch a state or privately run bus to reach Kolad. However, if you prefer to drive your own car, then you can reach Kolad by either of the two routes, one via Khapoli on the Mumbai-Goa road, and second from Khapoli Exit on the Mumbai-Pune expressway.

    You can also reach Kolad on your motorcycle as the route is quite scenic and makes for a great ride. And since motorcycles are not allowed on the expressway, you need to take the old Mumbai-Goa road to reach Kolad.

    Things to keep in mind while Kolad rafting

    While rafting in Kolad, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First and foremost is safety, so never remove your helmet or life jacket while on the raft and always follow the instructor's directions. Next, do not carry expensive gadgets, jewellery, phone, etc. while rafting as you might lose it in the river. Also, wear clothes that are comfortable and non-restrictive along with sandals or light shoes which won't fall off. Remember to carry some spare cash so you can have vadapav and water at the rafting endpoint.

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    River Rafting in Kolad Trip Summary

    • State: Maharashtra
    • Nearest city: Mumbai
    • Total days: 1-2 days
    • Grade: Easy
    • Max altitude:
    • Total trekking distance: 13 km
    • Season: Monsoon
    • Avg temperature: 12 to 37 degree Celsius
  • Single-Day Rafting Trip in Kolad

    Sketch itinerary:

    Day 1: Rafting in Kolad

    • Rafting distance: 12 km
    • Rafting time: 3 hours
    • Grade of rapids: II, III and III+
    • Meals provided: Lunch
    Detailed itinerary:

    Report to the campsite by 08:00 hrs where you can keep your bags and freshen up. You'll then head to the rafting start point and board the rafts. After an invigorating session of rafting on Kundalika, you'll head back to the campsite, have lunch and check-out of the campsite. The trip ends here.


    Your package includes one 12-km session of rafting. You will be provided with all rafting equipment required such as life jackets, helmets, paddles, inflatable rafts etc. Services of experienced rafting instructors are included. Meals and refreshments will be provided based on the packages selected.  You will have access to changing rooms at the campsite. All applicable taxes are included.


    Travel arrangements between your home city and the campsite are not included and will have to be made by yourself. Travel arrangements between the campsite and the rafting start/endpoint are not included in the cost of the package. It will be arranged at an additional cost of approximately INR 800-1,000, round-trip, for a tum-tum to be shared between 8-10 people. 

    Adventure activities package - kayaking, river crossing, zip lining at an additional cost of INR 500 per person. Adventure activities package - jet ski, banana boat ride, bumper ride for an additional cost of INR 500 per person. Any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, road blocks etc. are not included. Anything not mentioned in the inclusions will be additional.

    Single-Day Rafting Trip in Kolad with Adventure Activities

    Kolad Rafting Trip with Stay

  • Best time to go/Weather

    For river rafting in Kolad, monsoon is the best time to go. During this season, the region transforms into a green paradise with Kundalika River gushing through it. During summer, the river is not that wild but bathing in the river is cooling, and in winter, the atmosphere is misty and cold.

  • Kolad Rafting - Route Map / Altitude Map

  • Kolad Rafting - Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best time to go rafting in Kolad?

    The monsoon is one of the best times for river rafting in Kolad. The entire region turns into a lush green paradise, and the river is full and wild. However, other times of the year are fun too. In the summers, the river is not as full, but swimming in the river is cooling and delightful. In winter, you'll love the campfire evenings and misty mornings.

    What is the packing list for rafting in Kolad?

    Can beginners go for rafting in Kolad?

    What risks are involved while rafting in Kolad?

    What should I wear for rafting in the Kundalika River?

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    Where is Kolad? How to get to Kolad rafting point?

    How can I reach Kolad using public transportation?

    On what river is the rafting conducted?

    Is river rafting in Kolad safe?

    What are the rafting timings? Can I choose my own timings?

    How much time does it take to complete river rafting in Kolad? Can I choose a shorter or longer rafting duration?

    What is the distance that is covered during the Kolad river rafting?

    Can I go rafting in the second half of the day?

    What is the difference between white water rafting and river rafting and just rafting?

    Are meals included in the package?

    What stay or camping options are offered in the Kolad packages?

    Are there activities in any of the Kolad packages?

    Can I take a Kolad package but not go rafting?

    Can I bring my kids to Kolad for rafting? Or to enjoy the rest of the package?

    Why are there different prices for weekday and weekend rafting packages?

    Do I need to know how to swim to go rafting in Kolad?

    Can solo travellers visit Kolad for rafting?

    How can I get photos and/or videos of me rafting on the Kundalika River?

  • Kolad Rafting Reviews


    • Rated : 5


      It was an amazing experience to go rafting in Kolad. Thanks to The Great Next team and Dhanraj for organizing it in such a pleasant way. And our guide "Estin" was the best.

    • Rated : 5


      nice enjoyed a lot my kids were happy a lot wanna go one more time…

    • Rated : 4


      it was great and so thrilled experience.

    • Rated : 5


      We recently experienced river rafting which was book through The Great Next, since it was a very spontaneous plan we had less than a day’s time to plan. But Dhanraj from The great next helped us throughout to find the right plan on immediate basis. The Rafting was conducted by highly professional guide. (Haresh from Wilder west adventures) Very happy with the service and experience.

    • Rated : 5


      Great experience with TGN for the kolad river rafting. Special thanks to Dheeraj who helped me out with good package in reasonable price.

    • Rated : 5


      its great service n management guys are really helpful.. wanna go river rafting in kolad.. these guys r d best

    • Rated : 5


      One of the best adventure provider for Kolad rafting

    • Rated : 5


      the great next adventures are the fake promises....i had been to kolad and everything at the place was same as shown, no deception at all. also thanks to dhanraj for guiding through out.

    • Rated : 5


      I randomly visited the site and booked wilder west resort,kolad. The resort was really nice n the food was homemade n good. Rafting and other activities were delivered as promised in the package. The staff were verry friendly and helpful. Service was quick n on time. I am extremely impressed wth TGN. AND like to special thanks to Ms. Tanvi. She assisted us and help us at the last moment booking. We enjoyed a lot , thanks to TGN TO made it happen had a grt job

    • Rated : 5


      This is ajay here. An adrenaline junkie. Recently I was looking for my fix. Dhanraj from the great next helped me out greatly. I decided to go to kollard for river rafting. Since it was my first time goin there and that too a solo trip on bike i had a ton of questions but he was very sincere and patient in answering( I kept harrasing him for hours and even postponed the trip once). As with anywhere else in India the prices on the spot are always jacked up but to my surprise I got a great package customized to my requirements for a modest price? after goin there I realized I was actually paying the least among all other guests (Especially those who sighed up with the player who's name begins with thrill?). The ride to kollard to pune is about 120km. While goin I went through devkund and tamini ghat. The roads dissolved in some sections . But overall the experience was totally worth it the Rollin hills, greenery, lazy waterfalls, the gentle turns on the ghat roads. On the way back I came through lonavala route. Again a thrill in its own way. We stayed in wilderwest in kollard. This was an amazing location. The best part? I had a huge some dorm reserved for myself?. Made good friends. The best part of solotrip is you go outta your comfort zone and turn all lotta stranger friends into Friends. The staff there were very polite and accommodating. If possible id Recomend to book the cottage overlooking the river. You won't regret it. One word of advice i got from dhanraj that really saved me was to be aware of mosquitos. I used odomers and man was that satisfying. Imma buy stocks of that now ?. Food was good and really felt homemade. Both veg and non veg available. Now the main part-rafting. the instructor amit was experienced. Himself an adrenaline junkie form uttarakhand. He told us (all newbies) the basics and a few neat tricks. Was a really fun dude. We managed to have fun and even rescue a few overboard fellows for other rafts. As for the kudakali river it was beautiful with an amazing lush green surroundings and clean waters. Though it didn't have much visibility. Temp was very cool with slight rains. My suggestion is if you want the proper rafting experience go in peak monsoon by an suv car to this place as it will be very comfortable and the waters currents will have the perfect speed for rafting. My experience was a lil lukewarm as I came after the season got over, fun nonetheless. Next was bungee jumping. A good starting point for beginners as the height Is moderate. I guess I'll just finish it here. Reached back pune via lonavala route. One word of advice to other roadtrippers- the trip will take 5-6 hours one way anyday so plan accordingly. And for a hassle free experience go with the great next. Ps: I'm planning my next scuba dive with these guys

    • Rated : 5


      It's just a great compnay for advancer activities I trip to kolad for rafting and it's really warth with very pocket friendly cost. Thank you so much.

    • Rated : 4


    • Rated : 5


      White water rafting at the kundalika river was amazing with experienced guide from Rishikesh. All safety measures were taken. Thank you guys!!

    • Rated : 5


    • Rated : 4


    • Rated : 5

      The great next an amzing platfrom fr those who like adventure first advrnture (river rafting ) was full of fun n lovely moments and truly is was an awsome feeling ......thnzkz to d team ....

    • Rated : 5

      I would like to THE GREAT NEXT..for making my rafting trip so memorable..especially Mr VENKAT who planned my trip with perfect information.His guidance through out helped me to manage things in a way better manner.I would definately recommend the great next for anyone who looks for Adventure trips across india.

    • Rated : 5

      Amazing rafting in Ganges river. The Great Next team organized all very well so thank you guys for such a good day.

    • Rated : 5

      Our trip was an impulse decision but thanks to tgn it was a success and awesome trip.Excellent food and relaxing resort after river rafting trip

    • Rated : 1

      Camping arrangement was pathetic. Food provided was bad. Dirty bed sheets and washrooms. No activities planned. Promised for 11km rafting track but provided only 4-5 Km without pick & drop.

    • Rated : 5

      'On behalf of me & my friends I would want to take a moment to express my sense of gratitude and appreciation for team TGN. I planned an adventure trip to Rishikesh which happened to be a wonderful experience. I thank Mr. Venkat who I feel is an important asset to the company for planning and organising the entire trip. His excellency in managing customer relationship is truly commendable which plays a vital role in bringing business to any enterprise. Definitely looking for more such plans with team TGN in future. All the best'

    • Rated : 5

      It was great fun at water rafting with the great next, excellent trainers, food was good, overall good experience, we would like to visit again

    • Rated : 1

      My experience was bad. We wanted to do rafting after coming back from trek. I did a booking for rafting through The Great Next and the itinerary was not clearly communicated and was left to us to 'figure out'. We were given camp majestic. The staff here is completely unprofessional. We were wondering what is the action plan for rafting and when we asked late at night, we were surprised to hear that we had to bear an additional cost of transport to the starting point(based on my earlier communication with TGN my understanding was there was no transportation required). We tried probing for more details on itinery and only then we were being told about details. One of my friend had requested for custom food because of cultural constraints quite early in the evening for dinner. At dinner time that was conveniently forgotten. The dinner was served late at 9:45 pm (scheduled time was 8 pm). In short completely unprofessional. If you want to do rafting go book a nice hotel independently and just directly go for rafting. No need to go with TGN. Save your money and time.

    • Rated : 5

      'We were the first timer rafters, but these guys make us feel like professionals☺☺☺. Comfortable stay with good assistance from experienced instructor's. Truly Awesome Experience, the saying ''Pura paisa wasool'' holds true for us in this trip. Good management and well executed as committed. Looking forward for another service soon...

    • Rated : 5

      TGN has a very sophisticated and concise web page along with many optional details and information. This is one of the few sites that provides information about the operator. All the operators they recommend are safe, well-trained and reliable. They are easily accessible and offer reasonable deals. I've booked a trekking and river rafting trip with them already, and it was a very good experience. I'll always choose The Great Next to plan my adventure trips.

    • Rated : 5

      Awesome weekend spent doing Rafting and the dirt bike ride ( Though the rest of the activities were okay) The guides were cooperative... The food was nice... and a special thanks to Urja to make this trip possible..

    • Rated : 5

      I heartly Thank Venkat for making our trip awesome. We were six and had used this platform to book the tickets for River rafting and Venkat had arranged an awesome dome house(Tent house). He had offered us a good package which include few adventure activities as well as stay and food. We enjoyed a lot and planning for next visit soon. He was there to guide us even in the night around 9 which I liked the most.

    • Rated : 5

      I would say incredible experience in river rafting thanks venkat for arranging this awesome stuffs I appreciate your guidance and I recommend The Great Next for the people who is looking out for the adventures in their life.

    • Rated : 5

      'Thank you team TGN and specially Venkat for planning, coordinating and being attentive to our needs and making good recommendations (like renting bike etc). 3 days trip from Dehradun to Rishikesh was really satisfactory. Guidance given by him from the start to end was very helpful. During the trip, staying in tent was too good. The staff was very supportive and humble. One should definitely try the thrilling experiences of rafting and bungee in Rishikesh at least once in life. The tent in camp was so much spacious for all 3 of us. Overall it was a very good and chilling experience. Looking forward for more such outings with TGN :) Cheers guys

    • Rated : 5

      'Thank you team TGN and specially Venkat for planning and coordinating and being attentive to our needs and making good recommendations (like renting bike etc). 3 days trip from Dehradun to Rishikesh was really satisfactory. Guidance given by him from starting to end was very helpful. During the trip, staying in tent was too good where we enjoyed the nice scenery nearby the river, food and flowers very much. The staff was very supportive and humble. One should definitely try the thrilling experiences of rafting and bungee in Rishikesh at least once in life. The tent in camp was so much spacious for all 3 of us. Overall it was a very good and chilling experience. Looking forward for more such outings with TGN :) Recommendation: Need to organise some more activities to enjoy camp fire at night'

    • Rated : 4

      'On behalf of me & my friends I would want to take a moment to express my sense of gratitude and appreciation for team TGN. I planned an adventure trip to Rishikesh which happened to be a wonderful experience. I thank Mr. Venkat who I feel is an important asset to the company for planning and organising the entire trip. His excellency in managing customer relationship is truly commendable which plays a vital role in bringing business to any enterprise. Definitely looking for more such plans with team TGN in future. All the best'

    • Rated :

      'It was an amazing experience with great next Super service Amazing pricing compare to others Friendly staff Awesome scubadivers coach'

    • Rated : 5

      I am out of words to describe Rendezvous Camp. It gives you must have once in a lifetime experience, true luxury, cleanest water of river Ganga near campsite. The food was way too good, felt like home, the staff was too friendly and co-operative. They are the challenge takes and never put you down rather they would exceed your expectations. I suggest this camp 'only' to whomever wants to travel to Rishikesh. Mr. Venkat from TGN was too patient and prompt to go through all girls' random thoughts and fluctuating plans. He only made me put all my trust in him and walk right into the camp without any worries, knowing he will help us out anywhere, anytime.

    • Rated : 5

      'Awesome scuba diving experience at Andaman... Very good platform in assisting us on a safe and secured adventures taken.. Must try.. Very good Customer support from Ms.Tanvi from Great Next, much pleased with her professionalism and creating good customer bubble.. Keep up the good work..

    • Rated : 2

      'Badly need to work on their website to sync information. Booked a trip (3 room) with them (ac cottage stay) for Rishikesh with 100% refund policy as per the link shared in mail. But I was surprised when on the next day of booking, I received the message saying that the cottage I paid for and received a booking confirmation has been allocated to someone else. Instead I had to pay extra for a non ac tent(with cooler instead of ac) property at the similar location. But the bad experience did not end there. When we had to cancel the room for 5 of the members, they applied a cancellation fees which was not stated anywhere in cancellation policies on website link. I will not suggest anyone to use this site. Please book directly to avoid any such inconvenience and surprises owing to misleading policies. Note: I had contacted the property owner directly and he had quoted a lower price(all inclusive package via mail) on direct booking than thegreatnext. So think hard before opting for TGN if you gave option to reach owner directly. We had opted for TGN only based on the full refund policy that the site stated. Edit: I would acknowledge the efforts from Tanvi from thegreatnext who tried to accomodate the updated requirements. I have given 2* only because of her inputs. However, I would like to point out that my concern is not with any person but it is with lack of clarity with policies and syncing with the property owners at the end of Thegreatnext website. This is a major drawback that needs to be bridged.'

  • Kolad is located quite close to Mumbai and Pune and is well connected by road and rail. To reach Kolad, you can either hire a cab or drive your own car. There are two routes to reach Kolad, one via Khapoli Pali on the Mumbai-Goa road, and second from Khapoli Exit on Mumbai-Pune expressway. You can even reach Kolad by train which connects it to most major cities of Maharashtra. There are daily trains connecting Mumbai and Pune to Kolad. There are also many state-run buses operating between Mumbai and Pune.

    While rafting, wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict your movement, paired with sandals. When you're not rafting, you can wear comfortable clothes but try to cover your legs and hands with full pants and full sleeve t-shirts respectively to avoid mosquito bites.

    All Kolad river rafting packages include all the rafting equipment which are provided by the operator, so you only need to carry your personal essentials. Remember to carry extra pairs of clothes, sunscreen, raincoat, and mosquito repellent.

    While rafting, life jackets are provided so there's no need to worry if you don't know how to swim. Apart from this, there is usually a weight limit of 120 kg for rafting.