• Trip introduction

    The Kolad River rafting trip is a fun-filled adventure that takes you to the lush green regions surrounding the Kundalika River where you’ll embark on a thrilling session of river rafting.

    This rafting session stretches over 14 km and contains at least 10 rapids of grades II and III. Imagine the fun of battling these rapids, feeling the cold water splashing your skin as you make your way through.

    A truly exhilarating experience, this trip combines the river rafting adventure with spectacular natural beauty. This Kolad rafting trip is ideal for adrenaline junkies, nature lovers or anyone who’s looking to have a fantastic time outside the city.


    Located within misty mountains, Kolad is a tiny village that lies on the banks of the Kundalika River in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. Easy accessibility by road from Mumbai or Pune has made this destination a popular one for adventure enthusiasts. As it houses the Bhira Dam, every morning high volumes of water are released into the Kundalika which gives it its force and volume – making it an ideal place for rafting. Besides this, rife with a rich layer of greenery, this destination is also known for its beautiful forests.

    For this trip, you’ll travel to and from the Kolad village via a non-ac bus. As for your rafting, you’ll be provided with the best equipment for rafts, life jackets to oars etc.

    Destination highlights

    Get your adrenaline pumping through this Kolad River rafting trip! | Feel the pride of battling grade II and III rapids. | Escape from the city for a day. | Catch stunning views of surrounding natural beauty. | Feast on some delicious Kokan meals.

    Activity Details

    II and III



    3 hrs

    14 km

    120 kg


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