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Manali-Leh 8 Days Ride
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River rafting in Leh, India

White water rafting in Leh is one of the most popular adventure sports in the area. The rivers here are fed by melting snow from the mighty Himalayas and this, coupled with breath-taking views of mountains on either side, makes Leh rafting some of the most exciting in the country.

Rafting in Leh: Rafting Zanskar

White water rafting in Leh is a spectacular thrill-a-minute ride and is on the bucket list of many a rafting enthusiast. The Zanskar is a voluminous river with an impressive amount of water and provides some adrenaline-pumping rapids scattered all over the route. As you go rafting in Leh, depending on the route you choose, you’ll pass desert-like landscape, go through ancient valleys with rock walls that are 100 feet high in some places, and past villages stuck in time.

Rafting in Leh: Indus rafting

The Indus is one of the longest rivers in Asia and was the cradle of the oldest civilisation in the world. Rafting in Leh on the Indus is slightly easier and quieter than Zanskar.

Very easy Leh rafting: Tsogsti to Nimmo:

For those of you who want a piece of the Leh rafting action, but prefer a more relaxed experience, Tsogsti to Nimmo is the stretch for you. It is a low difficulty level rafting trip that covers 5 kms of flat-water and low-grade rapids. Even though this Leh rafting trip is slightly lower on the adrenaline scale, the views are fantastic and make for a memorable trip.

Easy Leh rafting: Scorpoche to Nimmo

Get ready for some chills and thrills as you go rafting in Leh on the cold and silty water of the Zanskar river. Perfect for those who want to enjoy a quick Leh rafting session of 18 kms, this is moderately challenging and allows participants to immerse themselves in the action while taking in stunning views of the valley from an altitude of 3000 metres.

Moderate Leh rafting: Phey to Nimmo

Phey to Nimmo is a popular trip for rafting in Leh, owing to a mix of low and high-grade rapids. This is a moderately challenging stretch of 25 kms and ends at the confluence of Zanskar and Indus in Nimmo. The route consists mostly of grade 2 and 3 rapids and passes through some breath-taking mountains with old monasteries dotted all over the valley.

Challenging Leh rafting: Chilling to Nimmo

Get an adrenalin high while you raft in Leh for 28 kms on the Zanskar river. You'll be in the thick of the action with the Chilling rapid, Shoot rapid, Scorpoche rapid, and Gorge rapid, passing through some stunning landscapes along the way. The trip ends at the confluence of Zanskar and Indus in Nimmo.

Very tough river rafting in Leh: Saspol to Khalsi

Also known as Alchi-Khalsi, this route for river rafting in Leh is one of the most challenging and adventurous rafting trips in Asia. Suited only for experienced rafters, this is a grade 5 expedition and has often been compared to the white-water of the Zambezi river. The trip takes place on the lower Indus river and takes a total of 4 hours on the water.

When to go river rafting in Leh

Between June to late August, the water levels are high and hence these are best months for river rafting in Leh. The water is always cold, but with the cloudless skies and warm sun during these months, you’ll be better off. During peak winter months, the Zanskar river freezes over completely and becomes the location for the iconic Chadar trek.