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  • Prepare for thrills all around if you want to try river rafting. One of the best and most popular destinations in India to try rafting is in Maharashtra. You’ll also find pleasant cottage options to stay at if you’re thinking about a weekend getaway rafting in Maharashtra. Here are some of the packages if you want to try river rafting in Maharashtra.

    River rafting in Maharashtra: Day trip to Kolad

    When it comes to river rafting in Maharashtra, Kolad is the ideal destination. Once a peaceful fishing village, it was discovered it has some of the fiercest white water rapids in Maharashtra. Kolad is located in the midst of the Western Ghats, surrounded by paddy fields, lush forests, and rolling hills. Every day of the year, water is released from the Bhira dam, and the slow Kundalika River turns fierce with the gushing water. This is when you'll be rafting! You’re going to be facing rapids of up to 13 kms. A typical package for river rafting in Maharashtra also includes activities like kayaking, ziplining, and other fun outdoor activities.

    River rafting in Maharashtra: Weekend rafting in Kundalika River

    River rafting in Kolad is not weather-dependent, as the Bhira dam gates are opened every morning, turning the relatively serene river into a body of churning water. Adventurers from everywhere flock to Kolad to challenge the river and enjoy the tropical forests, especially during the weekends.

    Hop into the river for a refreshing dip, and bask in the wonders of Mother Nature, as you escape the hustle and bustle of the city life. The weekend river rafting packages in Maharashtra are generally a little bit more expensive, due to popular demand.

    River rafting in Maharashtra: Weekend river rafting with cottage stay

    Kolad has a few picturesque campsites, some spread over 50 acres of land, located in the midst of hills or alongside the river. Snug in the lush greenery and fresh beauty of Kolad, you’ll want to never return to the chaos of the city. After battling Grade II to IV rapids, you can cozy it up in the cottages.

    You can choose to book day trips for only rafting and meals, or you can book overnight packages to stay in delightful cottages or dorms or Swiss tents. You’ll enjoy lavish buffet meals, go rafting, try your hand at all kinds of adventure activity, and absorb all of nature.

    What to carry for river rafting in Maharashtra

    Carry sunscreen, a change of clothes, a light towel, and sunglasses and a cap for the day’s adventure activities. If you’re staying overnight, do make sure you carry light, long-sleeved clothing for the evenings, and insect repellent.

    Best season for river rafting in Maharashtra

    The monsoon is one of the best times to come down to try river rafting in Maharashtra. Kolad turns from a dry brown riverside village to a lush green paradise, presenting you also with a host of wildlife and birds. The river is wild and any rafting trip is a complete thrill!

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