• Trip introduction

    If you’ve rafted before but wish to experience it on a whole new level, then this 3-day Kaligandaki rafting trip is the perfect choice for you. In 3 short days, you’ll get to battle numerous rapids, camp in gorgeous riverside beach locations and catch stunning views of Nepal’s rustic beauty.

    Starting from Maldhunga, you’ll enjoy 3 days of non stop exhilaration as you fight rapids of grades III and IV, pass through many gorgeous locations such as Modhi Khola, Purti Ghat and Setibeti while catching stunning views of Himalaya’s snow capped mountains and frozen waterfalls. Moreover, at the end of every rafting session, you’ll get to spend your evenings relaxing in some gorgeous destinations, sinking your feet in the soft sand of Nepal’s river beaches and feasting on delicious meals.


    Originating from the Tibetan Plateau, the Kali Gandaki River is one of Nepal’s major rivers that is known for its deep gorge through the Himalayas. It is also known as one of Nepal’s holiest rivers named after ‘Kali’, the goddess of destruction. Throughout your rafting journey you’ll catch astounding views of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Mountains.

    Starting for Pokhara, you’ll first travel to Maldhunga, the starting point of your rafting journey. Over 3 days you’ll then raft through Kali Gandaki’s raging waters with stop overs at various river beach locations with your journey concluding in Mirmi. From Mirmi you’ll then embark on a gorgeous 5 hour bus ride back to Pokhara.

    Destination highlights

    Take your rafting skills to a new level with this 3-day Kaligandaki rafting trip. | Enjoy the thrill of fighting large and small rapids. | Pass through scenic landscapes and backgrounds. | Camp in gorgeous destinations. | Imbibe the raw beauty of Nepal's rustic mountainside. | Feel the excitement of camping on a riverside beach.

    Activity Details

    III and IV


    20 - 25

    10 hrs

    55 kms


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