• Trip introduction

    This Trishuli River rafting trip is a blend of Nepal’s rustic nature and a thrilling rafting excursion. In just a day, you’ll travel into Nepal’s deep wilderness to embark on an exhilarating experience that exposes you to gorgeous landscapes, the cultural heritage and the local way of life.

    Moreover during your rafting session you’ll get the chance to battle many rapids of grades III and IV such as Twin Rocks, Surprise, Butterfly, Ladies’ Delight and Upset, amongst many others. Besides this, you’ll also pass through many small local villagers, catch sight of local fishermen and then end your journey in the scenic little spot of Kuringhat where you’ll feast on a delicious meal.

    Considered as the popular rafting route in Nepal, due to its flexible terrain it is perfect for all kinds of rafting enthusiasts: from first-timers to seasoned rafters.

    Please note that a minimum of 2 people is required to book this trip.


    Originating from the Gosainkunda Lake and meandering through the Mahabharat Ranges, the Trishuli River is one of the main tributaries of the Narayani River basin. It is also the most popular river for rafting in Nepal – mainly due to its easy patch and accessibility – which is ideal for newbies. But what makes this adventure even more rewarding is its surrounding beauty: from rich jungles and gorges, you’ll even witness villages and meadows.

    For this trip, you’ll begin with a drive from Kathmandu towards Charaudi. From Charaudim, you’ll then begin your thrilling rafting session all the way till Kuringhat. Once you reach Kuringhat you’ll spend some time resting and imbibing its spectacular beauty before heading back Kathmandu.

    Destination highlights

    Try your hand at rafting at the Trishuli River. | Feel the pride of battling rapids of grades III and IV. | Explore Nepal's countryside like never before. | Learn about the local way of life while passing through villages. | Pass through many scenic landscapes. | Feast on a local Nepalese meal.

    Activity Details

    III and IV


    8 to 9

    4 hrs

    27 km


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