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Rappelling in Pune, Maharashtra, India TripsDone

Waterfall rappelling at Dodhani Waterfalls
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Trekking and rappelling at Plus Valley
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Rappelling in Pune, Maharashtra, India

Due to the vast variety in scenery and terrain, the Western Ghats are a haven for adventure sports. One of the sports that is growing in popularity is rappelling near Pune and Mumbai. It doesn’t require any experience to begin rappelling in Pune. All you need to have is a good pair of shoes, and an operator whom you can trust. Once you’re safely strapped into your harness, it takes some practice to learn how to balance your body weight and centre of gravity. After that, you’re set to take on the rock face!

Rappelling in Pune

While there are no real locations for good rappelling in Pune, a short drive into the Western Ghats takes you into a rock climber’s paradise, with plenty of spots for rappelling near Pune. During the monsoon, these spots turn into locations for waterfall rappelling near Pune. Ajoba Fort Hill, Sandhan Valley, and Kalavantin Pinnacle are some of the popular spots for rappelling near Pune.

Waterfall rappelling near Pune

Some of the most popular destinations to try waterfall rappelling near Pune are Dodhani waterfalls, Bekre, and Torna fort.

Rappelling near Pune: Dodhani Falls

Close to Matheran, the Dodhani waterfalls is perfect for a fun waterfall rappelling session during the monsoons. You’ll rappel down a 75 foot rock face, with a waterfall in full flow. The views around are gorgeous, but you’ll be more focused on finding the right foothold. For the rest of the year, this is also a good location for rappelling near Pune.

Rappelling near Pune: Bekre Falls

You can also check out Bekre Falls, close to Bhivpuri, for some rappelling near Pune. There’s a short trek through lush greenery to get to the waterfall. It’s almost a 100-foot descent, so you might want to save that till you have some experience. After your rappelling session, you can take a dip in the natural pool formed at the bottom of the waterfall.

Rappelling near Pune: Torna

Around Pune in the middle of the Western Ghats, Torna is a spot that has attracted enthusiasts for rappelling near Pune for years. Standing at 100 feet tall, the waterfall is a thrilling spot for rappelling near Pune. It is at its peak strength during the monsoon season, so it’s wise to listen to all the instructions given. The area becomes overcast and misty, so it an absolutely delightful attraction for adventure lovers to try rappelling near Pune!

Best time for rappelling near Pune

If you’re going waterfall rappelling near Pune, you have to go during the peak monsoon months, from mid-July to September. By this time, the waterfalls are flowing strongly, and the area around is green and cool. For the rest of the year, rappelling near Pune is best done in the cooler winter months, so you can climb in pleasant weather.