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Rock Climbing Level 1
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Rs. 4,580
Vertical Bug
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Rock climbing
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Rock climbing
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  • Trip introduction

    Expand your outdoor recreational horizons with a level 1 rock climbing course. This beginner's course provides participants with an introduction to rock climbing. Rock climbing is largely about techique and balance, and participants will be taught basic rock climbing techniques, and can practice moving efficiently on the rock, including on slab, straight faces, nursery boulders and cracks.

    Located in the beautiful Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the natural environs enhance the experience and allow participants to climb the existing rock formations.

    This course is suitable for most people in good health and includes only limited amounts of activity. Any elements of walking are predominantly on good paths and abseiling or climbing are at an introductory level. Our dedicated and experienced instructors will ensure that you learn and have fun at the same time.

    IMPORTANT: This is not a fixed departure trip, and requires a minimum group size of 4 participants for confirmation.


    Located in Borivali, in the midst of the hills, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park provides the perfect natural environment for both novice and experienced rock climbers to hone and perfect their skills. In addition to providing a mix of rock surfaces and terrrain for us to practice, the park is also home to numerous plant and insect species.

    Destination highlights

    • Expand your outdoor recreational horizons
    • Learn the basics of rock climbing including key knots and nursery bouldering
    • Refine your rock climbing knowledge including the terminology and common jargon
    • Practice climbing in a serene and natural landscape

    Fine print

    Rules on the trip

    Climbing, abseiling or related activity without gear or supervision of our staff is strictly not permitted.

    MP3 players, iPods, cell phones, smartphones, and Bluetooth devices are not allowed while climbing, abseiling, top-roping, leading or belaying.

    Do not climb directly below other climbers. Wait for you turn to climb or abseil.

    Do not intentionally distract climbers or belayers.

    Watch out for falling climbers and stand clear of fall zones and swing zones.

    No barefoot climbing, hiking or abseiling.

    No free soloing.

    No running on cliff tops and rock edges.

    Keep minimum 5 feet distance from the edge of the cliff at all times.

    Do not lay down or sit directly below boulders.

    If you spot or belay, stay focused on the climber at all times.

    Do not wander off on your own in the wilderness.

    Wait for your turn and await our instructors signal.

    No eating or drinking while belaying or spotting.

    Always perform safety checks before climbing. Check and recheck yourself and your partner’s knots, harnesses, and equipment.

    Always use clear climbing commands.

    No one is permitted to belay, tie in, mock-lead, or lead climb until they pass Vertical Bug pre-requisites.

    Videotaping of any courses or instruction is prohibited.

    Consumption of alcohol and/or controlled substances is not permitted at Vertical Bug. Anyone suspected of being under the influence will be asked to leave immediately.

    Intimidating, harsh, or violent language and actions taken towards any members and staff will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal.

    Vertical Bug have the right to abort activity temporarily or permanently for unsafe or inappropriate behavior.

    Any willful refusal to follow Vertical Bug Rules, Policies, or Safety Standards will result in removal from the programme.

    Climbers and belayers

    Cancellation policy

    The refund policy for cancellations is specified below:

    30 days or more – 90% of the total amount paid

    Between 15-29 days – 70% of the total amount paid

    Between 8-14 days – 35% of the total amount paid

    Between 0-7 days – No refund

    Additional instructions, booking policies, terms and conditions

    Participants under the age of 18 must have their parent or legal guardian’s consent. Extended family and friends of parents are not legitimate guardians.

    Adhere to the rules, abide by any notices or warnings, follow the instructions of our staff and instructors, and alert your fellow climbers and participants to possible dangers or unsafe practices. Failure to follow any of the rules can result in restrictions on certain participation privileges. Vertical Bug staff have the right to abort the activity for failure to comply safety norms.

    The rules may be amended at any time without warning. Vertical Bug staff has been instructed to enforce rules through whichever means they see fit.

    Trip details

    Start point
    Sanjay Gandhi National Park
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    End point
    Sanjay Gandhi National Park
    Time of departure
    07:30 AM
    Time of return
    04:00 PM

    Activity Details

    Certificate upon completion
    Certificate name
    Course language options
    Course level
    Level 1: Beginner
    Private or group course
    Student - Instructor ratio
    4 to 1
    Approximate Time/Day On Rock
    3 hrs
    Certificate Issued/Recognized By
    Mandatory travel insurance
    Personal insurance is recommended.
    Weight/Height Limit
    Maximum traveller weight
    Minimum traveller weight
  • Day 1: Introduction to rock climbing

    We meet inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park next to the main gate, and get introduced to the team.

    The sessions are generally a mix of theory, practical demonstrations and practice.

    Today we cover introductory topics like movement and technique including body position, footwork and specific climbing moves such as rockover's, laybacking and jamming, understanding various hand holds, key knots, basic rope work, route description, climbing terminology and grading systems. We also try a bit of nursery bouldering under supervision. Movement and technique on the rock
    Body position, footwork and specific climbing moves such as rockover's, laybacking and jamming
    Understanding various hand holds and reading smaller routes
    Key knots
    Basic rope work
    Route descriptions, climbing terminology and grading systems
    Nursery Bouldering

    Day 2: Rock climbing practice

    We learn more about climbing jargon, safety calls, two-way communication, selection and the correct use of rock climbing equipment like harnesses, belay plates, knots and ropes, basic belaying techniques (how climbers use the rope to arrest falls) and falling safely.

    The day is spent practicing and perfecting these techniques. Communication – Understand climbing jargon, safety calls and two-way communication
    Rock Climbing Equipment - selection and use of harnesses, belay plates, knots and ropes
    Basic Belaying Techniques - how climbers use the rope to arrest falls
    Falling safely

    Day 1 - Milestone

    Start point
    Sanjay Gandhi National Park
    End point
    Sanjay Gandhi National Park
    Day start time
    07:30 AM
    Approximate time on rock
    3 hrs

    Day 2 - Milestone

    Start point
    Sanjay Gandhi National Park
    End point
    Sanjay Gandhi National Park
    Day start time
    07:30 AM
    Approximate time on rock
    3 hrs
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  • Includes / Excludes

    • Training lessons for 2 days
    • Actual unlimited climbing experience
    • Safety gear
    • Personal climbing equipment
    • Services of highly experienced instructors
    • Travel costs
    • Park entry fees
    • Meals
    • Insurance
    • Any other costs or services not mentioned in the inclusions

    What to Wear

      What to Wear
    • Comfortable loose pants that can stretch (if you can do a split with the stitches around the crotch holding up well, it’s a workable pant)
    • Sports/crew neck tshirt
    • Peak cap Buffs are good if you have long hair
    • Climbing shoes (a snug-fit sport shoe with a tapering apex having a sole offering reasonable friction)
      What not to Wear
    • Expensive jewellery or watches

    Equipment / Gear

      We Provide
    • Safety gear
    • Personal climbing equipment
      You need to get
    • A day pack (so that your hands remain free while we hike to the climbing region) with the following items:
    • Drinking water (minimum 2 liters)
    • Hydration powder (glucose sachets)
    • Light packed lunch (Avoid fatty or greasy packs. Healthy sandwiches are good.)
    • Energy bars/Peanut and jaggery bars
    • Personal identification with blood group listed
    • Change of clothes

    Medical Kit

  • Please check the Overview tab for itinerary details. If you have further questions, you can chat with us online.
  • Marker on map shows trip start point.