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    The highlight of this Bali adventure cruise is the Discover Scuba Dive, where you'll dive into the blue Bali waters to explore a gorgeous underwater world filled with bright coral and darting fish. You'll be able to dive to a depth of 12 metres/40 feet with an experienced instructor, and will learn the basic skills of scuba diving.

    Apart from the thrilling DSD Dive in Bali, you'll also be able to go snorkelling, go on unlimited banana boat rides, jump on the 115-foot slide that goes right into the ocean, or descend into the semi-submersible coral viewer that lets you see the underwater world without getting wet.

    This is an ideal day adventure that is perfect for the whole family, or for a group of friends, with something for everyone to do. From the minute you board the cruise ship, there's so much to do that you won't know where to start.

    CHARGES FOR KIDS: Kids of all ages are allowed on this cruise, but only children over 10 years will be allowed to go scuba diving. Please check the Additional Instructions sections below for different costs for kids, and get in touch with us to book for children in your group.

    NOTE: Adults who want to join this cruise but do not plan to do any diving are very welcome. Please check the Additional Instructions sections below for costs for adults who won't be diving.


    Starting from Benoa harbor, your luxury cruise catamaran will take you to the beautiful Nusa Lembongan island, in southeast Bali. Nusa Lembongan is known for its gorgeous white sandy beaches, rocky cliffs and blowholes, but most of all, for the rich marine life under the blue waters.

    You'll be taken out to a pontoon just off the coast of Lembongan, and this is where you'll spend the day. From here, you'll do your Discover Dive, go snorkelling, swoosh down the giant water slide, and go into the semi-submersible coral viewer. You'll return to the catamaran for a delicious buffet spread for lunch, and carry on with your day's activities. The boat departs from the pontoon around 15:15 hrs, and you'll be back at your hotel by evening.

    Destination highlights

    Sign up for an exciting day of adventure in a tropical paradise. | Do your first Discover Scuba Dive in the pristine waters of Nusa Lembongan. | Go scuba diving or snorkelling to explore gorgeous coral reefs and colourful fish.| Jump onto a giant slide and swoosh down 115 feet into the ocean!| Go on unlimited banana boat rides. | Visit the semi-submersible coral viewer to see the underwater world without getting wet.| Dig into a delicious international buffet lunch aboard the cruise.

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    45 mins


    12 mts/40 feet


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