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    Go scuba diving at some of the most advanced dive sites in Bali, usually reserved only for experienced divers. The islands of Gili Biaha and Tepekong, your dive sites for this scuba diving day trip, offer a challenging but rewarding adventure with moderate to strong ocean currents. During your two open water dives, you'll explore rocky pinnacles and caves full of white tip reef sharks. Depending on your prior certification level, you can dive to a maximum depth of 100 feet. A certified dive instructor will accompany you throughout the two dives.

    NOTE: A minimum of 2 travellers are required to book this trip. All prices in this package are subject to fluctuations based on international currency exchange rates at the time of booking.


    A small, uninhabitaed island off the coast of Bali, Gili Biaha is a dive site that is swept with moderate to strong ocean currents. Due to the water flow, the dive site attracts several turtles, wrasses, tunas, eels and several other marine species. The highlight of Gili Biaha is a small cave, just 40 feet from surface, where white tip reef sharks gather and rest. Visibility at the dive site usually extends beyond 80 feet.

    Tepekong, another dive site with moderate to strong ocean currents, feature imposing rock pinnacles with sprawling hard and soft corals. The dive site is popularly known for the Mola Mola among other species like sweetlips, snappers and the occasional Manta Ray. Visibility at the dive site usually extends beyond 80 feet.

    Destination highlights

    Go scuba diving in Bali at the fascinating dive sites of Gili Biaha. | Complete two open water dives in the Bali Sea. | Explore rich marine life and beautiful coral formations. | Gain experience in diving by exploring advanced dive sites. | Spend a day admiring scenic views of the Bali Sea from the boat.

    Activity Details


    40-45 mins


    100 feet/30 metres


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