Skiing in Auli

Skiing in Auli

Spend some time in the snowy paradise of Auli, Uttarakhand a...  Read more

Spend some time in the snowy paradise of Auli, Uttarakhand and learn the thrilling sport of skiing.

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Skiing in Auli Overview

Auli skiing

Auli offers one of the best places for skiing in India. With pristine, shimmering snow blanketing gentle and steep slopes alike, this is the perfect environment to experience skiing. Auli skiing season begins in winter and every year, throngs of people flock over to Auli to experience this thrilling sport.

You’ll descend down white slopes with a gentle nudge of your ski poles and feel the rush as you go faster, spaying snow all around you. If you’ve never skied before but have always wanted to, you can sign up for a skiing course. You’ll learn the basics of skiing under the guidance of trained professionals and soon you’ll be zooming down the slopes, past snow sprinkled trees and performing smooth manoeuvres.

About Auli

Nestled in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand, Auli is considered as the skiing capital of India. Its beauty is unmatched and enthrals every tourist that visits. Auli is surrounded by rich coniferous and oak forests and one can catch glorious sights of mighty mountain peaks, mainly Nanda Devi, Kamet, and Dronagiri. You’ll ride in one of the longest and highest chair cars in India, from Joshimath to Auli to witness some spectacular birds-eye view of white slopes, treetops and mountain peaks. This adds another level of thrill and excitement to your Auli skiing adventure.

Best time to go

Heavy snowfall during the months of December through February kickstarts Auli skiing season. The landscape gets covered in a fresh and abundant layer of snow, making it perfect to glide over on skis. The temperature goes below zero so be sure to come prepared with enough warm layers.

Skiing in Auli Summary

  • State: Uttarakhand
  • Nearest city: Rishikesh
  • Total days: 4-6 days
  • Grade: Easy to moderate
  • Max altitude: 10010 feet
  • Average trail length: 1312 feet
  • Season: October - February
  • Avg temperature: 5 degree Celsius

Ski Course in Auli – 6 days

Sketch itinerary:

Day 1: Drive to Auli

  • Drive 8 hours to Auli
  • Catch spectacular views of Himalayan rivers
  • Reach Joshimath by evening
  • Overnight in guesthouse

Day 2: Basic skiing lessons

  • Meet your instructor
  • get fitted into your skiing gear
  • Learn the basics of skiing
  • Overnight in guesthouse

Day 3: Learn to stand and brake

  • Learn how to stand in your ski boots
  • Learn other skiing skills
  • Overnight in guesthouse

Day 4: Slope skiing and mastering turns

  • Learn slightly advanced skiing skills
  • Practise your newly acquired techniques
  • Enjoy short hikes through snow-filled apple orchards
  • Overnight in guesthouse.

Day 5: Advanced ski day!

  • Ski over an advanced slope
  • Show off all the moves you’ve learned
  • Overnight in guesthouse

Day 6: Return to Haridwar

  • Check out of the guesthouse
  • Head back to Haridwar

Detailed itinerary:

Day 1:

By 06:00 hrs, reach Haridwar railway station and meet your operator. From here, you'll drive to Auli in a shared private vehicle for almost 8 hours. Your long journey encompasses views of the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi River and the conflux of Devprayag and Rudraprayag.

You'll reach Joshimath by evening and check into a guesthouse. You can settle in, get comfortable and spend your evening at leisure. You can go for walks to help your body acclimatize to the cold. Overnight in the guesthouse.

Day 2:

Wake up early and eat a healthful breakfast as today is your first day of skiing. You'll head out to the slopes in a chair car and meet your instructor. After an introduction and briefing session, you'll be whisked away to be fitted into your skiing equipment. You will then be ready to begin your very first skiing session.

You'll learn how to securely gear up for skiing, how to walk with your ski boots on and other basics of skiing. At about 13:00 hrs, you'll split for lunch after which you can relax for a while before heading out onto the slopes again. You can practise your walking and other things you’ve learned. You will have the rest of the evening to yourself to spend as you please. Overnight stay in the guesthouse.

Day 3:

You'll awake to a crisp morning in Auli. After breakfast, you'll journey to the Auli top in a chair car to begin your lessons for today. You'll slip and stumble as you learn how to stand in your ski boots. You'll learn other tricks of the sport, all under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor.

At 13:00 hrs, you'll head out for lunch after which you can rest for a while. By 14:30 hrs, you can make your way back to the slop to practise all that you've learned. By 16:30 hrs, you'll arrive back at the guesthouse and have a delicious dinner. You can then call it a day and retire to your room for the night.

Day 4:

Today you're ready to learn some advanced skiing skills. Over a gentle slope, you will learn parallel turns, how to brake using the snowplough technique and practise other things you've mastered over the last few days.

At 13:00 hrs, you will leave for lunch and return to the slope by 14:30 hrs, where you'll spend some more time skiing. After your lessons, in the evening, you can enjoy a short and scenic hike through snow-carpeted apple orchards or just relax in the guesthouse. Overnight stay in the guesthouse.

Day 5:

Today you'll move on to the advanced ski slope. For the first half of the session, you'll go over all the techniques you've learned with your instructor. You'll then be ready to put it all into action. With a gentle push from your ski poles, you'll first glide down the slope and pick up speed as you go further, spritzing snow all around you.

Your instructor will be beside you at all times and you'll feel more confident with your fellow skiers around. You'll perform some smooth moves that will fill you with pride. Afterwards, you'll be awarded with a certificate of appreciation, bringing an end to your exciting skiing course. Overnight in the guesthouse.

Day 6: Return to Haridwar

Today you'll be driven back to Haridwar. After a hearty breakfast, you'll pack up and check out of the guesthouse. You can spend the 8-hour journey relaxing and enjoying the scenic views. You'll stop for lunch and snacks on the way and should reach Haridwar by 18:00 hrs. Here, your trip comes to an end.


Your transport from Haridwar to Auli and back will be in a shared private vehicle that holds 7-8 people. Accommodation for 5 nights in a guesthouse is on triple/quadruple sharing basis. If enquired in advance, couples will be given twin-sharing room. Your in-room amenities include heater, running hot water, TV, geyser and an attached washroom.

You will be provided with meals from dinner on day 1 to breakfast on day 6. The cost of one-way chair car transfers from day 2 to day 5 is added to your package. You will be given basic skiing equipment like ski boots, skis and poles. The service of trained and qualified instructors and support crew is also included in your cost. A first aid kit will also be made available on site.


You will not be provided with any meals during transit. The cost of snowboarding is not added to your package but with advanced notice, it can be arranged for approx. INR 1500 per person, per day. You can hire winter wear and equipment which includes jackets, trousers, ski goggles and gloves for approx. INR 700 per person, per day and is payable on the spot.

Personal expenses like extra meals, packaged water, soft drinks, telephone calls, tips, etc. will have to be arranged by you. Insurance and anything not mentioned in the inclusions are not added to your package cost.

Skiing in Auli trips:

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Best time to go/Weather

For every skiing enthusiast, winter is the best season to visit Auli. Heavy snowfall between the months of December and February transforms Auli into a winter paradise. You can glide down snow-blanketed slopes and zoom past trees dressed in powdery snow. The temperature drops down way below zero degree Celsius, so be sure to bundle up.

Getting there

Situated in the Garhwal Himalayas, Auli is a picturesque hill station in Uttarakhand and it is well connected to the major cities of the state. One can reach Auli by either of the following modes of transport:

By air: The airport closest to Auli is the Jolly Grant airport in Dehradun located about 279 km away. Once at the airport, you can cover this distance in a hired taxi or cab.

By rail: The railway station closest to Auli is the Haridwar railway station located about 273 km away. You can cover this distance in a taxi or catch a bus that’s available to board outside the station.

By road: A strong network of national highways connects the major cities of Uttarakhand like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dehradun, etc. to the rest of India. You can hire a taxi/cab or board a bus from these cities to Joshimath, a town located 16 km before Auli.

Most operators offer pick up from Haridwar railway station to your guesthouse. Check the inclusions and exclusions section of your trip to make sure this amenity is available in your package.

What to wear

During Auli skiing season, the weather hits sub-zero temperatures. Hence, it is of utmost importance to dress accordingly. Dress in comfortable, quick-dry apparel consisting of full-sleeved shirt/t-shirt and synthetic pants. Wear thermal inners and layer up with woollen or fleece jacket, woollen cap, balaclava, gloves socks. etc. Wear good quality waterproof trekking shoes and don’t forget to wear UV protected sunglasses.

What to carry

For Auli skiing, your operator will provide all the basic skiing equipment such as ski boots, ski and poles. Apart from that, you need to carry a backpack to hold all your belongings and a day pack to hold your essentials.

Carry water bottles, some dry snacks, a quick-dry towel, personal toiletries, sunglasses, sunscreen, moisturiser and lip balm. Be sure to pack extra sweaters and other warm clothes, specifically thick woollen socks for chilly nights. You can also pack floaters or slippers for after skiing hours.


Most Auli skiing packages are a beginner course, designed for those who want to dabble in skiing. You are not expected to know anything about the sport hence, no prior training is required. However, your fitness level must be above average. While learning the sport, you’re going to spend a few gruelling hours out on the snow every day. Therefore, you should be in good physical condition.

FAQs about the Skiing in Auli

When does Auli skiing season begin?

Auli skiing season begins during the winter months of December through February. Auli gets blanketed in a thick layer of snow that is perfect for skiing.

What is the packing list for Auli skiing?

Basic equipments required for skiing will be provided by your operator. You will have to carry your essentials. Carry comfortable, quick-dry apparel along with waterproof trekking shoes. It is very important to carry warm clothes like woollen or fleece jackets, feather or hollofil jacket, woollen cap, socks, balaclava, and thermal inners to keep you warm against the bone-chilling cold.

Apart from this, you will need to pack water bottles, some dry snacks, a quick-dry towel, personal toiletries, sunglasses, sunscreen, moisturiser and lip balm.

Can beginners go skiing in Auli?

Most Auli skiing packages are designed for first-timers. You don’t have to have prior experience in the sport. You will be under the tutelage of trained, professional instructors who will guide you through all the basics of skiing.

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