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Snorkelling Trip in Grande Island
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Snorkelling in Goa

Goa is one of the favourite holiday destinations of the world traveller, and for good reason. The weather is warm and sunny almost all year round. The beaches are beautiful and the blue waters of Goa are great for swimming in. However, in recent years, the adventure seekers have been discovering that the lush landscapes, rocky cliffs, thundering rivers, and sprawling beaches of Goa allow for plenty of fun activities, and snorkelling in Goa is one of them.

Why you should go snorkelling in Goa

The colourful variety of fish and the vibrant coral formations found at many locations on the coastline of the Goa have attracted curious travellers and nature lovers tourists globally. You’re sure to see some gorgeous tropical fish, but if you’re lucky, you might spot dolphins swimming alongside your boat!

Snorkelling is a peaceful adventure, with safe serene waters and paradise-like settings to choose from. It fits in with the relaxed Goan holiday mood and will give you a day out that you’ll think about often. Also, snorkelling does not require any technical skills or knowledge and has less stringent health requirements.

Snorkelling in Goa price can range anywhere between INR 1899 to INR 3000 and will provide almost a full day of fun.


There are a few popular spots for Goa snorkelling, but one of the best is on Grande Island. Most Goa snorkelling trips begin in the morning, and if you’re staying at North Goa, you will be picked up in a vehicle and driven to the starting point. You’ll board boats that take you out to Grande Island, and there you can get ready for your Goa snorkelling adventure.

After the snorkelling is done, you’ll head to the deserted beach, where a fun Goan-style barbecue and buffet lunch is set up for you. There’s also unlimited beer and rum provided, but you won’t be allowed to go back in the water if you drink. By late afternoon, you’ll head back and will be dropped off to your hotel. Your Goa snorkelling adventure ends here.

Goa snorkelling day trips pack in plenty of fun and adventure that can be experienced by people of all age groups, as long as they are comfortable in the water.

Best time to go

The best time to go snorkelling in Goa is during the summer. The weather stays warm and comfortable, and you’ll dry off quickly in the sun. The visibility is also best during this time, so you’ll be able to see pretty far.

What else to do

On your visit to Goa, you can not only go snorkelling but also enjoy many other adventure activities. You can go scuba diving in Goa if you want to explore the blue waters further. Sign yourself up for a Try Dive or a Discover Scuba Diving trip to see if you enjoy the experience of scuba diving. If you are serious about exploring the ocean, then you can even sign up for a full-fledged scuba diving course that is offered by various SSI/PADI certified dive centres. Check-out our page on scuba diving in Goa.

You can embark on scenic beach treks that take you along cliffs and onto a beach where you can feel the sand beneath your feet and listen to the rolling waves as it crashes against the shore. The most popular beach treks in Goa are Neuti and Arambol.

If you enjoy the feel of the salty sea breeze in your hair, you can sign up for a motorcycling trip in Goa. Ride down the winding coastline of Goa along palm trees, paddy fields and views of the ocean. You can also choose to explore Goa on cycles and discover the many islands of Goa, visit quaint fishing villages or do a cycling tour of old Goa.

Several beaches in Goa hosts a number of adventure activities like kayaking, banana boat, etc. You can also sign up for adventure rafting and river cruises.

Snorkelling In goa Trek Summary

  • State: Goa
  • Total days: 1 day
  • Grade: Easy
  • Max depth:6 feet
  • Season: Winter and Summer
  • Avg temperature: 125 to 35 degrees Celsius.

Sketch Itinerary:

  • Snorkelling duration: 120 mins
  • Equipment provided: Snorkelling gear, life jackets, fishing gear
  • Spot: dolphins, coral formations, and colourful fish.
Detailed Itinerary:

Book a fun-filled adventure underwater with this snorkelling trip in Grande Island. If your hotel is around Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Nagoa, Candolim, Sinquerim or Nerul in North Goa, then you'll be picked up at 8:30 hrs and be driven to the starting point of the trip. You'll climb into boats and feel the salty wind in your hair as you journey out into deeper waters. You can enjoy a light snack on the boat and try to spot leaping dolphins.

You'll reach Grande Island by 10:00 hrs. Put on your snorkelling gear, dive into the blue waters of Goa and get a closer look at the rich marine life it boasts. You can also try your hand at fishing. You'll enjoy snorkelling in the tropical waters for almost 2 hours, after which you will get back into the boats and head for a lonely beach. You can relax on the beach, swim in the ocean and enjoy lip-smacking Goan-style barbecue and buffet lunch.

You can also indulge in unlimited beer, rum, soft drinks and other beverages. You will then depart for the mainland by 15:00 hrs and be dropped back to your hotel. Your trip ends here.


Pick-up and drop from hotels are only available in the North Goan areas of Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Nagoa, Candolim, Sinquerim and Nerul. The fare for a boat ride to and from Grande Island is included in your trip. All snorkelling gear, life jackets, safety gear and even fishing gear will be provided. The fare for a dolphin-spotting trip is also added to your cost. Meals and refreshments will be served based on the package selected.


Insurance is not included. Any personal expenses such as beverages, extra meals, etc. are not included in the meals, nor are any kind of expenses arising out of unforeseen circumstances like landslides, roadblocks, strikes, etc. Lastly, anything that is not mentioned in the inclusions will be charged on an additional basis, as used.

Best time to go/Weather

November to February brings in the winter season, which is the best time to explore Goa on cycles. The weather is pleasant and the temperature is not at its hottest. You'll be starting your cycling trip early in the morning so you’ll be able to feel the cool breeze as you cycle.

Goa is well-connected to the rest of India as well as the world by most modes of transport.

By plane: From anywhere in India, you can catch direct flights to Goa. International flights usually arrive via Mumbai. You'll land at Dabolim airport, which is the only airport in Goa. Once there, you can catch a cab/taxi to the pick up/starting point.

By train: The Indian Railway connects Goa to major cities in India with direct train services. The end destination is usually the Madgaon station.

By bus: You can book state-run busses or private busses for an overnight bus trip to Goa from various Indian cities (mainly Mumbai, Pune, Mangalore and Bangalore).

By car: You can also choose to drive your own car to Goa and make a road trip out of it.

The attire for cycling includes a comfortable pair of shorts/track pants/leggings with a shirt/t-shirt. As for footwear, go for sneakers or other any other shoes that are comfortable and closed. Be sure to put on sunscreen before you step out.

A well-maintained and geared bicycle will be provided to you by your operator. He will also give you helmets and lights for safety. Apart from this, you will need to carry sun protective gear like sunscreen, sunglasses or a cap. You can also carry a light jacket for the cold. Carry a face towel to blot off sweat and some light, dry snacks in case you get hungry. If you are a spectacle wearer, fasten it to a strap so that it doesn’t fall off. You can also carry your camera along to document your adventure.

If you're confident on a cycle, you're all set for your cycling in Goa adventure. You can also adopt an exercise regime before your ride to make it more enjoyable. Taking on exercises that increase your stamina levels will enable you to not get tired easily and make your trip easier and more fun.

Snorkelling in Goa - Frequently Asked Questions

The best time to go is during the winter and summer months of October to May. The weather is beautifully pleasant, the waters are calm and the visibility is terrific.

The monsoon in Goa is beautiful but engaging in water sports during the rains is strictly unadvisable. The waters get a little choppy and visibility is compromised.

Snorkelling is a low-strenuous water activity that can be enjoyed without the knowledge of swimming. As long you are comfortable in the water and have a basic fitness level, you can explore the rich fauna and flora of the Arabian sea on your snorkelling adventure.

You don't have to carry any technical snorkelling equipment. Your tour operator will provide all the necessary gear including fins, snorkels and masks. Other than that, you need to carry a bikini, swimsuit or swimming trunks for when you’re snorkelling and comfortable t-shirt and shorts paired with sandals with straps for when you’re not snorkelling. Also pack your personal essentials along with sunglasses, sun-cap and sunscreen.

The average price of a package is between INR 1899 to INR 3000 and offers fun-filled activities for the entire day. It includes pick up and drop from your hotel to the starting point of your trip, boat rides, dolphin spotting and delicious snacks and lunch.

Snorkelling can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. This activity requires low effort and a basic fitness level. You don't even need to know how to swim.

When you're not snorkelling, you can enjoy doing many other things in Goa. If you can't get enough of the underwater world of Goa, you can sign up for a Try Dive or a Discover Scuba Diving trip to get up close and personal with the marine life. If you enjoyed the experience of scuba diving then you can sign up for a proper scuba diving course offered by various SSI/PADI certified dive centres.

You can go ocean trekking, kayaking, motorbiking, cycling, rafting or just relax on the white shore beaches of Goa.