Snow treks in Sikkim, India

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Snow treks in Sikkim

Sikkim is one of the most untouched regions in India, and offers a wide variety of spectacular natural beauty for trekkers to explore. The top snow treks in Sikkim take you to frozen lakes, hot springs, mountain peaks, and slow-moving glaciers. Most trekkers visit Sikkim during the summer, because the weather is clear and pleasant. However, when you book a snow trek in Sikkim, you can expect to have the trail all to yourselves for most of the way.

1. Goechala and Dzongri trek

This is undoubtedly the top snow trek in Sikkim, and will take you through forests of ancient oak and rhodendron trees, across alpine meadows with great open views, and to the hill station of Darjeeling. While on the Goechala trek trail, you’ll also see the world-famous Kanchenjunga Peak, and see village life at Tsokha, a Tibetan settlement.
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Trip to Dzongri and Goecha La
Yuksom, Sikkim
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