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Srinagar to Leh bike ride TripsDone

12-Day Manali-Leh-Manali Biking Trip
days 12
Srinagar-Leh-Turtuk-Manali motorbiking (12 days)
days 12
Srinagar-Leh-Manali-Delhi biking (11 days)
days 12
Manali-Leh-Turtuk-Srinagar motorbiking (11 days)
days 12
Delhi-Manali-Leh-Srinagar biking (12 days)
days 12
Delhi-Manali-Leh-Srinagar-Delhi Ride
days 15
Delhi-Leh-Batalik-Srinagar motorbiking (12 days)
days 12
Srinagar-Leh-Manali-Delhi biking (10 days)
days 10
500cc Bullet Odyssey to Srinagar
days 13
500cc Bullet Odyssey to Srinagar Srinagar ,Jammu Kashmir
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Srinagar to Leh bike ride

Motorbiking in Srinagar, Leh bike ride

One of the most iconic motorbiking trips in India is the Srinagar Leh bike ride. This odyssey takes you to some of the most starkly beautiful terrains in all of India. When on the Srinagar Leh biking trip, you’ll be seeing high altitude passes, snow-capped mountains, cold deserts, silent monasteries, and mysterious cultures. You will ride through beautiful stretches of landscape, meet reclusive locals, and see raging rivers as you travel through. At the end of your Srinagar Leh biking trip, this stark landscape will be a part of you forever.

Srinagar Leh motorbiking trip: Short Srinagar Leh biking trips

Some Srinagar Leh biking trips start at Leh itself. You’ll have to arrive a day or two early to ensure that you are fully acclimatized. On your first day, take it easy and drink plenty of fluids. After that, you'll set off to Lamayuru, the mainland of Leh, with craggy peaks and colors of grey and ochre. Your Srinagar Leh motorbiking trip through the beautiful Leh landscape offers you plenty of glimpses into the life here. You'll ride across long stretches of bare landscape, and see raging rivers that cut across it. You'll see camels with double humps, the cold desert village of Hunder; you'll meet reclusive locals and maybe try a cup of hot butter tea with them.

Srinagar Leh motorbiking trip: Medium Srinagar Leh biking trips

The Manali-Leh-Srinagar route is a pilgrimage for bikers, and you'll know why once you experience it. This Srinagar Leh motorbiking trip starts in the green valleys of Manali, with blooming flowers and apple orchards. As you ride, the lush greenery gives way to the weather-bleached landscape of Ladakh. You'll be crossing rivulets created by melting glaciers, navigating rocky patches, visiting silent monasteries, and exploring some of the most spectacular parts of India. From Rohtang Pass to Khardung La, from the picturesque Pangong Lake to the scenic Nubra Valley, and to the houseboats of Srinagar, this Srinagar Leh motorbiking trip takes you through the most iconic landmarks of the Trans-Himalayan route.

Srinagar Leh motorbiking trip: Long Srinagar Leh biking trips

Some longer itineraries for Srinagar Leh motorbiking trips offer an odyssey that takes you from the flat landscapes of Delhi or Chandigarh, up into the mighty Himalayas, across some of the most extreme landscape that the country has to offer.

A popular route for this is the following: Manali, Jispa, Sarchu, Leh, Khardung La, Nubra Valley, Pangong Lake, Leh, Lamayuru, Kargil, Sonmarg, Srinagar.

On a long-distance Srinagar Leh motorbiking trip, you’ll thunder through some of the highest motorable passes and roads in the world, including Khardung La and Baralacha La. After that, you'll ride onwards to Pangong Lake and the Nubra Valley, seeing views that you'll never forget. As you cross into Kargil, and head to Srinagar via Sonmarg, you'll feel like you've stepped into a movie set. Most Srinagar Leh motorbiking trips with this itinerary end with a visit to Dal lake, and maybe even a night in a houseboat.

Best season for Srinagar Leh motorbiking trips:

If you’re heading out for the Srinagar Leh biking trip, you’ll be going during mid-May to June or July. This is when the weather is pleasant, with chilly evenings and clear sunny days, and the high passes are usually clear of snow.