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Stok Kangri Trek TripsDone

Stok Kangri Trek
days 8
Stok Kangri Trek Leh ,Ladakh
Trek to Stok Kangri
days 8
Trek to Stok Kangri Leh ,Ladakh
Spituk to Stok Trek
days 3
Spituk to Stok Trek Leh ,Ladakh
7-day Stok Kangri Trek
days 7
Expedition to Stok Kangri
days 9
Stok Kangri Trek in Ladakh
days 9

Stok Kangri Trek

Stok Kangri Trek Overview

Stok Kangri is the highest mountain in the Stok Range of the Himalayas. At a staggering height of 20,182 feet, Stok Kangri offers one of the most challenging yet surmountable routes wherein you can contemplate scaling this mountain even if you have limited climbing experience

With breathtaking views of the Zanskar, Karakoram, Ladakh Range, Saser Kangri, Indus Valley and Leh city waiting for you at the mountaintop, the climb is worth every step.

About the Stok Kangri trek

The allure of scaling such a high range in the Himalayas makes this trek extremely attractive and trekkers from all around the world come to attempt the climb. The misty heights of the Stok Kangri can be conquered without mountaineering experience or technical training

For moderately experienced trekkers who have climbed over 13,000 feet, this quest is a great choice. The climb to the Stok Kangri peak involves a steep slope covered in scree and walking over a sharp rocky ridge. You may be lucky to spot the mountain capped with snow depending on the weather conditions

Itinerary for Stok Kangri expedition

You'll spend the first two days of the Stok Kangri trek exploring the charming town of Leh. You'll visit the well-known monasteries and walk around local markets which will allow you to acclimate to the elevation.

Then you'll set off, trekking through scenic mountain landscapes and camp at beautiful campsites. You'll then spend a whole day training for the mammoth Stok Kangri climb at the base camp which itself is situated at a staggering 16,300 feet with fantastic views all around.

You'll experience the thrill of trekking in the dark on the day of the summit. The mountains feel like a whole new world during the night. You're surrounded by dark snow and the far-off sounds of nocturnal animals.

The sun comes up as you reach the peak, casting golden hues all around you. After witnessing the spectacular views that the summit has to offer, you'll climb down to the base camp and make your way to Leh. Once at Leh, you're free to fly back home.

Stok Kangri Trek - Challenges

The weather changes throughout the trek, with the summit experiencing freezing temperatures. The peak itself is not very difficult to climb but you're at a height gain of approximately 19,700 feet in just 10 days

All trekkers have to be physically well prepared, carry the right trekking gear, warm clothes and must give their body enough time to acclimatize to successfully complete this trek. The oxygen levels vary at different points of the Stok Kangri expedition; hence, the itinerary provides ample time for acclimatization.

This trek proposes challenges of high altitude, thin air and unpredictable weather making it an adventure that's second to none.

Stok Kangri Trek Summary

  • State: Ladakh
  • Nearest city: Leh
  • Total days: 8 to 10 days
  • Grade: Challenging
  • Max altitude: 20,187 ft
  • Total trekking distance: 48 km-61 km
  • Season: May and mid-October
  • Avg temperature: 10 to 20 degrees Celsius

Sketch itinerary:

Day 1: Delhi to Leh

  • Acclimatize
  • Explore
  • Overnight Stay: At guesthouse in Leh

Day 2: Acclimatising in Leh

  • Sightsee
  • Acclimatize
  • Overnight Stay: At guesthouse in Leh

Day 3: Leh to Rumbak

  • Trekking distance: 10 km
  • Trekking Time: 5 hrs
  • Overnight Stay: In tents at Rumbak campsite

Day 4: Trek Rumbak to Mounkarmo

  • Trekking distance: 14 km
  • Trekking Time: 7 hrs
  • Overnight Stay: In tents at a campsite near Mounkarmo

Day 5: Rest at Mountkarmo

  • Acclimatise
  • Relax
  • Overnight Stay: In tents at a campsite near Mounkarmo
  • Trekking time: 8 hrs

Day 6: Trek Mounkarmo to Stok Kangri Base Camp

  • Trekking distance: 8 km
  • Trekking Time: 4 hrs
  • Overnight Stay: Tents at Stok Kangri base camp

Day 7: Prep Day

  • Train
  • Overnight stay: Tents at Stok Kangri base camp

Day 8: Summit Day! K Kangri (6150m) and back to Base camp

  • Trekking distance: 15 km
  • Trekking Time: 15 hrs
  • Overnight Stay: Tents at Stok Kangri base camp

Day 9: Trek to Stok village and drive to Leh

  • Trekking distance: 14 km
  • Trekking Time: 7 hrs
  • Overnight Stay: At guesthouse in Leh

Day 10: Fly to Delhi

  • Check out of the hotel
  • Board flight for the return journey
Detailed itinerary:

Day 1: Delhi to Leh

You'll meet your group at Leh airport and travel to the hotel together. After refreshing welcome drinks and a wholesome meal, you're free to go explore the city. Today is meant for your body to acclimatize to the climate so try not to exert yourself much. You can alternatively relax at the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: Acclimatising in Leh

Today you'll spend the day sightseeing around the beautiful city of Leh. You can visit the Shey and Thiksey monasteries and there are several temples to admire as well. You'll return to the hotel for lunch and spend the day exploring the Leh market. Make sure you hydrate yourself throughout the day. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3: Leh to Rumbak

Today you'll trek for 4-5 hours towards Rumbark after a 2-hour drive to Zingchen. The drive will take you through the Leh airstrip, the Spituk Gompa and the Indus river. You'll begin your trek here from a bumpy section to Zingchen. The walk helps you acclimatize as you go along a stream and make your way across the undulating meadows of Rumbak, onward to the campsite. Overnight at the campsite.

Day 4: Trek Rumbak to Mounkarmo

Today you'll trek up to Stok La pass and down into Stok valley. You'll start to feel the rising altitude as you climb higher and the path is particularly steep as it winds up to Stok La Pass. The descent into Stok Valley can be spent admiring the stunning views of endless mountain ranges. You'll pitch your tents at a campsite close to Mounkarmo.

Day 5: Rest at Mountkarmo

You'll spend the day today relaxing and letting your body acclimatize to the high altitudes. You can embark on a short 3-hour walk into a side valley to help you get to experience with the height gain. As you return back to the camp you can appreciate the beauty of the Ladhaki landscape. After a hot lunch, spend the rest of the day at leisure. Overnight at camp.

Day 6: Trek Mounkarmo to Stok Kangri Base Camp

Today you'll trek up to Stok Kangri base camp. As you enter the big pasture of the camp, you'll spot other trekkers from around the globe who have also assembled to attempt the mighty Stok Kangri climb. The buzz of excitement in the air is palpable. After a warm meal, you'll go for a short hike that will help you obtain some altitude experience and keep you in form for the great climb ahead. Overnight at camp.

Day 7: Prep Day

Today you'll spend the day preparing yourself for the greatest climb of your life. Double-check your gear and the necessary equipment to make sure everything is in order. You will have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to begin your trek, so rest easy and go to bed early. Overnight at campsite.

Day 8: Summit Day! K Kangri (6150m) and back to Base camp

Summit Day! K Kangri (6150m) and back to Base camp. Today is the most awaited day of your Stok Kangri expedition. The adventure of trekking in the dark will give you a rush of excitement that will wake you up, invigorated and ready. You will leave with your group just after midnight and embark on a 12-15 hour quest to the summit of Stok Kangri.

You'll climb steep paths, cross shimmering ice glaciers and clamber over rocks and moraines. Your arduous journey will seem effortless once you reach the top and set your eyes on the view that awaits. You'll rest for some time, celebrate your victory, and then head back to the campsite. You'll fall asleep with a sense of fulfilment and joy.

Day 9: Trek to Stok village and drive to Leh

Today you'll trek back to the village from the Stok Valley to awaiting vehicles geared to take you to your hotel. Here you can kick your feet up and unwind for the day. You can also step into the Leh market for some last-minute shopping. Spend a peaceful night at the hotel.

Day 10: Fly to Delhi

Today you'll check out of your hotel to leave for Leh airport to catch your flight back to Delhi.


All travel from arrival at Leh airport on day 01 till drop at Leh airport on day 10 is included in your package. Arrangements for staying in rest houses, hotels and camping in tents while on the trip is done on twin sharing basis.

You will be provided with all meals consisting of breakfast, lunch, dinner on day 01 to breakfast on day 10. Professional guide fee, sanctuary fee, royalty and permits are included where applicable. All trekking arrangements are done with India’s most experienced guiding team, camp staff, cook, etc.


Delhi-Leh-Delhi airfare, railway station or airport transfers in Delhi and any stay and meals in Delhi are excluded from your package. You will not be provided with beverages at the Leh hotel. Jain food can be arranged if an advance request is given. Sleeping bags, items of personal clothing or any expenses of personal nature like laundry, phone calls, insurance, camera fee, etc have to be self-arranged.

Personal climbing equipment can be hired in Leh on a budget of Rs 3000/- on rental. Your trip excludes any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, landslides, road conditions and any other circumstances beyond the operator’s control.

Best time to go/Weather

May to mid-October is the best months to undertake the Stok Kangri trek. During the day, a good amount of sunshine can be expected in the region and the weather is pleasant. The nights; however, can get really cold and the mountain summits are always freezing.

You can expect to see snow in the months of May or June, but there is less snow as time moves on to months of July or August.

Pick up point: The pickup point of the Stok Kangri trek is almost always at Leh Airport. Leh Airport is accessible by flights from any major hubs. You can also choose to travel by road in buses or cars.

Start point: Depending on your itinerary, the start point of the Stok Kangri trek may differ. Whatever your starting point may be, your operator will do all the necessary travel arrangements

This walk heavy expedition requires you to wear a pair of good quality sturdy trekking shoes. Wear regular clothes for the day but the temperatures can drop during the night, hence it’s best to don thermal inner-wear, socks and gloves. Make sure to also have a good quality water and windproof jacket handy.

You’ll be given a list of things to carry by your operator. Be sure to check off every item on the list. You will have to carry your own clothes and toiletries. Important items to pack will be your sleeping bag, some trekking gear and shoes.

The Stok Kangri expedition is challenging and you need to be in excellent physical health to undertake the trek. A strict fitness regimen can be followed prior to the trek in order to prepare for it. Strong physical fitness also means faster acclimatization and an overall enjoyable trek

Stok Kangri Trek - Frequently Asked Questions

The Stok Kangri trek is a pretty tough one, while you don't need any technical mountaineering knowledge or skills, the extremely high altitudes and long hours of climbing make it an experienced trekker’s terrain. But if you’re in good physical shape and have an unbreakable will, you should definitely give it a shot.

Your operator will provide you with a full list of things to carry, including clothing and trekking gear. You will be required to carry a sturdy pair of shoes and warm clothes for chilly nights.

The best time to contemplate this trek would be between the months of May and mid-October. The weather is pleasant and the region experiences a little bit of sunshine during the day. The mountain weather although is unpredictable and its summits and nights are shrouded in cold.