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Summer treks in Manali TripsDone

Trek to Bhrigu Lake
days 4
Trek to Bhrigu Lake Manali ,Himachal Pradesh
Bhrigu Lake Trek
days 4
Bhrigu Lake Trek Manali ,Himachal Pradesh
Beaskund Trek
days 3
Beaskund Trek Manali ,Himachal Pradesh
Trek to Hampta Pass and Chandratal
days 4
Trek to Hampta Pass and Chandratal Manali ,Himachal Pradesh
Trek to Bhrighu Lake - 2 nights
days 3
Trek to Bhrighu Lake - 2 nights Manali ,Himachal Pradesh
Day Trek to Lamadugh
days 1
Day Trek to Lamadugh Manali ,Himachal Pradesh
4 day trek to Beaskund
days 4
4 day trek to Beaskund Manali ,Himachal Pradesh
Beas Kund Trek
days 3
Beas Kund Trek Manali ,Himachal Pradesh

Summer treks in Manali

Summer treks in Manali

Odds are if you are living in a metro city of India, the temperatures are going to reach unbearable degrees during the summer. To beat the heat, you can escape into the mountains with one these top summer treks in India. During the months of March to June, while the rest of the country is baking, you’ll be exploring the cool green valley of Himachal, or enjoying a misty morning from your tent in Uttarakhand with these top India summer treks.

1. Bhrigu lake trek

At the heart of Kullu Valley, Bhrigu Lake is one of the top summer treks near Manali because it takes you high up into the cool mountains and lets you camp along the banks of a lake. The trek begins from Manali, and winds through quaint mountain villages, forests of oak and pine, with impressive views of snow-capped Himalayan peaks and Hampta valley at every turn. You’ll be camping beside Bhrigu Lake, watching the colours changing as the sky changes. This top summer trek in Manali also offers a chance to visit the famous hot water springs in the Vashisht village.

2. Kheerganga trek

The Kheerganga trek is one of the most iconic top summer treks in Manali. You’ll be exploring the green paradise that is Parvati valley and heading up to Barshaini, and then Kheerganga. You’ll pass charming Himachali villages, walk through pine-scented trails, cross rickety wooden bridges and trek along clear streams. You’ll also get a chance to visit the hot springs nearby for a soothing dip in the therapeutic water. This trek makes for a perfect weekend getaway and is one of the top summer treks in Manali.

3. Malana Chanderkhanit trek

The Malana-Chanderkhani Pass trek is one of the top summer treks in Manali, because it takes you through evergreen meadows, cool pine and oak forests, and picture-perfect valleys. You’ll have a chance to see the legendary village of Malana, with its unique lifestyle and ancient architecture. En route, you’ll see the snow-covered peaks of Pir-Panjal and the Parvati mountain range. The Chanderkhani Pass Trek takes you high up to a pass at about 12,000 feet, long the top of a ridge. This route also involves negotiating some tricky descents, crossing a gorge, and walking beside the gushing Beas river. With a host of experiences and pleasant weather, the Malana-Chanderkhani Pass trek finds itself on a list of the top summer treks in Manali.

4. Beaskund trek

This is a top summer trek in Manali because it is easy, and starts from close to the main centre of Manali. You trek past glaciers, up lushly forested slopes, passing the tree line, seeing mountain streams dot the landscape, and up into meadows where shepherds bring their flock to graze on the sweet grass. The emerald-green Beaskund lake is the highlight of this trek, and it is great for taking postcard-perfect photographs. All this is accompanied by views of surrounding peaks such as Shitidhar and Friendship Peak in the Kullu region. It is one of the top summer treks in Manali for the gorgeous views and cool weather.

5. Khar Myundari trek

This summer trek in Manali begins at Setan and takes you up to an idyllic campsite next to a lake, from where you can see the Kullu Valley. You’ll trek along a path through deodar and pine forests, and besides a flowing stream. You will camp under starlit skies and wake up to panoramic views of the Kullu Valley, which is why this is one of the prettiest summer treks in Manali.

6. Kasol trek

Located in the paradise that is Parvati Valley, the Kasol trek is one of the top summer treks in Manali for its location and many attractions. You’ll find yourself in some of the prettiest campsites, with views of pine forests and oak stretching out all around. There are clear rivers to sit by, rocky patches to scramble over, and therapeutic hot springs to take dips in. Kasol attracts backpackers from around the world, and you’ll find delicious food and plenty to see and do here, making this one of the top summer treks in Manali.

7. Grahan

This top summer trek in Manali takes you to Grahan, about 10 km away from Kasol, and about ten times more secluded than these crowded destinations. It’s an easy trek, except for one or two steep patches, and is suitable for beginners and those looking to escape the crowds. Trekking in summer in Manali offers you a chance to walk through fragrant pine forests, pass through quaint villages, and listen to the sound of the Parvati river that flows by alongside.

8. Rasol

This summer trek in Manali usually begins at Kasol, and lets you get away from the crowds and into the peace of the mountains. It can be a steep climb, but you’ll cross green fields, orchards filled with fruit trees, and the blue Parvati river nearby. At the top, you’ll be able to see Malana village, Chandrakhani Pass, and some of the famous snow-tipped peaks in the distance. It’s one of the top summer treks in Manali because it takes you through cool, pine-scented mountain forests and into nature.

9. Bijli Mahadev

The Bijli Mahadev route is one of the top summer treks in Manali, and because it takes you along an easy route to a temple that looks down over all of Kullu. The temple has a 60-foot iron staff that conducts lightning during storms, and is worshipped by locals from around the region. Summer treks in Manali to Bijli Mahadev take you through pine and cedar forests to the Matikochar ridge and onward to the temple. From the top, you can see paddy fields, fruit orchards, and peaks in the distance.