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    If you’ve had your fair share of trekking experience and want to move towards slightly tough climbs, the adventure to Torna fort is an ideal one. Located on the tallest hill of Pune district, the night trek to Torna fort offers uninhabitated views of the Sahyadri ranges along with a glimpse of Maratha history.

    The fort was the first one to be captured by Shivaji Maharaj and has a legend that pots full of gold were found while he was repairing it after a battle.

    So if you're up a beautiful moonlight trek, and a spectacular sunrise over the hills the next day, this is the trip for you!


    With beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding valleys, the Torna fort stands tall at 4600 feet. The route is usually covered in wildflowers and the top of the fort is in a shroud of mist owing to its high altitude. The area is a haven for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

    Destination highlights

    Take-in breathtaking views of the Sahyadri Mountains | Explore this fort and learn more about the history of Maharashtra | Photograph the beauty of the surrounding valleys from atop the fort

    Activity Details




    10 km

    7 hrs

    5 km

    Trip details
  • Day 1: Pune - Torna Fort

    We meet at the main gate of Fergusson callege at 10.30 p.m. sharp, and depart for the fort at 11 p.m. We reach the base village of Velhe and begin our climb. The ascend ends at the top where we stop at a temple atop the Torna Fort and stay there for the night.

    Temple atop the fort

    Overnight is spent at a temple atop the fort.

    Day 1 Milestone


    Torna Fort

    22:30 PM



    Day 1: Torna - Pune
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    Consumption of liquor, drugs, tobacco products, cigarettes etc. is strictly prohibited during the camp. The camp will be considered over only when we are back to our home town.

    There is a zero-tolerance policy for participants who litter, deface property or monuments, or cause general disturbance. Any flouting of these rules will be dealt with seriously, and may involve expulsion from the trek or camp, and no refund is admissible in such cases.

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    • Torna Fort Moonlight Trek Adventure Hill
    • Torna Fort Moonlight Trek Adventure Hill
    • Torna Fort Moonlight Trek Adventure Hill
    • Torna Fort Moonlight Trek Adventure Hill
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    • Private transport

    • Tea/breakfast, packed lunch, evening tea
    • Printed information brochure
    • Expertise charges
    • Safety equipment
    • First-aid kit


    • Dinner on day 1

    • Cold drinks, mineral water, fast food articles, biscuits etc.
    • Any costs or services not mentioned in the inclusions

    What to Wear

    What to Wear

    • A sweater/warmwear/rainwear (as per the season)
    • Good trekking shoes
    • Trekking pants
    • Complete spare set of clothes and socks
    • Not to wear - Sandals/floaters/slippers
    • Expensive watches or jewellery
    • Unnecessary electronic devices
    • Avoid suitcases, trolleys or any other hard luggage

    What not to Wear

    • Loose clothing that will tangle around you while swimming
    • Restrictive clothing
    • Flip-flops

    Equipment / Gear

    We Provide

    • Safety equipment need for the trek if any.

    You need to get

    • Luggage packed in a good quality trekking sack (duffle bag or backpack) and all luggage packed in a plastic bag (to avoid getting wet)
    • Water bottle (at least 1.5 litre)-compulsory
    • Glucose powder and personal medication
    • A sleeping bag/mat and a shawl
    • Torch with extra pair of batteries
    • Camera
    • Binocular (optional)
    • Plate, spoon, mug (compulsory)
    • Mosquito repellant cream

    Medical Kit

    • Please carry specific personal or prescribed medications.