Trek to Devkund Waterfall
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Rs. 1,300
Mumbai Trekizens
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Rs. 1,300
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Physical (2)

Cultural (1)

Nature (3)

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  • Trip introduction

    On a single-day trek to Devkund Waterfalls, you’ll travel deep into the heart of nature and trek to a hidden waterfall. You’ll begin trekking at the crack of dawn and catch spectacular misty morning views of the monsoon-fed forests of Western Ghats. As you complete a relatively easy trek of 4-km, you’ll stumble upon the Devkund Waterfall. Surrounded by dense forests, the gushing waterfall makes a small, turquoise pond where you can dip your feet and have fun.

    On this trek to Devkund Waterfalls, you’ll trek over a fairly simple trail, making it perfect for fit beginners as well as experienced trekkers.


    Located close to the Bhira Dam, 50 kms away from Lonavala, the Devkund Waterfall is a hidden waterfall that flows over the hills of Sahyadri mountain ranges. In the months of monsoon, the forests surrounding the waterfall flourish with an outpouring of rains and the waterfall gushes forth with a great roar.

    Destination highlights

    • Visit a hidden waterfall on this trek to Devkund Waterfalls.
    • Catch spectacular morning views of the Sahyadri mountain ranges.
    • Trek through the dense forests surrounding the waterfall.
    • Escape from the city on a short one-day itinerary.

    Fine print

    Rules on the trip

    Travellers are required to adhere to the instructions of the trek leader during the trek to Devkund Waterfall.

    Consumption of alcohol, drugs, tobacco products and cigarettes is strictly prohibited during the trek.

    Travellers are requested to treat the local culture with respect and avoid littering, defacing property and monuments and causing general disturbance.

    Cancellation policy

    For cancellations made more than 15 days before departure of the Devkund Waterfall trek: 70% refund.

    For cancellations made 15-10 days before departure of the Devkund Waterfall trek: 50% refund.

    For cancellations made 9-7 days before departure of the Devkund Waterfall trek: 30% refund.

    For cancellations made less than 7 days before departure of the Devkund Waterfall trek: No refund.

    No show: No refund.

    No refunds will be given if the trip is cancelled due to weather conditions or any unforeseen conditions.

    All refunds will be processed after deducting any transaction charges.

    Additional instructions, booking policies, terms and conditions

    Travellers are requested to be punctual and arrive at the pick-up point of the trek on time.

    The tour operator takes utmost care to ensure safety of the travellers and shall not be held responsible for any mishap or accident during the trek to Devkund Waterfall.

    Travellers will be required bear any additional costs arising due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, road blocks etc.

    Trip details

    Pick up point
    Chitra Cinema, Dadar at 00:00 hrs
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    Drop off point
    Chitra Cinema, Dadar at 19:30 hrs
    Mode of transport
    Private, non-AC bus
    Start point
    Bhira Village
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    End point
    Bhira Village
    Time of departure
    12:00 AM
    Time of return
    07:30 PM

    Activity Details

    Total trekking time
    4 hrs
    Total distance covered
    8 kms
    Start point elevation
    2000 feet
    Maximum elevation
    2066 feet
    Minimum elevation
    46 feet
    Average per day distance
    8 kms
  • Trek to Devkund Waterfall!

    Meet your fellow trekkers and the trek leader at the Chitra Cinema in Dadar East by 00:00 hrs. Here, you'll board a private, non-AC bus and travel to the base village of Bhira. You may also request a pick-up from K-Star Mall in Chembur. Upon reaching Bhira, you'll have a short session of introductions and briefing over breakfast. Begin trekking by 07:00 hrs and reach the Devkund Waterfall after a relatively easy, 3-hr trek. You'll spend some time having fun in the waterfalls and ponds at Devkund. Begin trekking back to the base village. Post lunch, you'll travel back to Mumbai. Subject to traffic conditions, you'll arrive in Dadar by 19:30 hrs. Your trip ends here.

    Day 1 - Milestone

    Start point
    End point
    Day start time
    05:30 AM
    Trekking distance
    8 kms
    Trekking time
    4 hrs
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  • Includes / Excludes

    • Travel arrangements from Dadar-Dadar in private, non-AC bus
    • Any technical equipment required for the trek
    • Meal package consisting of breakfast and lunch
    • Services of an experienced trekking guide
    • Permit charges and entry fees
    • Basic first aid kit
    • All applicable taxes
    • Travel costs between base city to Dadar
    • Any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, road blocks etc.
    • Personal expenses such as tips to staff, additional meals or beverages etc.
    • Adventure travel or medical insurance
    • Anything not mentioned in inclusions

    What to Wear

      What to Wear
    • Comfortable, quick-dry apparel
    • Full-sleeved t-shirts/shirts
    • Full-length track pants
    • Raincoat or poncho
    • Trekking footwear
      What not to Wear
    • Expensive jewellery or gadgets
    • Denim jeans or floaters/sandals

    Equipment / Gear

      We Provide
    • Private, non-AC bus for transport from Dadar-Dadar
    • Any technical equipment required for the trek
    • Basic first aid kit
      You need to get
    • Rucksack (with rain cover)
    • ID proof
    • Napkins
    • Extra pair of dry clothes
    • Water bottle
    • Dry snacks (biscuits, energy bars etc.)
    • Personal toiletries

    Medical Kit

    • Specific personal or prescribed medication, personal first-aid kit.
  • Trek to Devkund Waterfall!

    Your trip ends before nightfall.

    Your trip begins at the Chitra Cinema in Dadar East by 00:00 hrs. Travel to Bhira village will be arranged in private, non-AC bus. Since you're trekking to a waterfall, don't forget to carry an extra pair of dry clothes. Today's meal package includes breakfast before beginning the trek and lunch upon completion of the trek. Both meals will be served at restaurants or eateries in Bhira Village.


    Food variations
  • Marker on map shows trip start point.