• Trip introduction

    This 8-day kids' camp is an outdoor adventure and challenge-based experience for 11-13 year olds, and is conducted in the wilderness. Children stay in tented accommodation on camp and participate in activities, challenges, learning and informal fun sessions around the campus. The campuses are set in spectacular locations to create an environment that inspires learning. These have been carefully chosen keeping in mind safety, facilitation of adventure activities as well as fun and exploration.

    The week-long on-camp program uses adventure, art and community to create powerful learning experiences. Mornings are spent on a WOW activity - participants can choose from adventure activities like Rock Climbing, Wilderness Craft, the Ropes Course - where they learn relevant skills and help them in building confidence and pushing themselves towards success. Post lunch is spent on COOL time designed to address the participants' attitude and awareness. The evenings are spent relaxing around a campfire.

    It will be 7 hrs drive with a snacks break. Google maps pin for Don Bosco Church:


    Situated in the Satara district of Maharashtra, at an elevation of 3500 feet, this campsite is close to Mumbai. The largest town nearby is Panchgani, 12 kms from camp. The campsite is set within an 80 acre estate with fixed toilets and bath blocks with running water. The activity hub is a large flat ground in the middle of the campsite, with a kitchen and dining facility that also serves as multi-purpose hall. The area has great rock climbing opportunities and hiking routes. There is a 40-50 feet natural rock face for rock climbing and rappelling, and giant trees have been used to construct the ropes course with various low and high elements.

    Destination highlights

    Enjoy rappelling on a 40-foot natural rock face | Learn a host of outdoor survival skills | Participate in exciting adventure activities like the ropes course and backpacking | Camp in tents and dorms in the lap of nature

    Activity Details

    11-13 yrs


    1 every 4


    CoEd Camp

    Both male and female


    Trip details
  • Day 1: Departure from Mumbai to Bhillar

    We meet at Don Bosco School at Matunga at 5.15 a.m. and depart at 6 a.m. for our camp in Bhillar. The journey takes approximately 7 hours (including a snack break).


    Camp in cozy tents/dorms in the lap of nature.

    Day 1 Milestone


    Bhillar Campsite

    05:15 AM


    Breakfast | Lunch | Snacks | Dinner

    Veg | Non veg | Jain
    Day 2: Wake up to adventure!
    Day 3: Enjoy a host of fun-activities at camp
    Day 4: Challenge yourself as you enhance your skills
    Day 5: Keep those muscles pumping!
    Day 6: Enjoy mastering some of the tougher activities on camp
    Day 7: Gear-up for your final dose of adventure
    Day 8: Departure from Bhillar to Mumbai
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  • Cancellation policy

    There is a cancellation charge of Rs. 3000 up to 15 days before the departure date. Thereafter, a 75% refund of total fee up to 10 days to departure, 50% refund till 5 days to departure, and no refund if the departure is less than 5 days away.

    Rules on trip

    Mobile phones are not allowed. The program is designed to be in the wilderness and out of the regular comfort zone. Phones can be distracting and become a safety hazard. If carried, phones will be confiscated and have to be taken back from the office at the end of the season.

    Additional instructions, booking policies, terms and conditions

    Special precautions and safety guidelines help to make the camping experience of children unique and fun-filled. Before the start of each activity, a proper training session is organised for all the participants. Each participant gets the requisite gear needed for the completion of the exercise.

    All group leaders and instructors have been certified from renowned institutes and carry years of experience. Creating a safe environment is their main aim and every instructor goes through rigorous training to be able to handle any challenging situation. Every safety procedure is diligently followed to allow a safe and fun experience for the children.
    • Bhillar Kids Camps Adventure Activity Summer Camp Mumbai
    • Bhillar Kids Camps Adventure Activity Summer Camp Mumbai
    • Bhillar Kids Camp Adventure Summer Camp Mumbai Maharashtra
    • Bhillar Kids Camp Adventure Summer Camp Mumbai Maharashtra
  • Includes / Excludes


    • Travel from the pick-up point in Mumbai to the campsite in Bhillar and back

    • Accomodation in tents and dorms. Separate areas for boys and girls.
    • Toilets are built structures attached to the tents and dorms. Separate toilets and baths for boys and girls. Baths have running water, fittings and geysers. Toilets have WCs and hand faucets.
    • Nutritious meals including milk, tea, coffee, non-aerated flavoured drinks and filtered water


    • Personal expenses

    • Sleeping bags
    • Any costs or services not mentioned in the inclusions

    What to Wear

    What to Wear

    • T-shirts (6-7)
    • Sweat shirt
    • Shorts (3-4)
    • Track pants (1-2)
    • Shoes (rubber soled and in good condition, should not be new)
    • A light pullover
    • Not to wear - Jewelry or expensive accessories are not recommended. For expensive or delicate clothes, please use discretion.
    • Mobile phones are not allowed on the camp and will be confiscated if carried.
    • Using MP3 players (although it may be carried for the journey) will not be allowed on the campsite as it can be distracting and is a safety hazard.

    What not to Wear

    • Loose clothing that will tangle around you while swimming
    • Restrictive clothing
    • Flip-flops

    Equipment / Gear

    We Provide

    • Accomodation in tents/dorms - separate area for boys and girls
    • Toilet/bath facilities. Toilets are built structures attached to the tents and dorms. Separate toilets and baths for boys and girls. Baths have running water, fittings and geysers. Toilets have WCs and hand faucets.
    • Technical and safety equipment required for activities

    You need to get

    • Sun screen
    • Cap
    • Mosquito repellant
    • Undergarments (sufficient)
    • Towel
    • 3-4 pair socks
    • Toiletries
    • Torch (with spare batteries)
    • Medicines if you are under treatment
    • Extra pair of spectacles if you use them (we do not recommend contact lenses)
    • Water bottle (1 liter of water capacity, not a thermos)
    • Sleeping bag ( In case you do not have a sleeping bag, we will issue one on a returnable basis. However, do not expect brand new sleeping bags as these are reissued across programs.)
    • Camera (the onus on taking care against loss or damage is with the participants)
    • Please pack everything in a duffle bag or a rucksack. Do not pack in a suitcase.
    • Limit baggage to one piece of luggage. Campers are expected to carry their own bag during transfers at the stations and to and fro from the vehicle to the campus.
    • Participants do not require to carry any money for their travel, stay or meals from the point inme takes charge and till they are handed back to the parents. Participants can carry a maximum of Rs 2500 for any personal purchases. Inme will not be responsible for any money lost or missing unless it is deposited in the camp safe on arrival.

    Medical Kit

    • Please carry specific personal or prescribed medication, personal first-aid kit for this trip