• Trip introduction

    Kausarnag is the largest lake in Kashmir and is located in the Pir Panjal Range. The trek to this high-altitude lake begins via the famous waterfall of Aharbal. Participants walk through pine and fir forests, and beautiful meadows throughout the journey.

    This 8-day, medium intensity trek takes travellers to the shores of some serene lakes like Bramsar and Chersar (apart from Kausarnag) that are surrounded by mountains that exude their own charm.

    The trek has something for everyone, and is meant for seasoned travellers, hobbyist photographers and amateur trekkers.


    Kausarnag is the biggest lake in Kashmir and is 2 km long and around 1km wide. The lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains even in the summer. The trek begins at Aharbal, which has a beautiful waterfall, the source of which originates in the Kausarnag Lake. Participants embark on a journey that takes them to other lakes as well that are equally awe-inspiring.

    Destination highlights

    Trek to some gorgeous high-altitude lakes | Walk through pine and fir forests | Try night photography at camps situated by the lakes

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    40 km

    30 hrs

    6.5 km

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