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Trekking in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India TripsDone

Shilt Hut and Rakhundi trek
days 5
Shilt Hut and Rakhundi trek Kullu ,Himachal Pradesh
Tosh Valley Trek
days 2
Tosh Valley Trek Kullu ,Himachal Pradesh
Hampta Pass and Chandratal Trek
days 5
Hampta Pass and Chandratal Trek Manali ,Himachal Pradesh
Shumga Trek
days 6
Shumga Trek Mandi ,Himachal Pradesh
Day trek to Rasol
days 1
Day trek to Rasol Kasol ,Himachal Pradesh
The Marahni Trek
days 5
The Marahni Trek Kullu ,Himachal Pradesh
Grahan Village Trek
days 2
Grahan Village Trek Kullu ,Himachal Pradesh
Trek to Sar Pass
days 6
Trek to Sar Pass Kullu ,Himachal Pradesh
Trek to Grahan (1N/2D)
days 2
Trek to Grahan (1N/2D) Manali ,Himachal Pradesh
Tirthan Valley Trek
days 9
Tirthan Valley Trek Kullu ,Himachal Pradesh
Pin Parvati Pass Trek
days 10
Pin Parvati Pass Trek Manali ,Himachal Pradesh
Manali to Solang trek
days 2
Manali to Solang trek Kullu ,Himachal Pradesh
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Trekking in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

Kullu is an open valley with panoramic views and majestic hills. Its lush green valleys, legendary villages and thick exotic forests and are very inviting and the region is a much loved tourist destination and nature lovers paradise. As you trek in Kullu valley, you will notice that the terrain varies, with parts that are arrestingly beautiful and easy to navigate, and some terrain that is more challenging.

Trekking in Kullu: Beaskund trek

The picturesque landscape of this small town is mesmerizing and one of the most popular treks in Kullu valley is the Beas Kund trek. It is one of the most beautiful places in the Dhauladhar range of the mighty Himalayas and offers spectacular views of the nearby Shitidhar, Ladakhi, Friendship and Hanuman Tibba peaks. The pristine blue-green lake of Beas Kund is believed to be the bathing place of Rishi Vyas, a sage and the author of the epic Mahabharata. The term ‘Beas’ seems to have been derived from his name Vyas, and Kund means a lake. On this trek in Kullu valley you'll trek past slow avalanches rumbling in the distance, up wide open valleys between peaks, where mountain streams dot the landscape, up grazing meadows where shepherds bring their flock to graze on the sweet grass. Trekking Kullu provides unforgettable experiences such as seeing hanging glaciers and camping in beautiful meadows with the sound of the river close by.

Trekking in Kullu: Hampta Pass trek

Another interesting trek in Kullu is the Hampta pass trek. The pass acts as a bridge between Kullu valley and Lahaul. While trekking in Kullu you will be treated to sights of lush green valleys, mixed forests of spruce, pine, maple and oak and goat dotting the landscape. The level of difficulty will start to increase when you begin the steep climb for Hampta Pass. Trekking in Kullu involves walking on ice and passing through narrow and sticky lanes. The showstopper however is the visit to the turquoise Chandratal Lake.

Trekking in Kullu: Malana trek

For a trek in Kullu that is quite popular with city folks you can explore Malana - the oldest village in the state of Himachal. Situated in the Parvati valley, it is surrounded by the peaks of Chandrakhani and Deo Tibba. Apart from the cannabis-related taboo surrounding the village, there are ancient temples and structures to admire, and plenty to learn. En route you will hike up to Chandrakhani Pass which lies at 12,000 feet, along the top of a ridge, and trekking in Kullu also involves negotiating some tricky descents, crossing a gorge, and walking beside the gushing Beas river. On this trek in Kullu valley you'll trek alongside ancient shrines, rocky outcrops, ancient tribal villages with traditional wooden homes, deep forests, snow-capped mountain peaks and bubbling mountain streams. At night, you'll camp out in tents, amidst terraced green fields and picturesque meadows.

The highlight of this trek in Kullu valley however, is the Himachali village of Malana. If you’re curious about this legendary village, where the locals run their own democracy, speak a language known only to them and fiercely guard their culture against outsiders, this Malana trek gives you a glimpse into their lives.

Best season for trekking Kullu

Trekking in Kullu has the advantage of being wonderful in all seasons. Summer is the best time to visit i.e from April to June when nature is at her most bountiful and you will see all of nature bursting forth with heavy blossoms. The monsoons make it misty and green, while September-October offers wonderful climate and you can make the most of your experience of trekking in Kullu. When winter comes around, you'll have snowy vistas to explore and exciting snow treks to go on.