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    The Stok Kangri trek is a pretty tough one, and only those with some experience of high altitude treks are advised to attempt it. Although the peak itself is not difficult to climb, the height gain is roughly 19700 feet in just 10 days, so this route takes you for a few days trekking through a pass to give you time to acclimatize.

    It’s also one of the most popular high altitude treks in the Himalayas, and brings climbers from around the world every year.

    The first couple of days are spent acclimatizing in Leh, visiting the local markets and the famous monasteries, after which you’ll set off for a week-long trek. The day of the summit attempt starts off in the middle of the night, with other trekkers from other teams, and you’ll trek in darkness for the first few hours.

    Note: Unless you are in good physical shape, you will NOT be able to summit on the final day, as it involves 12-15 hours of trekking to the top and back.


    Stok Kangri trek presents a challenge to even the fittest of trekkers. It’s not a technically complicated trek, but the altitude and unpredictable weather can make it difficult.

    Climbing to the summit involves climbing a steep slope covered in scree, and walking over a sharp rocky ridge. Depending on the weather conditions, you may see some snow or ice at the top of the mountain.

    From the top, one gets an absolutely stunning view of the Zanskar Range and the Karakoram Range, as well as the Saser Kangri.

    Destination highlights

    Earn the bragging rights of having climbed Stok Kangri, one of the toughest treks in the Himalayas | Experience trekking in the dark with dozens of trekkers from around the world as you all attempt to summit | Camp at beautiful high-altitude locations with spectacular views | See the sights of Leh and its monasteries and markets

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    61 km

    38 hrs

    12 km

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