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  • Lahaul Spiti is a high-altitude desert with a terrain that is challenging and a landscape that is desolate yet drop dead gorgeous. At an altitude of 4000 meters the trek to Spiti Valley is an unexplored gem and makes for an exceptional adventure as you trek to lahaul spite. It is one of those surreal places in India that doesn’t have an airport or railway station for connectivity, just treacherous alleys that lie buried under snow for most part of the year and gorgeous landscape.

    Trekking in Lahaul spiti you will see some of the highest villages and some great old monasteries. From vantage points along the trek to Spiti valley you will be awestruck at the sprawling views all around that look like nothing you have ever seen and resemble the surface of the moon. Soak in the ambience of the stark snow-capped mountains and marvel at the ancient civilizations that have endured here for centuries.

    One of the best loved regions for trekking in Lahaul Spiti is the Hampta Pass. At 14,100 feet, the Hampta Pass connects two beautiful valleys Kullu and Lahaul in the Himalayas and the trek takes you across the Pir Panjal Range, in the foothills of the Himalayas. Trekking in Lahaul Spiti is known for its bewitching landscape and the Hampta Pass trek is perfect to experience the picturesque valleys of Kullu and Manali before moving into the more arid, desolate landscape of Lahaul. The showstopper however is the visit to the turquoise Chandratal Lake.

    It is a short, moderate to easy grade trek to Lahaul Spite that combines the thrill of being able to scale a pretty high mountain pass, with the possibility of fit beginners being able to tackle the challenges of the trail.

    The Hampta trek starts from Kullu and you will be trekking through lush green valleys, mixed forests of spruce, pine, maple and oak, with birds chirping, shaggy sheep dogs, and goat dotting the landscape. You'll also see a colourful abundance of wildflowers depending on the season. As the Hampta trek progresses the ground changes underfoot on to the strikingly bare environs of the Lahaul region, known for its pristine beauty and if you're lucky, you'll be walking on snow on the Pass day.

    Another beautiful trek to Lahaul Spite is the trek to Chandratal or moon lake - one of the finest high altitude alpine lakes in the country. Trekking in Lahaul Spiti offers you incredible views of glacial valleys, thick pine forest, open meadows, adrenaline pumping waterways, fjords at Balu ka Gera and an adventurous crossing of a high altitude pass. Your Chandratal lake trek will end on a high note at your gorgeous campsite alongside the lake with cool mountain water that will tempt you to dip your toes in.

    When you come back home, you’re going to have a hard time deciding which part of this trek to Spiti valley you loved best!

    Best season for trekking in Lahaul Spiti

    The trek to Spiti Valley is a challenging trek and involves negotiating treacherous mountain paths. With the right guidance and skills the trek is an adrenaline rush as you pitch your force against the forces of the mountains and experience nature is all its glory. The monsoon or Mid-June to October is the best time for treks to Lahaul Spiti as it is not nearly as wet as other regions.

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