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    The Parang-La trek is renowned with ardent trekking enthusiasts as one of the most offbeat and unconventional treks in Himachal Pradesh. This unique adventure takes you on a snow-packed route on a 14-day itinerary across Spiti Valley and Ladakh. You'll find yourself trekking through high-altitude wetlands of the Pare Chu, climbing over the sprawling snow of the Parang-La glacier and hiking alongside the shimmering Tso Moriri lake. The initial section of the trek presents difficult challenges as you take a steeply inclining route to reach Parang-La, but as you cross the pass and enter Ladakh, the difficulty trends down with downhill and flat terrain.


    Situated at a breathtaking altitude of over 18,200 feet, the mountain pass of Parang-La connects the two valleys of Spiti in Himachal Pradesh and Changthang in Ladakh. The trail leads travellers through some of the most unexplored and remote locations in the Indian Himalaya, often passing alongside the Pare Chu river and several other glacier-fed river streams. These lands have traditionally been home to the local Changpa natives, the real nomadic tribes of the Changthang valley. If you're lucky, you may encounter these shepherds as well as spot the local wildlife that includes the Himalayan red fox, the rare blue sheep or the Himalayan ibex.

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    Sign up for the Parang-La trek, an offbeat trek in Himachal Pradesh. | Visit some of the most remote mountains in the Spiti Valley. | Hike alongside the vast expanse of the Tso Moriri lake. | Climb up to an altitude over 18,200 feet to get inspiring views. | Visit the towns of Manali, Kaza and Leh.

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    101 kms

    45 hrs

    12 kms

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