• Trip introduction

    This adrenaline-packed two day trek to Gorakhgad is perfect for those looking to do something unique and exciting. You get to make your way through a dense forest and then climb along the vertical rock face of the Gorakhgad fort. At the top is a massive cave that becomes your home for the night. You'll sleep in the shelter of the cave, listening to the sounds of wildlife outside, and awake to a beautiful morning in the outdoors!


    Gorakhgad is a fort located in the Murbad region of Maharashtra. Owing its name to Saint Gorakhnath, Gorakhgad was used for patrolling during Shivaji’s reign. The fort however, offers a lot more to trekkers than to history buffs. The dense forest cover that leads up to the fort, the steep vertical face that requires a considerable amount of rock climbing, the caves and the final ascent to the top of the fort add up to making this a very adventurous trek.

    Destination highlights

    Walk through the dense forests of Gorakhgad and Machhindragad | Climb steep rock surfaces to get to the summit | Spend the night in an ancient cave | Soak in the spectacular view from the summit in the morning | Learn the basics of rock climbing

    Activity Details




    4 km

    7 hrs

    4 km

    Trip details
  • Trek to the Gorakhgad

    You will depart from Kalyan Railway Station by 07:00 hrs. By around 10:00 hrs, you'll reach Dehari, where you'll have breakfast, and then begin your trek by 10:30 hrs. You'll pause for lunch at 13:00 hrs, and then proceed. You should reach the top by about 15:00 hrs. Spend some time exploring and taking pictues of the setting sun, and enjoying a cup of hot tea. By 19:00 hrs, you'll set up camp, play a few games, and exchange stories with each other. Dinner is served at 21:00 hrs, and then you go to sleep.

    Stay overnight in caves.

    Participants sleep in a large cave which can easily accommodate 50 travellers. There is no washroom facility at the summit. Participants will be given sleeping mats.

    Day 1 Milestone


    Gorakhgad fort

    07:00 AM


    Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

    Start the descent.
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  • Cancellation policy

    Please note that the following charges will apply on cancellation:

    If cancellation takes place more than 7 days prior to departure, 50% of the trek price will be refunded

    If cancellation takes place less than 7 days prior to departure, 100% of the trek price will be forfeited.

    Rules on trip

    Trekkers must not consume liquor, drugs, tobacco products, cigarettes etc. while on the trek.

    Participants will not litter, deface property or monuments, or cause general disturbance.

    Additional instructions, booking policies, terms and conditions

    During the treks, the participants shall abide by the instructions and decisions of the camp director.

    The operator will not be responsible for any losses incurred for any train/air/bus/taxi bookings, hotel bookings or extension to the trek done by clients/participants (either independently or through the operator) due to cancellation of the event.
    • Trekking Gorakhgad Fort Maharashtra Sahyadris Adventure
    • Trekking Gorakhgad Fort Maharashtra Sahyadris Adventure
    • Trekking Gorakhgad Fort Maharashtra Sahyadris Adventure
    • Trekking Gorakhgad Fort Maharashtra Sahyadris Adventure
  • Includes / Excludes


    • Travel in non-A/C transport from Kalyan Railway Station to Gorakhgad and back

    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Day 1
    • Breakfast on Day 2
    • Expertise Cost
    • All taxes


    • Any service or cost not mentioned in the inclusions section

    What to Wear

    What to Wear

    • Full sleeve t-shirt, full length pants/ tracks (compulsory)
    • Good trekking shoes or sport shoes (compulsory)
    • Not to wear - Expensive jewellery
    • Handbags or jholas

    What not to Wear

    • Loose clothing that will tangle around you while swimming
    • Restrictive clothing
    • Flip-flops

    Equipment / Gear

    We Provide

    • Rubber mats and sleeping mat
    • Technical equipment needed for the trek, if any.

    You need to get

    • Good sports shoes
    • A haversack to contain things to be carried
    • Windcheater/ jacket
    • An additional pair of clothes neatly packed in polyethene to avoid it getting wet from water
    • An additional pair of socks
    • 2 ltr water bottle (compulsory)
    • Torch
    • Few sheets of newspaper
    • Insect repellent (compulsory)
    • Electral powder (compulsory)
    • Floaters/ Sandals
    • Swiss Army knife
    • Cap
    • Ready to eat food items, snacks or biscuits
    • Camera (optional)
    • Sleeping bag or bedsheets

    Medical Kit

    • Please carry specific personal or prescribed medication, personal first-aid kit.