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Trekking in Manali TripsDone

Day Trek to Jogni Falls
days 1
Day Trek to Jogni Falls Manali ,Himachal Pradesh
Explore Bhrigu Lake
days 3
Explore Bhrigu Lake Manali ,Himachal Pradesh
Saurkundi Pass Trek (12 days) (Ex-Mumbai)
days 12
Day Trek to Lamadugh
days 1
Day Trek to Lamadugh Manali ,Himachal Pradesh
New Year Trek to Lamadugh and Jogini Falls
days 3
Hampta Pass and Chandratal trek
days 5
Hampta Pass and Chandratal trek Manali ,Himachal Pradesh
Manali to Solang trek
days 2
Manali to Solang trek Kullu ,Himachal Pradesh
Two Days Trek to Moji Dugh
days 2
Two Days Trek to Moji Dugh Manali ,Himachal Pradesh
Pin Parvati Pass Trek
days 10
Pin Parvati Pass Trek Manali ,Himachal Pradesh
Khar Myundari Trek (near Manali)
days 4
Khar Myundari Trek (near Manali) Manali ,Himachal Pradesh
10-day Spiti Valley Homestay Trek
days 10
10-day Spiti Valley Homestay Trek Spiti ,Himachal Pradesh
Trek to Hampta Pass and Chandratal
days 6
Trek to Hampta Pass and Chandratal Kullu ,Himachal Pradesh
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Trekking in Manali

Manali is one of the most beloved tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh and combines the best of natural beauty, good weather almost year-round, and plenty to see and do. Trekking in Manali is a popular activity, and many of the finest treks in Himachal start from here.

Covering great distances through a wide spectrum of trails, the treks near Manali will leave you spellbound. You’ll come across a plethora of Himalayan flora and fauna, and camp at spectacular locations. Some of the most popular Manali trekking destinations include Hampta Pass, Bhrigu Lake, Pin Parvati, and the Kheerganga-Tosh trail.

Hampta Pass Trek

One of the most scenic and well-known treks of Manali, Hampta Pass takes you to an elevation of 14,000 feet in the span of five days. The adrenaline of scrambling over glaciers, navigating challenging portions of the path, and treading over snowy patches are all part of this adventure.

Manali trekking packages often include this trek because adventurers get to experience the best of the Himachal landscape. Sparkling streams, verdant pastures, and open meadows with grazing cattle will leave you awestruck on this trek. You’ll end the trek at Chandratal Lake, a high glacial lake with clear, blue water.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Situated in the Kullu Valley of Garhwal Himalayas, Bhrigu Lake takes you yet again to 14,100 feet. You will trek through beautiful Gulaba and Rohli Kohli before reaching Bhrigu Lake. Manali trekking packages often include this trek to encourage enthusiasts or beginners to take on more than one or two night treks.

The Bhrigu Lake trek takes about 4 days to complete and is a perfect escape for beginners wanting a quick trek. Throughout this Manali trek, you’ll be able to see the snow-capped peaks of the Seven Sisters, Deo Tibba, Hanuman Tibba, and the outstretched Pir Panjal ranges.

Pin Parvati Trek

This Manali trek takes you at an even greater elevation of 17,000 feet. Starting from the evergreen Kullu Valley, this trail gradually rises to starker landscapes of the upper reaches of the Himalayas. This nine-day Manali trekking adventure is most definitely not for beginners, as you will have to tread across challenging terrain.

You will get to begin your summit attempt at night, and witness the beautiful sunrise over the peaks as you climb. Geologists especially love this Manali trekking experience for its record of every geological age, from Pre-Cambrian ages to now.

Kheerganga-Tosh Trek

A few Manali trekking packages include this iconic trail, which begins from Kasol. Famed for its hippie culture, mountain views, and friendly views, this trail leads you through the Parvati Valley. Taking you through dense forest cover, over-rickety bridges, and the charming Toshi Village, this trek lets you explore the serenity of Kheerganga and Tosh. Trekking in Manali is mystical in itself, but be sure to explore treks in areas a little outside of Manali as well.

Best season

People love to visit Manali when the summer heat is scorching other parts of India. Here, under the cool shade of pine forests, with cold breezes blowing down from high mountain passes, you’ll find relief from the heat. Trekking in Manali is wonderful during this time and is a good time for beginners to go

During the winter months, from December-February, there’s usually snowfall in Manali. This is a good time for those looking for starkly magnificent landscapes and a bit more challenge to their Manali trekking packages

Trekking In Manali Trek Summary

  • State: Himachal Pradesh
  • Nearest city: Manali
  • Total days: 1- 6 days
  • Grade: Moderately easy to moderately difficult
  • Season: September-June
  • Avg temperature: 5 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Best time to go/Weather

The best time to embark on your trekking in Manali adventure is during the summer and winter season. Summer treks in Manali are a sight to behold and relatively cool. It’s also ideal for beginners to undertake summer treks in Manali.

The winter season changes the landscape of Manali drastically with cooler temperatures and snow-laden trails. The more challenging treks in Manali are conducted during this season and are ideal for experienced trekkers.

Manali is well-connected to most major cities of India via flights to Kullu-Manali airport at Bhuntar which is located approximately 50 kilometers away from Manali. Once there, you can board a taxi to your desired destination.

There are roads connecting Manali to many destinations like Leh, Shimla, Kullu, Dharamshala, New Delhi, Chandigarh, Dehradun and Ambala by means of a network of state-run as well as private buses.

For trekking in Manali, you must wear a sturdy pair of trekking shoes with a good grip. The clothes you wear should be comfortable and nonrestrictive. Wear t-shirts or shirts that are full sleeved along with trek trousers. Also, make sure to wear a hat or a cap on your head along with sunglasses. The nights are usually chilly so it's a good idea to wear an extra jacket or a hoodie

Your operator will provide all the camping and technical equipment required for the trek. You will need to carry your personal essentials, sturdy trekking boots, a strong backpack, sun-protective gear, and extra jackets to protect yourself from the cold.

Most treks near Manali are suitable for fit beginners but there are some that are graded as challenging. It’s best to undertake some sort of exercise regime a few weeks prior to your trek. You can do some exercises like cycling, running, cardio, etc to build your stamina and improve your endurance levels, so you can trek for long hours with fewer breaks.

Trekking in Manali - Frequently Asked Questions

Summers and winters in Manali are ideal seasons for trekking and camping depending on your preference. The weather is pleasant and the landscapes are lovely and green during the summer and you can experience thick blankets of pristine snow during the winter.

Any technical equipment required for trekking and camping will be provided by your operator. Your operator will also provide you with a packing list, so make sure you ticked off every item on the said list. Other than that, you need to carry a good pair of trekking shoes, comfortable long-sleeved shirts/t-shirts, trekking pants, and a strong backpack. Also, make sure to pack your personal essentials along with a small first aid kit.

It is advised that you prepare for your trek a few weeks prior by undertaking a fitness regime. You can do exercises that increase your endurance level and stamina, so you can walk longer distances without getting tired easily.

Valley of Flowers Trek Reviews


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    We went to Hampta Pass trek booked through TGN. Our tour operator was Kailashrath which conducted the trek very well. It was a great experience.

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