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    Summit the 13,800 feet tall peak of Mt. Patalsu near Manali to get some of the most awe-inspiring views of the mountains. Perched at the top, you'll be able to see the distinct peaks of Hanuman Tibba and Friendship peak rising high amidst a crowd of snow-laden mountains. Your route to the top takes you through a dense forest of pine trees, often painted white after a fresh snowfall. Camping in open meadows and climbing over rough inclines, you'll find yourself taking in wonderful views of the entire Solang Valley from vantage points on the trail.

    The Patalsu peak trek involves trekking over steep inclines for more than 4-5 hrs every day. This moderate intensity trek is perfect for someone with prior trekking experience looking for a challenge.


    Mt. Patalsu is a tall peak located a short distance away from Manali. The summit is accessible via a trail that begins from the popular tourist destination of Solang Valley. The trail meanders through open grasslands and thick jungles, with challenging sections that require climbing over steep inclines with careful footwork. Compared to the several other mountain peaks in Himachal Pradesh, Mt. Patalsu is a relatively low altitude peak at 13,800 feet but still manages to impress with panoramic views from the summit.

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    Sign up to summit a 13,800 feet peak on the Patalsu peak trek. | Climb on a moderately difficult trail to reach the top. | Trek through snow-laden meadows and forests. | Get incredible views of nearby peaks from Patalsu top.

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    21 kms

    19 hrs

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