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Trekking in Pune TripsDone

Raigad Trek (ex-Mumbai)
days 2
Raigad Trek (ex-Mumbai) Pune ,Maharashtra
Andharban Trek
days 2
Andharban Trek Mumbai ,Maharashtra
Jungle Trail to Andharban
days 2
Jungle Trail to Andharban Pune ,Maharashtra
Reverse waterfall trek to Anjaneri
days 1
Dudhsagar Waterfalls Trek (Ex-Pune, Mumbai)
days 3
Trek to Devkund Waterfall
days 1
Trek to Devkund Waterfall Mumbai ,Maharashtra
Bhandardara Fireflies Trek
days 2
Bhandardara Fireflies Trek Kasara ,Maharashtra
Explore Sandhan Valley
days 2
Explore Sandhan Valley Mumbai ,Maharashtra
Sunrise Trek to Devkund Waterfall
days 2
Sunrise Trek to Devkund Waterfall Mumbai ,Maharashtra
Rajmachi Fireflies Trek
days 2
Rajmachi Fireflies Trek Lonavala ,Maharashtra
Kavlya Fort and Mohangad Fort Trek
days 1
Trekking and rappelling at Sandhan Valley (Ex-Pune)
days 2
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Trekking in Pune

Trekking in Pune allows you to spend your weekend amongst the vast lushness of the Sahyadri mountains. It's an easy escape from the chaos of urban life and it only takes a short drive to enter the amazing surroundings with scenic views. Trekking in Pune satisfies every nature lover, photographer, bird watcher and trekker.

Treks near Pune are set apart by rich green land and fortresses built by Shivaji Maharaj, presenting heaps of trekking spots. Some iconic treks near Pune include Rajmachi trek, Lohagad trek, Visapur trek, Andharban trek and many more

Rajmachi trek

This trek near Pune is a high-endurance trek that takes you into the rolling hills of the Sahyadris. The monsoon season is the best for trekking here and you'll enjoy streams, waterfalls, lush green paddy fields, misty views and plenty of small puddles. The firefly season, right before monsoon, is also a magical time to go trekking here.

Some Rajmachi trekking itineraries also include a visit to Kondane Caves, where you can experience some fun waterfall rappelling sessions. During the winter, you can add camping to your itinerary and camp 3000 feet above sea level.

Lohagad Fort trek

Lohagad trek is a fun trek near Pune that offers some of the most stunning views, especially during the monsoon season. The Western Ghats can be seen in every shade of green and are shrouded in a layer of mist. It's one of the easiest treks near Pune and can be done with families, including children.

‘Lohagad’, meaning ‘Iron Fort’, is still mostly intact to this day and one of the reasons why it's so popular is the famous Vinchu Kata, the winding rampart walls, that looks like the tail of a scorpion. From here, you'll get fantastic views of the Pawna reservoir, the forts of Tikona, Visapur, and Tung.

Andharban trek

Andharban trek leads you into a thick forest and the trek descends downwards, unlike most treks in Maharashtra. Andharban means 'dark forest' and it is named rightly so, as the vegetation is so thick, that barely any sunlight gets through. It's cool and dim even on the sunniest days. You'll trek along water-carved rock path starting from Pimpri dam and then walk downwards for the next 5-7 hours

As you trek, you’ll come across many waterfalls, streams, natural ponds and beautiful views of the Kundalika Valley and Bhira Dam. This forest also houses a variety of butterfly and bird species, making it a nature lover and a photographer's paradise. This trek near Pune is slightly challenging, especially during the monsoon. The path gets covered in moss and hence, it becomes slippery.

Visapur Fort

Visapur Fort is located close to Lohagad and is a popular trek near Lonavala for beginners. The trek to the huge ruins of Visapur Fort is easy and there are many thrilling surprises on the way. You can explore cannons, mysterious caves, small shrines, secret escape routes and many cisterns.

Rajgad Fort trek

Rajgad Fort, known as the 'King of Forts' was the initial capital of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's empire. Now, it serves as a magnificent trekking location. Situated in the green hills of the Sahyadris, 4600 feet above sea level, it's spectacularly scenic and is particularly glorious during the monsoon. It’s only 40 km away from Pune and once at the top, you can catch beautiful views of the Bhatghar Dam and forts of Sinhagad and Torna from the top.

Raigad Fort trek

The capital of Shivaji Maharaj's kingdom was shifted to Raigad Fort after he captured it in 1656. The trek to the historic Raigad is breathtaking and involves climbing up more than 1700 steps to reach the top. The monsoon covers the fort and trails in moss and it can get a little slippery but this trekking destination in Pune is suitable for first-time trekkers. There's much to explore once you reach the fort and a lot of views to take in from the top.

Tikona Fort trek

Tikona Fort takes you over a triangular mountain (hence the name, Tikona) in the Sahyadri hills. The trekking trail is relatively easy and can be taken on by beginners. It's the perfect weekend escape into the arms of nature and you'll walk across a mountain ridge with valleys on both sides. Once at the top of the fort, you can catch stunning views of the Pawna Lake and the forts of Tung, Lohagad and Visapur.

Torna Fort trek

The Torna Fort sits at an elevation of 4,603 feet, making it one of the highest hill forts in Pune. It was one of the first forts captured by Shivaji Maharaj and is also known as Prachandagad, due to its enormous size. The trek to this fort is a bit challenging with slippery, narrow trails and a few particularly tricky sections.

You can also opt to go for a moonlight trek to Torna Fort and enjoy the thrill of trekking in the dark hours of the night. As you trek to the top, you can take in the stunning views of the Sahyadri Mountains and once you reach the top, there's a lot more to discover.

Duke’s Nose trek

The Duke's Nose is a cliff named after a certain Duke's pointed nose. It is also known locally as Nagphani and the trek to this point is easy, unlike what it looks like and packed with incredible views of the Sahyadris. Once at the summit of this cliff you can engage in an exciting rappelling session.

Sinhagad Fort trek

The Sinhagad fort is steeped in rich history. It is the star of many battles and war stories from the era of Shivaji Maharaj. It is now a very popular trek near Pune and many escapes here for an ideal weekend getaway. The trek up is amazingly scenic and once atop the fort, you can get sweeping views of the Sahyadris and explore the ancient architecture of the fort.

Best season for treks near Pune

The best time to go trekking in Pune is during the monsoon season. During this season, the entire region gets showered in the rain, turning the landscape green. It feeds many waterfalls and pools around and at all the highest points of the hills, you'll find streams and rivulets gushing down.

You should carry your raincoat while trekking in this season, but you're bound to get drenched. During all treks near Pune, you'll be treated to spectacular views of the lush green Sahyadri hills with the clouds hanging low, dark and heavy with rain. You'll be caught in sudden showers that will cool you off.

Another ideal time to go to Pune for trekking is during the winter season. The hills and forts and get obscured in a layer of mist in the mornings and the weather remains cool and pleasant throughout the day. The nights can get extremely chilly so it's best to bundle up in cosy sweaters and wear thermal inners. You can also add camping to your Pune trekking adventure and enjoy warm bonfire nights.

Trekking in Pune Summary

  • State: Maharashtra
  • Nearest city: Pune
  • Total days: 1-3 days
  • Grade: Moderately easy to moderately challenging
  • Max altitude: 4600 feet
  • Max total trekking distance: 20 km
  • Season: Monsoon and winter
  • Avg temperature: 12-35 degree Celsius

Best time to go/Weather

The best time to go trekking near Lonavala is during the monsoon season. The rain transforms the Lonavala trekking region into a lush green paradise. The region also gets studded with streams, flowing rivulets, gushing waterfalls and countless pools. The atmosphere is cool and you'll be treated to some spectacular views. Expect to be drenched in the rain as you trek through the greenery.

The winter blankets the whole region in a layer of cool mist that hangs around in the air till late in the morning. It is the ideal time to embark on camping trips. The evenings are really cold, so be sure to bundle up.

Lonavala is well connected to both Mumbai and Pune by means of road and rail. You can hire a cab, a private vehicle or choose to drive your own car to Lonavala. The journey to Lonavala by road promises to be pleasant and exceptionally scenic. There are also many buses going to Lonavala. You can then make your way to the starting point of the trek through local vehicles. The Lonavala Bus Depot is close to the railway station. Lonavala is also connected to Mumbai and Pune via frequent trains to the Lonavala railway station.

Some operators even offer pickup from popular landmarks around Mumbai and Pune to the starting point of the trek. Do check the inclusions/exclusion section of your trip to make sure this offer is available on your trip.

You can also choose to travel by air if you're not from Mumbai or Pune. Lohegaon Airport in Pune is the closest domestic airport to Lonavala. One can board flights from any city in India to Pune and travel to Lonavala in a hired local vehicle. You can also board flights to Mumbai and then travel to Lonavala by bus or car.

While trekking near Lonavala, wear quick-dry apparel consisting of a t-shirt/shirt which is preferably full-sleeved and long trekking pants. Wear a good pair of trekking shoes that offer ankle support. Cover yourself with a raincoat or poncho to protect yourself from the rain and always apply sunscreen before you set off.

Carry a small backpack to hold your personal essentials, bottles of water, some snacks and energy bars. Carry warm layers for the chill that sets in during the early morning and late evening and a change of clothes. Pack sunscreen, sunglasses, a cap, and insect repellent to protect yourself from mosquito bites.

The fitness preparation required depends on whether the trek near Lonavala you choose is graded easy or challenging. Some treks like the Lohagad Fort trek is easy and is even a great experience for families with children. However, treks like Rajmachi and Torna requires prior trekking experience. You can prepare for such treks by undertaking a regime of endurance increasing exercises.

Trekking in Pune - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a newbie, you should choose short treks with easy trails. The easiest treks around Lonavala are Korigad, Tikona, and Lohagad.

The tough treks around Lonavala are Rajmachi, Torna, and Tailbaila. These treks are usually done overnight and might involve a night of travel or camping.

Make sure you have warm layers for the early morning or late night chill, as well as a change of clothes. Wear sturdy shoes and carry a small backpack instead of a duffel bag. You should pack at least two bottles of water per person, insect repellent, sunscreen, a cap, and sunglasses, as well as dry snacks and energy bars.

Lonavala is now a hotspot of adventure activities, with plenty of options in and around Lonavala. You can go hot air ballooning in Lonavala, rafting in Kolad, paragliding in Kamshet, or you can go camping in Pawna. The campsites around Pawna are very scenic and perfect for a chilly night around the bonfire.