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    The Ruinsara Lake is a secluded serene haven surrounded by glittering peaks. The lake is located in the Tons valley, a part of the western ranges of the Garhwal Himalayas. This route is associated with the epic Mahabharata, whose heroes are said to have roamed this area during their fourteen years of exile.


    The trek to Ruinsara lake is moderately difficult yet stunning in nature. The journey offers to show you a vast array of alpine flowers along the way. The view from the Swargarohini Range Camp leaves you stunned as the snow clad mountain peaks look majestic. The Ruinsara lake is also massively significant in the mythological context. All the stories you read about the Pandavas being in exile for 14 years in the Mahabharata came true here!

    Destination highlights

    Drive through the rugged regions of Garhwal | Explore meadows of alpine flowers | Discover stories from Indian mythology

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    12.2 kms

    25 hrs

    2 kms

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