Youth treks or treks for students, India

Youth treks or treks for students

A student trek or a youth trek is perfect for young adventurers who are bursting with energy and seeking fun activities in the great outdoors. These youth treks offer a variety of adventures, from rafting to zip-lining, as well as some that focus on a specific activity like trekking. The schedule is planned to allow travellers some quiet time as well, where they can go fishing, bird watching, camping, and kayaking.

Youth treks: Planned for youngsters

All student treks are designed to provide young travellers with a structured outdoors experience that introduces them to adventure.

Safe and fun

A student trek is only for youngsters, so they’ll only be travelling with others of the same age. This allows them to set the pace of the trip and enjoy a highly active, noisy experience. It is tailor-made to entertain them with activities that balance adventure and fun.


Youth treks are specially planned to keep in mind the budget of a student and are therefore very easy on the pocket.

Young, motivational team

Every youth trip is run by instructors who are young, peppy, and experienced at handling a group of young teens. These trip leaders will guide the team through a variety of activities like trekking, rafting, rope and rock activities.

A range of experiences

Every day on a student trek will present opportunities to see new places, meet new people, be exposed to new cultures and try different food etc. This adventure experience promises to widen horizons, teach new life skills, and show teens what life is like outside their comfort zone.

Teaching life skills

Youth treks are curated to give youngsters a fun, active holiday in the outdoors, but to teach them too. They’ll come back from a trip like this with new confidence and independence. A trek like this will teach teamwork when it comes to pitching a tent, endurance building while walking through snow, and self-reliance while trying to complete a trek or handle a raft.

Teaching environmental responsibility

These student treks inculcate a love of nature and wildlife and teach students how to to be ecologically sensitive.

College is a special time when life is relatively relaxed and youngsters have the luxury of a few more years before they have jobs and deadlines. Why not make the best of this time to go out on a thrilling adventure?