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Visapur Fort Trek TripsDone

Camping near the Visapur Fort
days 2
Camping near the Visapur Fort Mumbai ,Maharashtra
Day Trek to Visapur Fort and Bhaje Caves
days 1
Visapur Fort Trek
days 2
Visapur Fort Trek Mumbai ,Maharashtra
Day Trek to Visapur Fort
days 1
Day Trek to Visapur Fort Mumbai ,Maharashtra
Lohagad and Visapur Trek (ex-Pune)
days 1
Day Trek to Visapur
days 1
Day Trek to Visapur Mumbai ,Maharashtra
Visapur and Lohagad Trek (ex-Pune)
days 1
Trek to Visapur Fort
days 2
Trek to Visapur Fort Mumbai ,Maharashtra
Visapur and Lohagad Trek (ex-Pune)
days 1

Visapur Fort Trek

About Visapur Fort trek

The Visapur trek is a relatively easy trek that is suitable for beginners and even families. It is the perfect excursion to embark on when you fancy a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. It offers some spectacular views and gives you a fascinating history lesson. As you climb to the top of the fort, you'll scramble over boulders, cross streams and make your way through lush forests.

If you take the trip during the monsoon, you'll trek through a thrilling waterfall trail. Once at the ancient fort, you'll explore mysterious caves, water cisterns, secret escape routes, cannons, shrines and other intriguing ruins from a bygone era.

This trek is fun, super exciting and accessible, making it very popular amongst trekkers from Mumbai and Pune. It also attracts history buffs, adventure seekers and the rain drenched beauty of the Sahyadris offers a breathtaking canvas for photographers.

About Visapur Fort

Resting on a lush green plateau at an elevation of 3556 feet, the Visapur Fort is located close to Lonavala. The fort is the bigger sister fort of Lohagad and dates back to the 14th century. It has been ruled by Shivaji Maharaj, the Mughals, and then the British. It presents a captivating exploration of historic ruins and a beautiful experience of the monsoon fed western ghats.

What you’ll see

You can walk along the perimeter of the green plateau and catch stunning views of the Tikona Fort, Tung Fort and Lohagad Fort. You will also be able to take in the beauty of the Pawna Lake from atop the plateau. There are a lot of things to see when you reach the imposing ruins of the fort.

You'll explore ancient caves, shrines, water cisterns, cannons and other relics. You'll get to set your eyes on and admire huge carvings of Lord Hanuman and a strikingly decorated archway. You'll also experience the thrill of discovering secret passages that were used to escape from the fort in times of war.


You'll arrive at Malavli Station, which is the closest railway station to Visapur Fort. Malavli Station is efficiently linked by railways to Mumbai, Pune and Lonavala. From Malavli station, you can make use of local transportation or travel on foot to the base village.

Once at the base village, you'll trek uphill, over rock-cut stairs, gushing waterfalls, streams and overgrown forests to reach the ancient war-induced ruins of Visapur Fort. Spend time exploring it and take in the views of the surroundings, then trek back down to the base village. Your trek begins at around 8:30 hrs and by noon, you'll be ready to head back home.

Most itineraries are conducted as day trips from Mumbai or Pune due to absence of accommodation options. There is also a lack of food stalls on the way up to the fort, hence packing bottles of water and a good amount of dry snacks is always recommended.

Visapur Fort Trek Summary

  • State: Maharashtra
  • Nearest city: Lonavala
  • Total days: 1 day
  • Grade: Easy
  • Max altitude: 3556 feet
  • Total trekking distance: 6 km
  • Season: Monsoon
  • Avg temperature: 21 to 35 degrees Celsius

Sketch itinerary:

Day 1: Trek to Visapur Fort

  • Total trekking distance: 6 km
  • Total trekking time: 4 hrs
Detailed itinerary:

Day 1: Trek to Visapur Fort

To begin the trek, you have to reach Malavli railway station by 8:30 hrs. If you're journeying from Mumbai, you can board the 05:40 hrs Indrayani Express from CST and travel to Lonavala. From there, you can get on a 08:20 hrs local train to Malavli.

If you're journeying from Pune, you can travel to Malavli by boarding a 06:30 hrs local train from Pune station. Once you arrive at Malavli, you will meet your fellow trekkers and move together to the base village of the Visapur trek. You'll indulge in a delicious breakfast at the base village before embarking on the 3-hour trek to Visapur Fort.

You'll reach the fort by noon and you can spend some time exploring the fort, its ruins and take in the surrounding views before making your way back down the hill. When you reach the base village, you'll have lunch and thereafter travel back to Malavli. You'll reach Malavli railway station by 13:00 hrs. Board a train to your next destination. Your trip ends here.


You will be provided with meals consisting of breakfast and lunch on your trek to Visapur Fort. You will also enjoy the services of an experienced trek leader. Basic first aid kit will be made available and your trip includes all applicable taxes.


You will have to look after all your travel costs between base city to Malavli and any personal expenses such as tips to staff, additional meals or beverages etc. Any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, road blocks etc. are excluded from the cost. Adventure travel or medical insurance and anything not mentioned in the inclusions are not included in the cost.

Best time to go/Weather

The best time to visit Visapur Fort is during the monsoon months of June to September. The weather is pleasant and the surrounding views are brimming with greenery. The excitement of trekking through a waterfall trail is also possible only during the monsoon

The cool atmosphere and beautiful views offered by the winters makes it another ideal weather to embark on the Visapur Trek.


Malavli Station is the closest railway station to Visapur Fort and is well connected by local train network to Mumbai, Pune and Lonavala. Once at Malavli Station, you can easily get to the base village for the trek by hopping into an autorickshaw, taxi or even walking the distance.

While trekking, wear comfortable quick-dry apparel and a pair of good, sturdy shoes. Make sure to wear a raincoat or poncho to protect yourself from the rain.

All technical equipment required for the trek will be provided by your operator. Other than that, carry water to stay hydrated during the trek and some dry snacks, if you get hungry. Always pack sunscreen and insect repellant before going on a trek.

You need not undertake any sort of preparation before embarking on the Visapur trek. This trek is graded easy and is suitable for beginners and families.

Visapur Fort Trek - Frequently Asked Questions

Beginners are more than welcome to undertake the Visapur trek. It’s a relatively easy 4-hour trek and is even suitable to go on with families.

Make sure you carry a sturdy pair of shoes that are comfortable. Pack a raincoat to protect yourself from the rain. Always carry sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellent and some basic toiletries. You’ll find a complete packing list in our blog, What to Pack for Trekking in the Sahyadris.

You can enjoy the Visapur Fort trek in all its glory during the monsoon. The atmosphere is cool, the greenery is lush and beautiful and there is a chance of walking through a gushing waterfall trail.

The Visapur Fort trek is graded easy. Most itineraries for this trek only consists of a day as it takes a mere 4 hours to reach the top of the fort. During the monsoon, be wary of slippery trails when you’re trekking.

Valley of Flowers Trek Reviews


  • Rated : 5


    Amazing stay food and adventure Amazing hospitality makes the deal according to you choices Really had fun

  • Rated : 5


    We booked Visapur Trek through The Great Next. Got in touch with Dhanraj, who was extremely helpful & gave us detailed information about the trek and facilities being provided by company. We were given excellent experienced guides who assisted us throughout the route. Home made tea and lunch in a village house was a total surprise. The food was delicious. Overall a good experience, worth the money spent.

  • Rated : 5


  • Rated : 5


    I had a great time . Trekking after 10 years I thought I won't be able to make it but the guides were so corporative that I made it to the top and while coming back i had hurt myself and the guide Kunal and Shiva helped me to climb up and down despite of the injury. The food was awesome . We had some bhajiyas,poha,chai and Maggi in the awesome rains and enjoyed the view from the top at visapur where there was fog all over and some snacks available with chai. The team is on their toes to make sure everyone is safe . If you are planning for a trek do go with Trikon