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    On this trek to Visapur, you’ll explore the ruins of an ancient fort after trekking along a mountainous route. The trek begins from the base village of Patan as you begin walking under the cover of thick jungles. En route, you’ll encounter water cisterns and small river streams intersecting your trail. As you get closer to Visapur, you’ll climb on rock-cut stairs that are often flooded by monsoon rains flowing down from the fort.

    This trek is an excellent way to escape from the city for a quick weekend getaway. Fit beginners as well as experienced trekkers may attempt the trek.


    Located close to the Pawna Lake, about 15 kms away from Lonavala, the fort of Visapur is a popular trekking destination in the months of monsoon. The forests around the fort flourish with the rain and turn the destination into a trekker's paradise. Built in the early 14th century by the Bahmani Sultanate, the fort is placed atop an elevation of 3,556 feet. At Visapur, you can explore the ruins of ancient edifices, walls and temples made from limestone and rock.

    Destination highlights

    Add a little excitement to your weekend with a day trek to Visapur. | Catch spectacular morning views of the mountains and forests of Western Ghats. | Climb up to an elevation of 3,556 feet and scale the Visapur Fort. | Explore ancient water cisterns, walls, staircases, temples and other ruins of Visapur.

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